[EU] Battle against RFCP!

Hello Helpers!

Saturday’s event saw the biggest event Help Force have held since back in the CPO days as 62 keen and ready helpers took to the stage on CPATG for a huge battle against RFCP. This battle was so huge in fact that after 10 minutes of a lag-fest in the Snow Forts on CPATG it was decided that the battle was to be moved to CPR in order to support troops and make tactics visible. This agreement involved choosing new rooms due to the ongoing party, and therefore was scheduled to start 30 minutes later than the original battle. The biggest fear here was losing people during the transition, but this wasn’t true, as every single helper from CPATG moved across and reformed in the Ice Rink afterwards!

This is when the battle started for real. Prior Bumble insisted that one of the rooms was to be set in the Recycling Plant, decorated as a blue loading screen for the April Fool’s party. This was difficult to maneuver due to the black hole of an exit in the center of the room. Despite this both armies worked around it and displayed great tactics!

The second room was held Inside the Mine. Help Force were ready after many training’s in this room and were encircling RFCP before they had time to react. Another quality display from the Helpers, with some being locked out of the room due to room sizes still attempting to attend. This room was easily won, with a superior max and strong formations which left a scar on the room after we left!

The final room was back at the Ice Rink. Here Help Force had by far the better formations, even flexing an Infinity formation that payed off extremely well. Again out numbering the opponents in max this room was very satisfying to watch and more so to lead! Great job again Helpers!

The decision for the victor of the battle took around 45 minutes to be discussed and was announced 30 minutes after the battle had ended. This was due to vast debate of the terms that the war was set upon and who won each room etc. It was decided by judge Pookie that Help Force won this battle by 2 -1, with RFCP claiming the Recycling Plant. Here’s a screenshot below:

RFCP claims that we violated an agreement that had been made regarding mentioning misgendering anyone in RFCP. However, no comments similar to this topic had been made during the battle, in which the agreement was.

Thank you all for coming to help us defeat RFCP! You deserve the double promotions and nitro!


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  1. I attended!

  2. i attended :mo:

  3. I was there – Dest

  4. i was there!! great win for hf!

  5. I attended!

  6. came saw conquered

  7. I attended 🙂

  8. I attended!

  9. I came for the cpatg part -kimi

  10. booyah i was there i have a red line on my head

  11. I was here!

  12. I attended

  13. I was there . Glad we defeated them _Storm(naji2)

  14. I attended! I’m Lil (P4061 on cpatg and lilypad19 on cpr)

  15. I attended! <3

  16. I attended!!

  17. I attended!

  18. I attended! 🙂

  19. I attended and u didn’t give promo to me

  20. I was there! Madras

  21. I was there

  22. what is this mess!

  23. I attended! HF FOREVER ~

  24. I was there

  25. I was there!

  26. Mei aten am sqeeky

  27. i attended comrades and also i dunno if my name shows but im Choclatey

  28. HF HF HF! I attended.

  29. I attended – Marsh

  30. We Battle Continue RFCP Not Over Lol

  31. I attended
    Discord: CyberPowerPanda
    CP: XCyberPowerX

  32. […] Its the big day all the helpers waited for! They all logged on to CPATG to take down RFCP once and for all! The event started off but was immediately moved to CPR due to the lag and server issues in the second room and we started again! It doesn’t matter though since we won with a 2-1! The reason we won is because of you helpers! We maxed 62+, a max that has been achieved after a long time! Congrats Help Force! Check out the event post by clicking here […]

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