This page is dedicated to some of the most prized members in Help Force’s history. Those found on this page have won the GoTW award on 3 occasions or more, thus deserving of an exclusive role and position on this page.


Rorange was the first member in Help Force to achieve 3 GoTW victories. He amassed 4 of them before joining the Staff Team, where he excelled for his activeness and loyalty. His first GoTW came in early December of 2018, and his final one came in early February of 2019. He won GoTWs #16, #19, #20 and #23. He is now currently a General after returning to Help Force’s Staff Team after a 5-month break and is now one of the oldest Help Force members who is still active in the community.


Maurox was a figurehead in the Spanish Community of Help Force for many months. His contributions to the army go unnoticed, as he is still remembered for his notorious string of consecutive GoTW successes. He won 8 weeks on the bounce, stretching from April 2019 to early June 2019. This was at the time, an unprecedented record. He then went and won 2 more, bringing his total to 10 wins. He won GoTWs #30, #31, #32, #32, #33, #34, #35, #36, #37, #41 and #43. He became Staff in September 2019 and was one of the most successful moderators, but after the Spanish Drama scandal, he was banned along with many others, damaging his reputation in Help Force forever. There is no denying his place here, however, as he was truly the most hard-working member Help Force had seen in 2019.


Katty is also considered one of the Help Force’s most treasured members. Joining in the Summer of 2019, she worked tirelessly to help recruit members, both English and Spanish and was an iconic figure during the Third Generation of Helpers. Most notably known for her GoTW dominance just like Maurox, she won the award 11 times, once more than him. Her first win came in late August and she kept a 9 win streak up throughout September and October 2019. Her final victory came in mid-November. She won GoTWs #47, #49, #50, #51, #52, #53, #54, #55, #56, #57 and #61. Although she left Help Force during the Helper Exodus of December 2019, she recently rejoined the Discord server but is currently inactive. Because of this insane record and her extreme dedication to the Army, she is completely deserving of a place on this page.


Fxizaxx, or Faz, was one of Katty’s very few rivals for the GoTW award during Autumn 2019. Likewise to Katty, she would attend segments regularly and recruit hard for the army, but struggled to catch her nemesis. After many weeks of effort, she did finally break Katty’s streak, with her GoTW #59 victory. This, added to GoTW #48 and #60 totals her successes on 3 occasions, earning her a place on this page. Faz became a Help Force Staff member in January, after sticking with the army through the Helper Exodus. However, when Spotty was couped from leadership, Faz left the Staff team and the server entirely, clearly hurt by the staff’s actions. The decision was hers, however, and although her Staff experience was short-lived, her GoTW Specialist award is a clear demonstration of the work she put in for the army.


Azalea, or SnowMirror, was a very vital member during the Helper Exodus and the transition to CPR in December 2019 and January 2020. Where others found difficulty adapting to the new recruiting methods, Azalea was one of the few who naturally worked the hardest in recruiting almost as soon as she joined. With the leaders being extremely busy during the transition period for the army, a handful of Azalea’s GoTW posts were lost or not made, with only two of which being on the website. However, sufficient evidence has proven that Azalea won the award at least 4 times, if not more. She dominated the leaderboards during her reign at the top, not wanting to become a Staff member, but to continue to support the army. Azalea’s contributions are up there with the best in Help Force’s 2nd Era.


Aoao 6

Aoao’s journey from his arrival in Help Force to where he is now has been quite extraordinary and matched by few others. An iconic member to all 2019 members and many of 2020, a determined man in the Commands section of the server and a committed member when his head’s on the task. After winning GoTW’s #44 and #45 even before Katty, he then became a moderator in August 2019 and an Expert Moderator in September 2019. His hard work was seen by everyone as he hosted regularly and worked hard. He then however left Help Force during the Helper Exodus of December 2019, abandoning his Moderator role. It took him many months to return to Help Force, and after the announcement about GoTW Specialist, he sought out to win one final time with GoTW #89 and join this elusive club. One of the very hardest to beat in his prime, Aoao thoroughly deserves his place on this part of the Force.


Recruited by Spotty during CPO times in October 2019, Snowflake is known for her invaluable contributions as a troop. Being active in both the Spanish & English communities, she is always seen helping new members in and around the Help Force. She lost her way after the Helper Exodus in December but rejoined HF after 5 months in May 2020. Earning her first GoTW (#82) just a month after joining, she aimed to get rid of UGLY GREEN and win two more GoTWs (#85 and #92). Being a dedicated and active troop since 2019, she excelled all activities with quality segment attending, dedication and hard work. A master at recruiting and teaching members to recruit, she has, at many times boosted activity by gaining more members. Making a record of 201 recruits in a month, she is looked upon as a Recruiting God. Currently a High Command, she is always seen helping around. Make sure you throw a snowball at her!


She wasn’t a Staff member but is there really anyone on this server who hasn’t heard about her name? Once upon a time, when we had fewer funny emotes and US hours were less chaotic, Comedy was recruited into Help Force during a stamp segment. Not surprisingly, she soon caught the HF Syndrome virus and was active in all timezones, being well known for the funny ‘Comedy hour’ breaks and her remarkable recruiting skills. Long before she was involved in any wars, she used to give me a headache with counting her recruits. Comedy’s constant activity and involvement soon got her the GoTW Specialist Award (#101, #106 & #108). A real recruiting legend, a master at counting penguins at events, and an important friend to many, the Counting Queen was a well-known Troop during 2020.



Just like most great people in armies had started, Vixx’s journey began when she was recruited by Diwix in October 2020 during a regular Help Force recruiting segment. But who would’ve thought that the nice girl whose name was often confused for vapour rub, would come such a long way? Vixx advanced in ranks quite rapidly and her name was soon known by everyone as a result of her great recruiting skills. In less than a month after joining the Force, Vixx had already become a Recruiting God and won her first Gamer of The Week award (#105). The next two GoTW’s (#112 & #116) came quickly after that. Her effort for always improving and her continuous activity in the server brought her in less than 6 months after joining, to the Junior Staff position where she proved to be a great asset to the Help Force team. The troops and the leaders have always complimented her for her friendliness and for the warmth that she welcomes everyone with. Vixx is currently a Marshal on the Staff team and despite being rather timid at times, we all know the strong and capable person she is.



Lydia was a Help Force member during 2021 for a few months in which she was extremely active. From helping around the server to hyping and assisting other Helpers, she soon became a moderator and everyone liked to be around her. Lydia became popular for her designs and funny blog stories from her ‘Dairy Diary’ on our website. She won three GoTW Awards (#119, #121 & #125) and she soon received the GoTW Specialist role. Lydia had one of the fastest evolutions in the army.



One of our prominent Staff figures, Mandal has been with us for more than a year and his journey is far from over. He was recruited by Xtra and since then, he loved to see the community getting together for stamp events. Soon after he joined, he couldn’t stop asking questions about the server and how things were going on. His unique curious personality got him to rank up fast and easily got him 3 GoTW awards (#113, #115 & #126). Mandal is now on the Staff team as a Marshal and his journey is far from over. I’ve been calling Mandal as the Help Force Lawyer for his clear-cut ideas and for trying to get everything to be right by everyone. Mr Chapal is always a fun guy to have around and you’ll never get bored of conversations with him. He might bully Ru on a daily basis but it is what it is.



Probably one of the few people who had a spectacular speed run through ranks, AbsoluteTrash123 or Osama as we know him, has been an influential figure and one of our good friends for more than half of year. His contribution to the Force can be more or less resumed to a single quote: “Brightest stars burn the quickest”. He went from asking not to be promoted, to reaching Commodore and winning GoTW three times in a row (#128, #129 & #130) in only a couple of weeks. He showed he had everything it took to be a Staff member and his leading skills didn’t disappoint. The moments in VC with him have always been the most fun ones and we can also say he was one of the best VC leaders we had. There was no way you wouldn’t be able to enjoy an event while Oldie was voice leading. From funny stories and singing to cooking adventures and life advice, Osama really became the Help Force grandpa and not only for his old age … he’s not really that old but still. You can still see him online almost every day, chat with him and don’t forget to tell him to ‘sHUT UP’!



Monika has been a well-known member of the Force throughout 2020 and 2021. Not only a Recruiting God but an active and friendly troop, she made numerous friends here. Monmonimonika would greet everyone with ‘Hola’ or would infect everyone with the WHOOP WHOOP syndrome. She was one of our most ambitious and hard-working members. Monika earned her ranks and quickly reached a Staff position, most people knowing her from being a Marshal. When she wasn’t having fun in the alphabet chat, she was earning GoTW titles (#76, #126 & #137). Moni was part of Help Force for more than a year and she was one of our famous Hispanic members.


Sam Chilles

Sam Chillies- … I mean Sam Chilles is already the whole server’s most appreciated cricket lover. He’s also one of the people who put a lot of effort into the creation of Force Arcadium and its website, not to mention helping with our website as well. Sam has been with us for quite a long time, recruited by Ru on CPRewritten, he has always humoured us with his jokes and his habit of ditching accounts for nitro lol. Ever since he joined, he’s been hella active and soon after he started to recruit, he became one of our Recruiting Gods. He’s one of the most ambitious, hard-working and intelligent people I’ve seen, he’s come a long way and he has much more to prove. Sam grabbed 3 GoTW awards and successfully earned the GoTW Specialist role (#103, #138 & #140). We wish him good luck as part of the Staff team and we’re looking forward to the next movie night wink wink.



Yoda has been nothing but a true and loyal Helper since he joined. Always hanging around with others, everyone became friends with him. He’s joyous and kind every single day. From a speedrun through ranks, he quickly climbed his way up to the Junior Staff. That’s when he proved he can be responsible and ready to join the Staff team. Of course, he was ambitious enough to win GoTW and not only once, not twice, but three times (#135, #139 & #141) which brought him the GoTW Specialist role. Yoda is one of a kind and we’re more than thankful to have him with us!



Walver joined Help Force last year during one of our famous Stamp events and since then he has been one of our most active members. From attending every event and recruiting to getting addicted to gambling with bot money and winning Gameday Champion multiple times, Walver has been through a lot. He’s indeed our favourite wolf, the most adorable and funny one at least. You might find him in chat bullying NervousZippo, unless it’s the other way around, or helping other members. Wolfy has never backed down when he faced a little competition, it actually motivates him. His patience and ambition got him 13 GoTW Awards (#114, #143, #144, #145, #146, #147, #148, #150, #151, #152, #153 & #162), 11 of them being in a row and by that dethroning Katty. Walver is one of our best troops and now he’s irreplaceable.



The notorious Goos man has ironically started his adventure in Help Force while looking for the inflatable Duck in the CPRewritten catalogue. Only destiny made him be recruited by non-other but the Queen Duck (a.k.a. Nell). Plotter joined us in June 2020, and from the first minute, he started making friends. People have always stayed around him because of his sense of humour, his charismatic character and his unmeasurable love for everyone. Plotter is one of the people who struggled to balance real-life tasks and school with this virtual life, but he has never given up. He won GoTWs #136, #157 and #158. Working as Junior Staff and learning many lessons along the way, “King Goos” has proved his loyalty to the Help Force and made this his second home. One year and a half later, Plotter is now a General on the Staff team and the future looks promising for him. He will always be a true symbol for the army. Without him, Help Force wouldn’t be the same. Make sure you pat pat him and yell HONK HONK when you see him in chat.



Being with Help Force for a little over a year now, Nervous became friends with most of us and reached our hearts with her kindness. When she joined, recruited by Walver, she was a shy Zipper but she soon came out of her shell and just started spreading around joy. She became extremely active, of course after she got infected with HF Syndrome, and she’s now one of our US division pillars, always being around the chat and keeping it active. Although she gets bullied quite easily for not sleeping and being a ZipOOF, we still love her and wish to keep her close. Nervous earned her fair share of GoTW titles (#155, #160 & #161) and received the GoTW Specialist role. She’s now part of our Staff team and she’s doing amazing!


Do YOU want to be the next GoTW Specialist? Win the elusive GoTW 3 times and you can join the Elite winners!

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