[EU] Practice Battle vs. ACP

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Practice Battle against ACP. The Practice Battle took place on Crystal and the rooms we used were Iceberg, Stadium and Cove. The Battle was led by our leaders Tistle & Barnito and resulted in a 2 – 0 – 1 win for Army of Club Penguin.


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[EU] Stamp Fiesta

Hey Helpers! Today, after a small delay for Gary to pay a visit, we logged onto CPR for a huge Stamp Fiesta! We got stamps in the nightclub, dance lounge, pizza parlour, iceberg, igloos and serene springs thanks to Janez!

You all did amazing, join us next time for more stamps!


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[US] White Noble Horse Takeover

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a White Noble Horse Takeover. The rooms we used were Town, Stadium, and Snow Forts led by Monika and Taylor. This event included many horse inspired tactics, various bombs, and formations.


Comment below for a Points if you attended!

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Get to Know the Help Force Staff: lafilleaveclevisage(Taylor)

Hey Helpers! This time we have our wonderful and newest US General, Taylor, commonly more known as lafilleavelevisage! She is a lovely member of the Help Force and we can’t wait for you to get to know her more!

Everything in the block-quotes has not been edited in any way except for grammatical errors.

Jayden: Hey Taytay! Let’s start off with an easy one, how long have you been in the Help Force?

Taylor: Hi Jayjay! I’ve been with Help Force for about 4 months now!

Jayden: ooooo that’s quite a short amount of time! How long have you been staff?

Taylor:  Since July 10th, so about three weeks which is super crazy for me to think about. It feels like so much longer yet it’s flown by so quickly

Jayden: oh wow thats great! So, how does it feel being staff?

Taylor: It was super scary at first, but now that I’ve gotten close with a lot of the staff it’s a lot less intimidating and actually quite fun! Quite a bit more work than I was expecting there to be behind the scenes, but it’s been easy to get used to and simplify 🙂

Jayden: yay! we are definitely not intimidating whatsoever! What would be your favourite tactic, formation and room?

Taylor: Hmm, that’s a hard one. I really like the X formation because it’s simple but looks really good. I like stadium because it’s symmetrical, easy to do most formations in, and it has nice lines and circles that help others figure out formations quicker. I don’t know that I have a favorite tactic though… maybe Grub! because it’s so random and funny…

Jayden: What is your favourite thing to do in HF?

Taylor: My favorite thing would probably be battles. Being a part of Legends Cup was so cool and it really opened my eyes to how fun being a part of HF is

Jayden: Ah yes! Legends Cup X, an amazing month for HF no doubt! What about outside of HF?

Taylor: Yes for sure! Outside of HF I enjoy hanging out with my friends, listening to music, and working out

Jayden: So what is your favourite game on Club Penguin?

Taylor: My favorite game in the original Club Penguin was cardjitsu water, but now that I can’t play it anymore I’d have to go with sled racing because it’s quick but fun

Jayden: ah yes CJ Water and Snow probably one of the best games out there! Finally, what would be your favourite colour?

Taylor: My favorite color is either red or light, bright blue

And that’s Taylor everyone! Make sure to give her a big ol’ hi and give her a “Hey Stinky” from me as well! If you want to chat with Taylor anytime, DM her on this account over on discord! lafilleaveclevisage#0721 To see more of the other staff interviews just go-ahead to the search bar and type in “Get to Know the Help Force Staff”!



[AUSIA] Operation Talons

Hey helpers! Today we logged on into HF ISLAND for our Operation Talons! It included the Stadium, Fire Dojo and the Town led by Jayden, Barney and Marshmallow respectively! The event went well with amazing tactics and formations! Good job Helpers! AUSIA FORCE BEST FORCE

Max: 34+

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[AUSIA] Silver Sword Takeover

Hey helpers! Today we logged on into CPR – Blizzard for our Silver Sword Takeover! It included the Town, Stadium and the Snow Forts led by Marshmallow, Riley and Crystal respectively! The event went well with amazing tactics and formations! Good job Helpers! AUSIA FORCE BEST FORCE

MAX: 48+

Comment on the post if you came for promotions!

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GoTW #88

Congratulations to Chickn Strips on winning his first GoTW award! His effort this week has been exceptional and his truly deserving of his victory this week! Great job!

[EU] Branch Battles

As usual, every Sunday we log on for our weekly Branch Battle! This week, Team Aliens and Team Robots logged on to HFIsland with this weeks Branch Battle. Both teams did really well in all areas of the battle, but once again, Team Aliens snuck in with the win with the score ultimately ending 4-0.

This battle was judged by Barney!


Comment below for points!

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto HF Island for an Operation Event! This event included the rooms Stadium, Iceberg, and Town led by Monika, Kendall, and Taylor. We did many vigour related tactics, fantastic bombs, and a variety of formations.

Max: 20+

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Ultimate Recruitment Guide

Hey Helpers! Let’s talk about Recruitment and How to recruit today.

Recruitment is essential for any army. They host recruitment sessions for influx of new members. A recruit basically means a new member to the army. In the Help Force, we have Blue Squadron Server where all the recruiters are grouped together to form the Recruiting Branch of the Help Force. The benefits of joining  is also mentioned after the recruitment tutorials.

This tutorial is solely devoted to teaching you the Club Penguin Game recruiting techniques. Some recruiters prefer individual recruiting, some prefer to team up with others and recruit. That is totally your choice.

Even though this post is called the Ultimate Recruitment Guide, CPRewritten always update their game by muting certain words or lines which we use. Hence, stuff like these keep changing. But the basic recruitment algorithm remains the same as what I am going to explain to you now.

Pre Log On Requirements:

  • If you’re taking part in recruiting, get a Recruitment Cadet role from #role-apply to be ping for updates!
  • It is advised to create an alternate account for recruiting purposes. This is done to protect your main account from being banned or safe-chatted. CPR staff do not like armies recruiting because of safety rules.
  • Make the alt looking less suspicious by buying it some clothes!

Choosing servers:

You are allowed to use any server! Servers with 2+ bars are ideal to recruit because they have decent number of penguins playing. In any populated server, it is better if you do not recruit in Town. This room will always have a CPR staff member and it is too busy to recruit.

Now, there are two types of recruiting – Solo and RSS. Solo Recruiting is basically recruiting new members by yourself without anyone’s aid or help. RSS ( Rogue Support System ) is where two or more experienced recruiters team up.

Solo Recruitment Algorithm:

  • Scout for rooms with a decent amount of penguins.
  • Walk up to them with a simple “Hey!” and try to catch their attention.
  • Have a short conversation about the ongoing party, mascot or their outfit.
  • If they say No, then reply with, “It’s alright, hope you have a good day! Cya!“.
  • Don’t try to force them to join and  don’t spend more than 5-7 minutes on one penguin.
  • You may receive a lot of negative responses during the start of your recruiting career, but do not lose hope. This gets better with practice. Attend more segments, try to be efficient. Talk to the staff, they’re always happy to help.

Examples of Solo recruiting:

Example 1:

  • Walk up to the player and say “Hello, may i sit?“, “Hi, how are you?” or anything similar to that.
  • If they have your attention and they’re replying to you, proceed with “I am happy, my friends and I have an event today
  • They’ll definitely ask what the event is about. You can reply with “It is a fun event, just like a takeover with lots of penguins
  • Talk about it, then the stamps that you can earn during the event, etc.
  • Then say “You seem cool, would you like to join?“.
  • If they give a positive response, then quickly open your notepad, copy and send the line which is needed. You may have to send it more than once.

Example 2:

  • Walk up to the player and say “Hey, how’s it going?” or anything similar to that.
  • Then, “Hey, have you ever tried earning stamps with groups ?“. Keep chatting with them about stamps.
  • Then, “I’m in a stamp helpers group, which can help you get those. Wanna Join ? They’re really cool
  • If you receive a positive response, then, “Open a new window and look this up“.
  • Ask them after each step if they understood you or not.
  • Then, “stamp heist cpr“. You might have to send this 2-3 times so that they’ll follow accurately.
  • After that, “its the first result” and then “tap on JOIN, bottom right
  • After they join, tell them to reply in #welcome chat. Send these “Please reply in the welcome chat“,

We are also known as Stamp Helpers / Stamp Gang / Stamp Hunters. These terms are pretty famous among players and make sure you use them as per your needs. Players would definitely want to join them!

This part should be clear now.

This screenshot shows how everything that i said till now can be implemented in the game.

User lemon juice7 is a recruiter and Pokemon53 is the recruit.

User lemon juice7 is a recruiter and leatherookie is the recruit.

Rogue Support System (RSS):

It’s probably best to do RSS if you have some experience in solo recruiting. Usually, two or more recruiters team up and one of them acts like a CPR player who’s not a part of the Help Force which is a false rogue, hence “Rogue Support”.

  • Find a room which is suitable for recruiting, where there isn’t much hubbub.
  • Now, the false rogue, goes and starts a conversation with the other players.
  • The other introduces HF to the false rogue and other players in the room.
  • Talk about HF as a stamp group/fun group which has various fun events/ mascot n pin trackers, etc
  • The false rogue will agree to whatever the recruiter is saying and will encourage others to join as well.
  • Then finally, send the lines so that they can lookup and join.
  • This is usually time consuming, but think about 2-3 recruits joining at the same time, you’re spending 1/3rd the time needed to recruit them individually by just recruiting all of them at once.

Post Recruitment:

  • After the person you were speaking to joins the discord, feel free to engage with them in the main chat!
  • Note down the CPR name and the Discord name of your recruit and post it in #recruits-log channel in Blue Squadron server. Follow the trend that the others have used.

Benefits of the Recruitment Division:

  • You will be awarded with sapphires for gaining recruits.
  • By earning Sapphires, you will rank up faster!
  • Having a large number of Sapphires by the end of the week will improve your chances of winning the Gamer of The Week (GoTW). GoTW is an award given to the best Helper of the week.
  • Each recruit is worth 30 Sapphires!
  • The number of recruits you get will be counted towards the Weekly Leaderboard.
  • Finish at the top of the Recruiting Leaderboard 4 times to become a Recruiting God!

So, i guess that’s it for now folks. Be sure to DM the Staff if you have any questions. We’re all here to help.

Until next time folks, this is Barney, signing off.

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