Faces of The Force – Kimi

Hey there Helpers! As you all know, we’ve recently brought back the Faces of The Force series. Each week we will be interviewing an active HF troop and writing a post about them. From now on, we’ll be posting this series every Friday, so make sure to keep a lookout! And now I present to you all, this week’s Face of The Force, Kimi!

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The HF Beacon

Table of Contents:

  • Intro
  • Random Facts
  • Story
  • Riddle

Zipline, Fly’s igloo ~ Hey there Helpers! Another day, another edition of the Help Force Beacon. Yes, this is the official return of HF Beacon as a series. I am actively trying to be more consistent about posting. I hope you all enjoy this post. Just hit continue reading and read on for more!

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CPR February Clothing Catalog Guide

Hey Helpers! Welcome back to the February edition of Catalog Secrets! Currently only the clothing catalog is out, so like last month, I will release the furniture catalog secrets once it is out, so make sure to keep an eye out for it!

Read on for a guide on getting all of the catalog secrets!

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[US] Training Event

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CP Rewritten for a training event!

After a lot of recruitment and hard work, we did another event at a later time. This time, the event was much more successful! Keep up the good work everyone. Special thank you to our Marshal Moon for leading this event! (Moon, you were great) Click continue reading to see photos from this event!

MAX: 34+

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Candy Takeover – BIG SUCCESS!!

Howdy Helpers! Just today, Help Force logged onto Zipline and hosted their Candy Takeover Event!! 

As usual, the event was perfect however max was UNBELIEVABLE – maxing 88!! With the advantage of more troops, we were able to try out new formations and tactics. A HUGE thanks to everyone who came and supported us throughout the event! <3

Continue reading to see some brilliant pictures as well as a special video taken at the event! Huge shoutout to Rorange for making the amazing video for the event!!

Max: 88

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Summer Bash – Round 1

Howdy Helpers! Yesterday Help Force logged onto Slushy to show up for their first battle in the Summer Bash against the Maraca Amigos.

However, our opponents failed to show up to the battle giving us an automatic win. Despite this, the army didn’t log off after knowing our victory. Instead, we made this an opportunity to turn it into a battle training event for our members!!

The event went great, with tactics and formations perfectly done to our troops hyping up the chat throughout the event! I hope to see you guys coming to our next battle for Round 2!! <3

Here are some of the pictures taken during the event:

Max: 42

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