[AUSIA] Operation Talons

Hey helpers! Today we logged on into HF ISLAND for our Operation Talons! It included the Stadium, Fire Dojo and the Town led by Jayden, Barney and Marshmallow respectively! The event went well with amazing tactics and formations! Good job Helpers! AUSIA FORCE BEST FORCE

Max: 34+

Comment below for Points!

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24 Responses

  1. I attended!!
    pragya tanu

  2. I attended!!

  3. Attended – Aoao 6

  4. i came

  5. I attended! Ausia Force Best Force!

  6. rai attend event Nice thatic vi did + i tink vi are go show ACP that Help Force is Best Force

  7. I was there! Ausia Force Best Force!

  8. I attended

  9. I attended, Skillz

  10. I attended!!

  11. I was there, ty for hosting <3

  12. i attended!

  13. Ayyeeee this was toit!! Thankk you for hositngg <3

  14. Attended

  15. Joonieee7#9218 – I Attended !!!

  16. Thank YOU for Hosting, Snowflake.

    I attended 🙂

  18. I attended

  19. I attended

  20. I came <3

  21. I attended :3

  22. It was a fun event, i came

  23. Thanks for hosting Moni and lauirfhirfirfhirfulsage!!!! It was a great event, we didnt even get banned!!!!

  24. Skillz went to sleep already but he wanted me (chickn) to comment saying he attended.

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