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Hey there Helpers , It’s been a Long run for Help Force in the Army Community and many of you have participated , Enjoyed yourself to the Fullest of it. But there’s questions in everyone’s mind always.

We , in this post would be seeing their answers along with some Important Statements from the Help Force Leading Team.

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So , the First thing we would be looking on is the Army League of Club Penguin Online along with it’s various armies and how it acts :

Back in 2018 , when the League was created , There were around 10-12 Armies in the League , working hard to be the best even when the Army Hype wasn’t at peak. At this moment , More than 30 Armies have been registered in the League , Most of which Max less than 10 , Some of them being Inactive , and a Bit of them being the Major Ones.

The League has always claimed to be Unbiased , It has created many debates within Army Leaders in the past , but none of it has ever affected anything.
The Thing that pinches everyone the most about the League is how it favors an army : To be Specific : The Pirates , in the CPO.

P.S : This is not a Hate Post for anything , It’s just to enlighten you on what’s going on and what exactly Happens.

Question : How is it Biased ?

1. Every Army in CPO , works hard to gain Recruits , They use their time , Army Spirits and put everything at sake for Gaining new Members. While on the other hand , The Pirate army has the Privilege to Post their Chatroom Invite in the Biggest CPPS , Club Penguin Online , Which has got more than a Million of Discord Users. << This is what is called “Fair”.
Facts : 4600 Members , 1 Invite Posted , 5100 Members and it never stops , Because the Invite is still in there , Seen by Everyone in the Discord.

2. Coin Benefits << Even though that is nullified due to Membership Benefits in OG CPA.

Debates in the Past :

  • Many Members of the CPO AL Community have told this in the Past , But never has anything affected it.
  • The EGCP claimed that the Pirate Army had been given the Rooms before it was announced , And it somehow is true if you go see the Battle Video.

What is the Point of being in a “League” where we all know everything is One Sided ? A League is where each one of us can feel the same , The Same resources given , the Same Opportunities , Not like this , what’s happening right now ? Ask that you Yourself .

What can be done ?

As it was told , Many People including myself have tried to talk about this , but nothing has ever worked. So 3 Months earlier , we took a decision to Not Follow the Server Map of the Club Penguin Online Army League , due to the Bias decisions taken by it. As this still has not been fixed :

Elpiojo [HF First in Command] :
Armies… All meant to be a community inside a community for people to hang around, have fun and enjoy doing activities together. Sometimes armies want to show their power and that’s good. But when the patriotism and the thought of superiority takes control of it, results in toxic consequences. That is, of course, the actual case of the Army League of CPO. It has never been fair for any army, just the one army having every benefit. Fair play? Same opportunities for everyone? Don’t think so. Have a lot of hype, get a lot of people to come to an event, for what? For all to be gone to waste, since it’s been rigged from the very start. Therefore, Help Force will be refraining themselves from participating in further activities organized by the Army League. We’re all tired of the biased situation of it, unless a real solution is provided we are no longer going to waste time nor effort in pointless activities that won’t have the same benefits for everyone.
In the end, what’s the point of being so toxic? What’s the point of hating the other person being in another army that doesn’t share the same ideals with you? We’re all “penguins” no matter what. Hate the conflict, not the person.

Spotty [HF First in Command] :
As you’ve probably gathered by reading this post, the army league isn’t fair to the majority of armies. In wars you don’t see one side having a major advantage over the other side. However this isn’t the case for the army league of CPO. All the armies within the league spend hours recruiting in game, and then some armies can just do whatever they want and recruit anywhere. I’m fed up of seeing our troops feel defeated after all the hours of work we put into recruiting. What’s the point of having an army league if not everyone has the same opportunities? There’s no point of us joining all of these tournaments, getting our members hyped when the whole league already knows the result. We are tired of participating events where everyone isn’t equal, it’s just pointless.

Help Force , Since it was formed , has always been a Family. We worked hard to get where we stand right now. Being the Biggest [Legitimately] CPO Army , The Best [Legitimately] CPO Army , We are our own League , Our own Family , and Obviously , Our Own Army. – Unleash the Power of Helping !

The Statement : Until this Situation in the Army League is not fixed , The Leaders hence have decided that : We would NOT Be taking Part in any Tournaments , Cups hosted by the CPO Army League , Along with disregarding the Server Map , Totally.

Justice delayed is Justice Denied

4 Responses

  1. Ayan, this is fantastically written stuff. Every single person involved with an army in CPO deserves to know what is happening. There is a bias, and attention ought to be brought to it. If other armies know about the situation, then they can make their own decisions on what actions to take. Knowledge is power. Also, the ending sentiment is such a powerful statement. I hope this bias comes to the attention of CPO Administrators and they take appropriate action.

  2. I’m glad someone finally spoke about it. This problem of inequality is only given more boost by the staff who don’t want to do anything about it. All the other armies spend time and efforts to recruit new members, and then there’s the pirates, who can just bribe people into joining. I fully support our leaders’ decision and demand Justice for all the armies from the CPO staff.

  3. Screw CPOAL, bravo Elp, Ayan and Spotty for cutting those noobs deep with the blade of truth. xD

  4. […] Why make this decision? There were many factors which led to us making such a crucial decision. The Major one was the way how Epic ran his League and how he treated the HF and their leaders. I led Help Force from the day I created it till August 2019, To be honest, Club Penguin Online is undoubtedly the best CPPS for gaining recruits, but the league is just toxic and not worthy of legitimate armies. There have been many efforts made by Me, other CPA Members about fixing the thing but the main issue talking and dealing out stuff with Epic is that he’s too much into the Power he has that he does not see what the best for the community is. Earlier this year, I had made a post revealing all the things he does in CPO AL which makes it unfair. After I retired, I was shocked to hear that he kept reviving original armies and bringing them into CPO leading all of them. Dude how many armies are actually there in CPO without you creating them? lmao. The Post regarding how he does all the Shit tactics to make the league biased is in here > […]

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