The Buzz Show

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Hi Guys , this Sunday the Help Force logged into Alaska in KitKat89’s Igloo to do their Official Tournament – The Buzz Show !!!. Continue reading

CJF Fun Tournament

Hi Guys, yesterday the Help Force logged into Sleet to host their daily fun tournament!! The event was of Card Jitsu Fire and everyone played very well on their parts 🙂

Ayan ( Kitkat89 ) won the Tournament against Harout in a really close match. I hope everyone enjoyed the event and had fun.

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GoTW #12 – Kluck

Hi Guys , Time for this week’s GoTW!!! Kluck has managed to grab the title of the GoTW. He has grabbed this for the 2nd Time . Congrats Kluck!



Find Four Fun Tournament

Hey Guys! Help Force on Tuesday logged into Sleet to host their Find Four Fun Tournament 😀

8 People participated and there were intense matches between the players in the Tournament

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CJ Fun Tournament

Hi Guys, The Help Force on Monday logged in Sleet to host their Fun Tournament event of Card Jitsu !!!.

8 People participated and it was a great experience to play with such great players!!

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GoTW #11 – Bestpenguin

Hi Guys , Time for the Past week’s GoTW!!!. The Gamer of the Week has been Grabbed by None other than Bestpenguin !!!. He is an Active member of the Help Force and also has been Promoted to a Moderator. Good Luck Bestpenguin



CJ Tournament

Hi Guys, Help Force logged into Sleet today to host their Fun Tournament. The Tournament hosted was of Card Jitsu.

8 Members had participated in total and it was a lot of fun in doing the tournament!!

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Fashion Show

Hey Guys, Help Force logged in CPO on Thursday to host their fun tournament:
Fashion Show!

13 People Participated and we had several rounds with unique themes, elimination rounds and a lot. Kitkat89 was our host for the day.

Danilo won the fashion show flaunting his fashion in a very amazing way!! Congrats Danilo!! Thanks to everyone who came to the event 😀

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