Victory Buffet

Comrades, we have successfully defeated Water Vikings in the finals of Ausia Arena and now it’s time to celebrate. Today, I will be showcasing some of HF’s favourite foods that will be in this buffet. Let’s see what we’re eating today.

Last month, a poll was held where unsuspecting helpers voted on their favourite food beginning with ‘c’. Unbeknownst to them, this poll would later be used in this post.

It appears that cookies and chocolate are the most popular out of the bunch, each receiving 9 votes. Cookies are a delicacy in the Help Force. Staff often risk their lives to get even the crumbs of eaten cookies. But then there’s Maya, who gives people cookies willy-nilly like they’re not the most valuable thing in the army.

Because of how popular cookies are, they will definitely be featured in our victory buffet.

Next up is chocolate, which is tied with cookies in the poll. Chocolate is a more modern food choice in HF, being made popular by HF’s chocolate bar, Choco. Helpers don’t get much of a chance to eat chocolate, mostly because other alternatives such as cookies are handed out to them instead. Therefore, chocolate is a must-have for our buffet, to give helpers the chance to taste delicious, dairy milk chocolate.

On the topic of chocolate, Choco also scored highly on the poll, getting 7 votes. While I may be biased in saying this, Choco is extremely tasty. I have come to the completely unbiased conclusion that Choco must be added to the buffet. Clearly, the people wanted this, as Choco received the 3rd highest votes. I’m not biased. You are.

It’s time for the losers now. Coconuts, curry, cats, and clovers all scored fewer than 4 votes. It is clear that these foods must be awful, considering how very few people consider them their favourite.

Although Desireus would disagree, it seems that coconuts are unpopular with the helpers, only achieving 3 votes. This was unexpected, considering the vast amounts of coconut propaganda produced by Des. However, when looking deeper into the issue, it is clear why coconuts are not popular. Des lost faith in the coconut.

Des lost his love for coconuts, and so did his supporters. This is why coconuts shall not be added to the buffet.

Next up on the chopping block is curry. This was a shock, considering that Help Force specialises in AUSIA, so why did curry only received 3 votes? Nevertheless, curry will unfortunately not be featured in our victory buffet.

Cats also received 3 votes. Luckily for Mantiuxx, this means that cats will not be eaten at the buffet. Although many including myself are disappointed at this revelation, we must abide by the democratic and scientific process of polls.

Last and definitely least, clovers with only 2 votes, will not be featured on the buffet. Our ACP brothers will be disappointed, but their opinion doesn’t matter, since they took Hot Chocolate from us. I am happy that these Hot Chocolate bandits will not have their currency eaten at our buffet.

Now that the food selection has been decided, we can now enjoy our much-deserved feast. Have fun eating an unlimited supply of cookies, chocolate, and Choco. Much sure to thank our sponsor, Raid Shadow Legends, for sponsoring this delicious feast.


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