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Hey Helpers! Today we all logged onto Server – Ascent on CP Rewritten for another but amazing U-Lead event, themed around being miners. Organized by Maya and Snowy, everyone who submitted their CPR username in #u-lead got to lead the entire event for a bit and it was real fun once again seeing troops lead well and enjoy with unique tactics and quite some formations! Until next time comrades, and please do come for the Quarter-Finals of the Legend’s Cup in 3 days to help us all win!

Max: 42+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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GoTW #140

What is that I hear? A new Gamer of the Week Specialist? :O
Everyone may know him as Sammy Chillies- I mean Sam Chilles and he is a hell of a recruiter. You will see him in chat, attending almost every event, participating in games because Sapphires, duh, or just discussing the latest cricket game. xD
Congratulations, Sammy! You definitely rock >:) Good luck on your path as Junior Staff and see you at the battle on Saturday!

Updated HF Uniform For Legends Cup XI: July 2021

Hey Helpers!

Now some of you may know already, but unlike, on Club Penguin Rewritten there are no !size commands to check both armies sizes during battles, and back in March Madness 2021 this was a problem, as some of the judges were counting our penguins as the other armies, Hence, we now have come up with the new Advanced Uniform temporally. Continue reading


Hello everyone! Today we logged onto CPR for the grapest event of the month! We practised fast tactics and formations at Town, Lighthouse and Inside Mine. Out grape costumes and goose tactics made the event truly memorable. It was also followed by our monthly Overtime Day celebrations! Congratulates Alex on winning the fight and thank you Wynn, Maya, RU, Desireus and Absolute for leading!

MAX: 41+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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The HF Beacon


ZIPLINE, Editor’s Table — Welcome back, Helpers, to the newest edition of The Help Force Beacon! After an exciting week of events, we bring to you HF’s weekly dose of entertainment!
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Hey Helpers! Today we all logged onto CPRewritten on the server Crystal for our round 1 match in the Legends Cup XI tournament. Led by Barnito, Nell, Jayden, and Joe, we fought valiantly and secured the victory!
Sadly our opponents the Underground Mafias Army, forfeited the match in the first room, and so now will be moving on to the quarter finals!

MAX: 51+

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Week in Review

[7/18 – 7/24]

Hi Helpers! Welcome to yet another Weekly Reflection! Here you can find interesting news, statistics and trivia about the Help Force.

Max Averages

AUSIA: 34 [7↓]
EU: 38 [3↓]
US: 26 [-]
Main Event Max: 45 [-]

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged on CPR with our colorful cardigans to have our 1 Direction themed event! We did some phenominiall tactics through Town, Snow Forts, Inside Mine and ended at Forest. Big thanks to Nell, Ru and Mandal for leading today! Thank you to all who attended as well, till next time!

Max: 43+

Comment below if you attended!

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Hey Helpers! Today we all logged onto CP Rewritten on Server – Ascent for another Branch Battle of Team Fire vs Team Water. Team Fire was led my Ru, Amy and Yoda while Team Water was led by Desireus, Sam and Snowflake. It was once again one with fast formations and sassy tactics thrown at each other by either side with Team Water claiming another victory by winning two rooms and drawing one of them. Until next time, where we see you all at many more Big Events, Battles and Games, and of course, all the matches in the most awaited Legends Cup XI, starting this Saturday!

Max: 41+

Comment below if you attended the battle!

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CP Knowledge: Catchin’ Waves

Welcome to another post of the series CP Knowledge. This is a series where I will talk about every single minigame on Club Penguin, continuing today with Catchin’ Waves. The posts include how you play the game, its history, stamps, trivia, and a personal review of the game! Hope you enjoy it!

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