Hey Helpers! 

Today we logged onto CPR for the CPAM Premier League Tournament and had our battle against PZF in which we won 3-0!

MAX: 31+


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HF Insight: War!

Hey there! Welcome to the HF Insight, or HFI for short!

The HF Insight will be about the previous Sunday along with the following Week. (i.e. Sunday-Saturday) 

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[EU] Invasion of Marshmallow!

Heya Helpers!

This Monday saw one of the most exotic Invasions Help Force has ever seen as 42 helpers, or dare I say, tourists, embarked on a journey around several rooms on the island and claiming Marshmallow for our own! Another no-show from RFCP meant that HF could stroll around the island as they pleased, but instead of set rooms, the Helpers were introduced to another new tactic: Run. This tactic is designed to help the transition between neighboring rooms easier, using tactics between rooms whilst travelling through them. This work exceptionally well on multiple occasions and meant that HF went on a mini tour with Tour Master Tistle leading the way! Stay tuned Helpers as this may well return as a future event soon!

MAX: 42+

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GoTW#72 – Spotty

Hey Helpers! It’s time for this week’s Gamer of the Week! This week GoTW is finally Spotty! Congrats! Keep unleashing the power of helping!

[Ausia] Invasion Of Blizzard – Success

Hey helpers! Earlier, Help Force logged onto Blizard to invade one of RFCP’s servers, Blizzard!

RFCP didn’t bother showing up. The event went great with everyone doing the tactics and formations neatly as well as deftly! Here are some images from the event:

MAX: 28+


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[US] Invasion Of Beanie

Today we logged into Beanie to invade RFCP’s land from them.

MAX: 20+

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Weekly Reflection

Week In Review

[ 3/22 – 3/28]

The Force has been more alive than ever. A war with RFCP had been announced on Sunday and all the events leading up to it were in preparation for the final battle on Saturday. The maxes are unlike any week yet on CPR and has brought the Help Force into a glorious Golden Age.

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[EU] Battle against RFCP!

Hello Helpers!

Saturday’s event saw the biggest event Help Force have held since back in the CPO days as 62 keen and ready helpers took to the stage on CPATG for a huge battle against RFCP. This battle was so huge in fact that after 10 minutes of a lag-fest in the Snow Forts on CPATG it was decided that the battle was to be moved to CPR in order to support troops and make tactics visible. This agreement involved choosing new rooms due to the ongoing party, and therefore was scheduled to start 30 minutes later than the original battle. The biggest fear here was losing people during the transition, but this wasn’t true, as every single helper from CPATG moved across and reformed in the Ice Rink afterwards!

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[EU] War Preparation

Hey Helpers! Today we logged on to CPATG to practice for our huge battle with RFCP.

We did well overall during the event. It was good practice for the battle tomorrow, RFCP better watch out! Let’s make it even cleaner tomorrow and win the battle!

MAX: 36+

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[US] Invasion of Crystal

Hey Helpers!

Thursday’s event was following suit of Wednesday’s invasion as we saw a total of 38 Helpers attend the invasion of Crystal! We were once again greeted by, more or less, the same number of RFCP troops as yesterday and Undesirable Number 1 of the CPR army community: Dale. Both parties causing mayhem and disruption for no particular reason. Despite these obstacles, the force still managed to put together an unbelievable show and fill multiple rooms on Crystal. Here are some pictures from this extremely successful event.

MAX: 38+

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