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Get to Know Your Staff – Zenishira

Hello lovely readers! I am back with another part of Get to Know Your Staff! which we will be meeting the staff! we have an interesting backstory and interview… today’s guest is very intrepid, working hard for victory, and you know him from his hype! It’s Zenishira!!

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GoTW #236

Congratulations F0xyy_P1ayzz on winning his second Gamer of the Week award! One more for Specialist!!

Helper Study: Vol 2

After spending a few months observing Helpers in their natural habitat, I’m back with more information on them. You can find my very scientific research below, and the previous edition of this post here.

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Animal interview – Katiee

Hey Helpers! Welcome to another post of the Animal Interview, in which I interview the Helpers about their pets and get to know more about them!

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The HF Beacon

ZIPLINE, Editor’s Table — Welcome back, Helpers, to the newest edition of The Help Force Beacon. After an exciting week of events, we bring to you HF’s weekly dose of entertainment!

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Victory Buffet

Comrades, we have successfully defeated Water Vikings in the finals of Ausia Arena and now it’s time to celebrate. Today, I will be showcasing some of HF’s favourite foods that will be in this buffet. Let’s see what we’re eating today.

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Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto CPAB for the Grand Finals of Ausia Arena against Water Vikings! This was lead by Rooboo and Desireus, with incredible tactics, formations and speed done in each room. Thank you to the Commanders for leading us into the victory, and also the staff and troops for making the win achievable after such hard work and dedication!

Max: 47+


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Know your Ally – Dino & Mabel

As we get very close to fight the Water Vikings in the Ausia Arena finals battle, I decided to interview their leaders to see what they think about the Help Force and also get to know more about them!

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Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto Club Penguin Armies Battleground to pratice some speed on tactics, movement and reaction timing for the final round of Ausia Arena! We went around the island to prepare for any room with formations and tactics. Next step is victory against Water Vikings tomorrow! Thank you to the staff to leading this event, we hope everyone enjoyed this and joins us for the final round of AA!

Max: 16+ 


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Food for Every Soul

Hello Helpers! Welcome back to another edition of Food for Every Soul by myself, Mayathefirst! In this series I interview people from the Help Force about their favorite and famous recipes. For this one, I decided to interview another og 2020 member, who was also 2ic in HF and everyone’s favorite raccoon, HF Cabinet Secretary: Alex1904!

Food for Every Soul » The Help Force

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