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“The 13” [RESULTS]

In the hotly anticipated “The 13”, the original list of 45 candidates has been narrowed down to an ordered list of the most influential people in the Help Force. With plenty of votes coming in from the troops, staff members, as well as veterans, here are the results.

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Mining Event! The rooms being used were Town, Iceberg, and Beach lead by Kendall and Taylor. We did many mining tactics, a variety of bombs, and formations.

MAX: 44+

Make sure you comment below for a promotion!

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[AUSIA] Jester Takeover

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Jester Takeover! The rooms used were Town, Plaza, and Stadium led by Marshmallow and our newest AUSIA General Riley! We did a lot of Jester related tactics and had various bombs and unique tactics.

Max: 50+

Comment below for your promotions!


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GoTW #86

Congratulations to Jc for winning her first GoTW! May this be the first of many! Great job!

GoTW #85

Congratulations to GoTW #85, Snowflake! Another well deserved GoTW award! Keep up the good work!

[EU] Branch Battle

Today the new teams were introduced, and the first Team Aliens vs Team Robots battle started with a bang. The Branch Battle resulted in Team Aliens taking the win with a final result of 1-2. Can Team Aliens shut down the Robots again? Come to the Branch Battle next Sunday to find out!

MAX: 36+

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HF Insight: Welcome to the Island

Hey there! Welcome to the HF Insight, or HFI for short!

The HF Insight will be about the previous Sunday along with the following Week. (i.e. Sunday-Saturday) 

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Weekly Reflection

Week In Review

[7/5 – 7/11]

This week has been great with tons of Fun and Battles! Let’s keep trying to increase our max, and continue the amazing work!


Max Averages

AUSIA: 51 [-]

EU: 40 [↑6]

US: 42 [↑4]

Main Event Max: 35 [↓4]

Branch Battle Max: 44 [↑11]


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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Knight Takeover! The rooms being used were Town, Snow Forts, and Docks led by Monika, Kendall, and Taylor. We were inspired by our outfit and did many Knight related tactics, fantastic formations, and various bombs.

MAX: 36+

Make sure you comment below for points!
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[EU] Wizard Takeover

Hey Helpers! Today the EU Division logged onto CPR for a takeover on Sleet with our wizard hats! The Helpers certainly conjured up some spells and performed tons of tactics, formations and bombs all performed perfectly. Led by Hannah & Nell, the takeover was a success!

MAX: 46+

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[AUSIA] Obsidian Dragon Takeover

Hey Helpers, today we logged on to CPR – Blizzard for our Obsidian Dragon Takeover. This event was led by Barnito and Marshmallow. We did formations and amazing tactics as well! Great Job Helpers! AUSIA FORCE BEST FORCE!


Make sure you comment below for Double Promotions!

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