Get to Know the Help Force Staff: Barnito

Hey helpers! I’m here again with a newly promoted Marshal(3ic), Barnito!

With the new era beginning, we have some new staff joining us, as well as mass promotions! This means it is extremely important to get to know our staff team better even more than before. Barnito has been in the Help Force for a while now, and with his fun segments and welcoming personality in chats, his promotion was definitely well deserved. In this interview, not only will you get to know more about him, but you’ll also find some very helpful information about event tactics!


[EU] Branch Battles

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPATG to have our weekly Branch Battles!


Room 1: Stadium (Yellow Chillies) – Yellow Chillies entered the room quicker and executed their tactics well to win the first room.

Room 2: Docks (Hot Sauce) – Hot Sauce had a man advantage in the second room and their tactics had vast improvement. Despite Yellow Chillies being consistently good, their lesser max letting them down.

Room 3: Town (Yellow Chillies) – Again, Yellow Chillies were at a disadvantage in numbers but in this room, Hot Sauce’s tactics weren’t on point enough in comparison to the Chillies, who were strong throughout.

Final Result: Hot Sauce 12 Yellow Chillies

MAX: 11+