‘Juanita Day’ Gallery – From the Beginning to the End!

Three magical words have waited for every two weeks at our Home the Server of HF, To Treasure, yours, and our memories at Help Force throughout months and years to come ofJuanita DaysThis Gallery is here to Stay, Old or New ​Find Your Share ^^.

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From Patient Zero To ‘Juanita Day’!

Every kingdom and country throughout history had an official holiday a National day, in our holy kingdom or Motherland (as some of you named it) We have Our Celebratory day as well ‘Juanita Day‘ it is time for You as an important member of Help Force to know your Heritage.

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October 2020 Penguin Style – Secrets!

Heyo Helpers!!

Today I will be showing you where to find all the new secrets in the October 2020 penguin style catalog!!

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Roll up! Roll up! Time for some fair games!

Aloha everyone!

It’s me, your friendly neighborhood Traffic Light! 🚦

As the fair is now upon us, I thought I would take the time to talk through some of the amazing games that you can play and where to find them, so get ready and enjoy!🥳

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A Complete Guide on How To Battle

The Help Force uses CPArmies, CPRewritten or HFIsland for events/battles.

Battles are events wherein we log onto a server and brawl against another CP Army. Awareness on doing tactics as soon as it’s announced, holding them, etc are all essential to defeat the other army in the Battle. These usually last for 30 minutes unless there’s an overtime room. 30 minutes with 3 rooms of 10 minutes each.

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HFIsland Puffle Party – Week 2

What’s poppin helpers?!

Today marked the last day of the Puffle Party. We hope you enjoyed this special party as it sadly has left, Help Force Island. Let’s review this last week of the Puffle Party in case you missed it, including the 2 mascots that came for a visit and the special custom background made by our one and only Crystal.

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HF Island Puffle Party – Week One

Hey Helpers!

The Puffle Party has finally come to Help Force Island! A special thank you to Janez and Jayden for organising the party and keeping Help Force Island lively and fun! The Puffle Party has brought many new things to Help Force Island including exclusive items, a new catalog, room decorations, mascots, pins and even a brand new species of Puffle!

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September 2020 Better Igloos – Secrets!

Heyo Helpers!!


Today I will be guiding you though where to find all the new secrets in the September 2020 Better Igloo catalog!!

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Beep Beep Takeover! The rooms included in this event were Town, Snow Forts, and Stadium led by Kendall, Taylor, and Riley. This event had many inspired tactics, wonderful formations, and a variety of bombs.

Max: 27+

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