Top Five Web Posts – August 2022

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – As we wave goodbye to August, we take a look at the Top Five Web Posts of the month. Which post took the #1 spot?

This month saw a total of 49 web posts being published! After a huge discussion in the meeting room of the Help Force, we organized a special committee to rank the posts. Just kidding, the posts are selected on basis of the total number of views! However, please remember that this ranking doesn’t mean that the other posts aren’t good enough. The collective efforts of every single member of our talented Blogger team makes the website into the amazing place that it is. Every single post is a golden example of the spirit that runs through our glorious gracious motherland! Now, without further ado, we present to you the August 2022 Top 5 list.

5. The HF Beacon

The HF Beacon finally made a return recently, after its previous deskman (me) maliciously betrayed and abandoned it in the mines (I’m not sorry it was very tough). Under the helm of a new team, led by the experienced Snowy, will the newspaper that earned its place in the legends of the Force make its way back to being #1 in the next month?

4. Spill The Tea – Aaronstone

Oh damn, my own post made it to the top five! Spill The Tea has always been one of the hottest columns in our website, although it’s not been the same since its original author, Delitager, quit writing it due to irl. However, I do plan on bringing it back in full force as soon as I find any willing victims – if you wanna be featured, do let me know in DMs!

3. How Would You Help – Doxxing

Newcomer Elia the Frog has made it to the top 5! With his How Would You Help series that puts Staff members on the spot with challenging situations and questions, Elia has been doing some fantastic work on the website recently. A very well deserved #3!

2. Recruiting Rambles

Who would’ve thought that our beloved food thief and resident raccoon could write an article that gets so many views! That too about a topic in severe danger of being monotonous – recruiting. Somehow, the miraculous Mr. Racoco managed to write a webpost about recruiting that almost everyone liked and read many times! Maybe he has a hidden writing skill that I can exploit? >:D

1. Declaration of War Against SWAT

Without any doubt, the biggest news of this month was our declaration of war against SWAT. It’s no wonder that this post bagged almost 10% of this month’s total views! The declaration itself was quite interesting to read, and if you haven’t read it yet make sure to give it a read. Kudos to the commanders Wynn and Snowy for drafting such a well written declaration!

There is no doubt that this month has truly been amazing for the Help Force. We placed #2 on the Top Ten once, and a lot of new web posts and talented people made their way into the website. Moreover, the war against SWAT has been very interesting despite those idiots not showing up to so many of the invasions. This listing was created just as a fun post and not as a serious ranking, so if you feel it should be in some other order then let us know in the comments below! Cya next month for the Top Five ranking.

Scwqpforng Dmafoneg (Hi Chimoop)

Web Head (Active Again)

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