How To: Stamps(Insanity)

Hey guys,

If you have ever gotten bored on CPR or even done something and randomly seen “stamp collected” with a logo of something on the top-right of your screen, well then you have found a STAMP!

With a few pictures we “borrowed” from the CPR Wiki, we shall explain to you what these stamps are and how to get the hardest ones

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Destructive7’s Stupendous Stamp Scavenging Guide! Part 2


Hey everyone! May the [Help] Force be with you! I got some amazing feedback on my last post and I’m simply awed by everyone’s happiness! This is really inspirational to me and so, I’m making this post! Ta-da! Anyways, this guide is going to be a bit lengthier than my previous post because unlike Thin Ice, other CPO mini-games are almost always randomised except for a select few. I’m really excited about this mini-game because its really fast and if you can get all the stamps, you can increase your coin profits by a lot! Anyways, let’s get this bread!

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