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Table of Contents [ TOC ] :

  • Introduction
  • Segments
  • Events
    • Tactics
    • Formations
    • Battles
  • Ranks & Promotions
  • Club Penguin Guides & Trackers
  • Army Community
  • Conclusion


Welcome to the Guide of the Help Force! After reading each part of this Guide, you’ll be confident about how the Help Force works.
Our Main Motto is “Unleash the Power of Helping”.

What is the Help Force?
The Help Force is a Huge Community of Club Penguin Players who offer a variety of things to participate in. The players communicate on a chatting platform called Discord which is widely used by gamers of all types. We are a Club Penguin Army, which hosts both Army and non-Army activities. These include Events, Segments, Tournaments, Tracking and much more, including the social side.

These different activities are spread across the week, and across 3 main Time Zones – AUSIA, EU and US. We aim to hold activities in all of these Zones to make sure everyone in our community is treated equally and can enjoy it as much as each other!


Segments are the life blood of our existence in Help Force. They are how we recruit new members to the army and fulfill our promise of Stamp Collecting as our offering. It is always encouraged to attend Segments where possible, to increase growth and activity within the server, but also to have fun!

An Announcement will be made by a staff member around an hour before the Segment will begin. They will say Where to meet, at What time, and What type of segment will it be.
You will then log on to CPR, and start the segment. This is where you will get the chance to talk individually to players about Help Force, Help them with Stamps and try to persuade them to join the discord server. You will receive Points upon participation which will help you rank up faster within the server.

The Point System is a trademark of the Help Force. Helpers attending Segments are given Points which add up in a Leaderboard. Ranks are achievable on getting a certain number of points, The Gamer of the Week Award is given to the Person who has been Active in the community, Achieved a Significant amount of Points & been Helpful towards the Community.

If you have any inquiries about Segments or other ways to obtain points, please contact a Staff Member on the Discord!


We host various Events on Club Penguin Rewritten. They will be announced clearly on the Discord many hours before commencing and are pretty simple once you get the hang of how they work! There are multiple different types of Events that we hold, such as:

  • Army Training / Themed Event
  • Fun Events
  • Practice Battle / Battle
  • Division Battle

Events are led by the People in the Moderator Line in the Help Force [ Starts from “General” ]. During the Events, All of the Members Online must log in the announced Club Penguin Room and Server. Events happen through Tactics and Formations which are described in detail below.


Tactics are used in all events that we hold on CPR or CPATG. They are basically Words or Emotes, which need to be done throughout the Event. The Leader of the event will shout them out, such as “E7 ON 3” which once they count to 3 on discord you will use the emoji by pressing E + 7 on your keyboard creating the Wink Face on Club Penguin. It’s simple! With a number of other users repeating the same emoji it can create lots of intricate patterns that look amazing! Be sure to take pictures!

Similarly, The other kind of Simple tactics include Words. These include Leaders telling everyone to type a certain Phrase, For ex. “Unleash the Power of Helping”. On the count of 3, Everyone needs to enter it together on CP and keep copying and pasting it until another tactic is announced.

Some of the Common Tactics used by HF are :

  • Room Change – This means changing the room, The Leaders would tell you to “Open Maps”. On the count of 3, You would need to switch to the Room announced doing a certain emote.
  • Bomb – Bombing means running in ANY DIRECTION doing a certain tactic announced.
  • Waterfall – Waterfall means running UP AND DOWN performing a certain tactic.
  • Rake – Rake means running LEFT TO RIGHT performing a certain tactic.
  • Wipe – Wiping means running to the OPPOSITE SIDE as announced and staying there after doing the tactic.
  • Tornado – Tornado means running in the CLOCKWISE DIRECTION doing a certain tactic.
  • Spearhead – Spearheading means [Only if you are in a Circle] RUNNING TOWARDS THE CENTER doing a certain tactic and RETURN BACK TO YOUR POSITION doing the same tactic.
  • Fatal 4 – This is a Collection of 4 Tactics done in succession. NO COUNTDOWNS are done for Fatal 4. You need to pay attention to the chat and do the Tactic as soon as the Leader tells you.

Note : Remember to keep doing the Tactics for atleast 6-7 Seconds.


When entering a new room or after using a bombing tactic, you will most likely be put into a new Formation. A Formation is basically the way we organize ourselves in the Event. It can be various Lines, A Plus, An X, Etc.

Remember : Do NOT Bunch. Bunching means sitting on top or very close to each other. That makes us look small. Make sure you have atleast a Visible Gap with the penguin next to you.


We use all of the above to go into a Battle. There are other armies in the Community who also train like us. We Battle them in Wars, Practice Battles, Tournaments, Etc. Battling is similar to a Normal Army Event, But you need to be more aware and hold tactics more longer in a Battle to defeat the other army.

Every Sunday at a certain time Help Force has it’s Division Battle. Upon joining Help Force, you’ll be asked to choose a Team ; Hot Sauce or Yellow Chili. Every Sunday, The divisions of the army will have a Practice Battle against each other. Here’s your chance to fast-paced events where the hardest part is keeping up with the leader! These events will also bring promotions depending on the sizes!

Ranks & Promotions

The Help Force server offers “Promotions” as in various ranks you can gain. Promotions are given when you attend Segments, Army Events, Battles, Fun Events.

At the end of Every Event, The Leaders will be posting the Event Post. If you have attended the Event, You must COMMENT on the Post with your Discord-CP Username & an “I Attended” Sentence. The Comments are then seen and Promotions are given to those who’ve commented.

There are 3 types of Promotion Roles that you can gain:

  • Army Cadet Roles
  • Managing Roles + Badges
  • Helper Roles

Cadet roles are the first ones you will receive when you join the server and attend an Army Event. These are the basic promotions you will receive, with the highest being Supreme Cadet.

Managing Roles are different however. After you reach the “Managing Officer” Rank, You will also get the chance to lead Fun-Events, such as tournaments like Find Four or Sled Racing. You will be advised by a staff member on how to organize an event and will receive training for the future.
Getting Promoted through the Managing ranks aren’t that easy. There are Badges you’ll earn on attending and commenting on every Event Post, Which then would give you the next rank.

Helper Roles are solely obtainable through points. These roles are also not permanent and if you fail to obtain sufficient points the following week, you will lose the roles. Points can be gathered from Segments and Fun Events.

Club Penguin Guides & Trackers

We help you track Mascots, Pins, Codes and all sorts of kooky things on CPR! When a mascot appears, we will notify users through a special role where they were last spotted, making us one of the most efficient tracker teams out there!

We have specialist pin trackers that will tell you the location of the latest pin – only if you want to see it! All of the channels can be found on our Discord Server.

New codes are rare but a neat way to gain new items and more coins on CPR! We will track them as soon as they’re released!

Our team of Bloggers will post guides on how to get tough Game stamps on CPR! We also have a monthly article focusing on the Catalog Secrets so you don’t miss any great items on CPR! You can find the Guides from Here .

Army Community

You must be wondering, Why do we hold so Many Events?
The main reason, other than to maintain activeness in our community, is for the Top Ten Armies. This a ranking system, ordering the best armies in our league (CPA) to their weekly position. This is dependent on the number of events held that week and the Maxes that armies get in those events! CPAM (Club Penguin Armies Media) are in charge of this and lots of army news from all armies in our league, with experienced and unbiased reporters and staff, making them the best in the business!

Nation + Allies/Enemies

On some days, We log on Servers to “Claim” them. Due to there being so many servers in the CPPS Area, Armies fight with each others for Servers. This is how Invasions & Defenses take place.

Similarly, The Armies which are friends with us and help us when we need them are our Allies, and the ones whom we are at war with are our Enemies.

Check our Nation page for details !


After reading this Guide, you’ll mostly be sure about the working of our Army. In case you have any Doubts, You can always approach the Community Staff in our Server. See y’all at the Next Huge Event !

Unleash the Power of Helping

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