The Great AUSIA Gathering

Heyooo Helpers!!

Today we logged in for The Great AUSIA Gathering, this battle was hosted by ACP for the opening ceremony of the Aces of Ausia Tournament.
This was Help Force’s first time battling in the Free For All style of battles and we did exceptionally well in this battle.
We were able to get almost every single Helper into the Snow Forts against the other armies and we are truly proud of all our helpers and the staff members who helped to make this battle a successful one!! This amazing event was led by our Commander Barney in VC with our Admiral Nelly leading in chat!

MAX 46+

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[US] Goalie Takeover

Hello Helpers!! Today we logged onto CPR for this super fun event! We did some amazing formations and tactics led by Joe, Mayathefirst, and Planet. the rooms were Town, Snow Forts, and Stadium! Great job today helpers!

MAX 33+

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[INT] Stupendous Stamping Session

Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto Clubpenguin Rewritten for some stamps! The event was lead by Kara/Riley! We got a ton of stamps at the Stadium, Nightclub, Iceberg, Coffee shop and Pizza Parlor, and did some some great tactics and formations! Great job today Helpers!

Max: 54+ 

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GoTW #105

Hey Helpers! It’s time for this week’s Gamer of the Week! This week GoTW is finally Vixx! Congrats! Keep unleashing the power of helping!

[EU] Cosmic Umbrella Takeover

Hello Helpers! We stood in the rain today with our Blue Umbrellas for our event on Club Penguin Rewritten! The rooms we used were Town, Snow Forts and we ended the event at the Stadium. Thank you, Monika, Wynn and Nell for leading! And thank you, guys for attending! See you next time!


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[AUSIA] Referee Takeover

Heyooo Helpers!!

Today we logged into CPRwritten, for a fun referee takeover, it was super fun and awesome event. We had some super strong formations and tactics, We went to different rooms such as the town, stadium, and cove.
Our helpers were lead by 3 of our awesome and amazing AUSIA mods Jayden, Kara/Riley, and Ru

MAX 47+

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[US] Stamp Adventure

Hey Helpers! today we logged onto CPR today for the [US] Stamp Adventure, lead by Joe, We got a ton of stamps, and did some some great tactics and formations! Great job today Helpers!

MAX 39+

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[EU] Lumberjack Takeover

Hello, people! Today, the Helpers logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a Lumberjack themed event led by Nelly, and Wynn! We used Town and Docks as main rooms and took some nice pictures while doing the tactics! Thank you for coming!


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Introducing the Blue Squadron Program

Heyo Helpers!! 

We know that the Christmas Chaos X Tournament, hosted by CPAH is coming up real close and we are participating in it. This Tournament is one of the few which was hosted back when the original Club Penguin was present.
Knowing 16 armies will be participating, this one will be as crucial as the Legends Cup X, a Tournament hosted back in June this year.

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Faces of the Force – Diwix

Hola Helpers! Welcome back to another edition of Faces of the Force! If you’re new or don’t know what FoTF is… Every week I interview an active member of the Help Force and write a post about them! Every active member has a chance! WHOOP WHOOP… I’m so honoured to present you this week’s Face of the ForceDiwix!!

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