Truth about the Modern Day Armies – Insight

Hey there Helpers , It’s been a Long run for Help Force in the Army Community and many of you have participated , Enjoyed yourself to the Fullest of it. But there’s questions in everyone’s mind always.

We , in this post would be seeing their answers along with some Important Statements from the Help Force Leading Team.

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Help Force Takeover

Welcome back Helpers! On Saturday, The army logged onto ZIPLINE to host the Help Force Takeover Event!

This event was lead by our moderators, we visited the rooms dressed up for the new party and celebrated our achievement of reaching 4000 missions. Throughout the event everyone was hyped, giving out tactic ideas, and making sure each and every tactic was perfect. 
Here are some of the pictures taken during the Event:

Max : 50+


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HP Takeover: Hogwarts Army Event!

Welcome back Helpers! On Saturday, The army logged onto ZIPLINE to host the Hogwarts Army Event!

Just last week Help Force hosted a Harry Potter-Themed week with themed events for everyone to enjoy. It was a great success and there was no other way to help end the week other than include a Hogwarts Army Event! We would also like congratulate our newest staff member,  Skeleton Lad!

Here are some of the Pictures of the Event:

Max: 60

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GoTW #42 & #43

Hello Helpers! It’s time for the Gamer of the Week post! Last week gamer of the week was… Tatoklk! We’re sorry about your small twitter post delay! And this week Gamer of the Week is none other than… Maurox123! Congratulations! It’s the 9th GoTW Maurox wins!




Happy Birthday Elpiojo !

Today, HF celebrated the birthday of one of our leaders, Elpiojo!

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Squid Army Event – SUCCESS!

Welcome back, Helpers! Help Force logged onto Zipline to host The Huge Squid Army Event!!

The event went accordingly well! Including fun and unique tactics with squids and everyone getting hyped and active giving a very enthusiastic vibe throughout the event!!
Here are some of the pictures taken during the Event:

Max: 62

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How to Make Event Posts

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The 4K Helpers Event – SUCCESS !

Hey there Helpers , This Saturday we logged on ZIPLINE to host the Celebration of the 4k Helpers in our Help Force Discord !

After a lot of Recruiting , Fun Events and Holidays starting , We managed to max the most number of Helpers online in the Help Force’s History !
Here are some of the Pictures of the Event :

Max : 70

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GoTW #41 – Maurox123

Hello Helpers! It’s time for this week’s Gamer of the Week! After a short break, the champion returns! Maurox123 has made it to top in the Leaderboard and won this week Gamer of the Week! Congratulations!


The QUICKEST way to get COINS!?

In this post, you will read about the quickest and most profitable way to get coins and you will get you through the journey of analyzing and researching! I know, there is already a post about this, but I get a lot more in depth and do not just refer all the money-making ways. Here is the link of the other post if you want to read it:

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