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Salutations everyone! Today we logged onto CPAB to bid farewell to one of our Second in CommandScorpion Demon! Thank you all for coming to this very nostalgic chaotic event! Hope you liked it, Keep Unleashing the Power of Helping! Have a good retirement, Scorp!

MAX: 41+

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The Demonic Retreat – Scorp’s Retirement

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – This will not be the last time I type the words, “ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office”. However, it is the last time I am typing them as a Second in Command. My journey as a staff member is something I’ll never really forget. It is one of the most amazing times I’ve ever had online. Elp is the greatest.

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Mission Machete – I

A gloomy atmosphere had set in, as firmly lodged in as a dog digging down a rabbit hole. The rainstorm caused by the invading Water Vikings stopped three days ago, but the skies hadn’t cleared up yet. It was evening now, and Scorp’s office was starting to get darker. He finally laid down the pen that hadn’t rested since seven hours now. Unlike the rest of the staff, he preferred writing out battle plans and reports on paper. The clock began beeping at the exact moment he kept the pen down. It was 4:30 pm. Thirty minutes before Elp’s daily pings. This was the time to go enjoy a cup of coffee. Once Elp arrived, Joe and Jayden would start overloading the canteen, ordering cold coffees and fresh virgin pina coladas for the Great Lice. He filed the papers, picked up his keys and exited the office. As he locked the doors, the various sounds that filled the headquarters began making themselves more prominent. An engine was revving in Desireus’ office. It was always a wonder how he managed to get engines and vehicles into his office. Maya’s office, located two doors away, seemed to be the source of some very sus noises. “Yikes – it’s better to not investigate that”, he thought to himself. Somewhere, a cat screamed and knocked something over. “Is Ayan kicking Snowy’s cats again?” After a pause, he laughed and said out loud, “Obviously”.

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Greetings Family, today we logged onto CPAB for our fun battle against Water Vikings in which we dominated together. Thanks to Yoda for leading and I, ROOBOO, led as well!

MAX: 23+

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Zipline Comic #1: Dig To Flip!

The sharks be hungry….

Artwork, Ideation, Storyline and Colors: JonathanJohnJohnson#6835

Lettering, Storyline: Scorp#9455

CP Knowledge: Herbert

Welcome back to another post of CP Knowledge where I’m going to tell you the history of a mischievous duo, Herbert and Klutzy, how both of them met on Club Penguin, and how their partnership turned into a massive takeover we’ve all heard and seen about, and that’s how Operation Blackout, PSA, and the EPF came known when Herbert realized he could take over the island with the help of a crab.

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The Greatest Essay

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – My comrades!!! We have a special treat for you this week – a nearly two thousand word essay written about the one and only Greatest, Elp himself. The author will remain anonymous for fear of their safety and/or sanity. Please read without consideration.

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Faces of the Force – Raona

Welcome back to this week’s Faces of the Force! This week, we have an active but elusive member of Help Force. She is an fresh new face who showcased her great dedication and commitment! She’s also steadily ranking up and could potentially become staff soon! Introducing this week to the Faces of the Force, Help Force Captain Raona!

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Spill The Tea – Nell

Welcome to Spill The Tea! A column full of jokes, gossip and entertainment! The twelfth  edition of this column, hosted by Delitager, brings Nell to the spotlight!

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Double Trouble – Scorpion Demon and Desireus

Editor’s Note: This post has been heavily edited to remedy the writer’s absolute lack of writing skills and grammar. 

Bello Helpers! I hope that things are going well for you and you’ve met tons of new friends already. This week, we are back with Double Trouble, in which we interview two people who often cause trouble together. I’m Ru, the former Admiral and the current Cabinet Secretary! I am carrying out Dhanush (rip) and PinguMaliz’s will to keep this trending blog alive. We are joined today by the dynamic team known as Scorpion Demon and Desireus. How did they become friends? Are they chaotic or only about cars?


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