USA Army Training

Hey there Helpers! Earlier this week Help Force logged onto Ziplines yet again for their Army Training event!

Despite it being thanksgiving eve, when most Americans are away amidst their families to celebrate Thanksgiving, Help Force was still able to max 36+ in each room. Apart from the max, the event went smoothly with the tactics and formations being done neatly and promptly, as often!
Here are a few pictures from the event:
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Big Saturday Army Event

Hey Helpers! Just this Saturday, Help force logged onto Zipline once again for their Big Saturday Event!

This was an event lead solely by our beloved leader Tistle in the absence of our first in commands Spotty and Lottie. It was Successful event maxing over 60 in each room! And as usual, the event went smoothly with the tactics and formations being done neatly and quickly!
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Face Of The Force – SleepyKendall

Hey Helpers! It’s been a while! But welcome to Face Of The Force!
Sorry for the rather long delay, I’ve been pretty busy lately. However, I’ll always return to this! Face Of The Force is how you guys know we appreciate you. I can’t tell you guys how important you are to the Force enough. You’re everything. And to make it up to you, I’ll be doing another Face this week! So keep a lookout for it!
Enough of the sappy stuff, let’s get onto this week’s Face!
Some people take to HF like a fish to water. One of these people is our Face. The first Face Of The Force for this week is none other than SleepyKendall (Kendall)!
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The Help Force Diaries

Hey Babes! Welcome back to another edition of the Help Force Diaries! An article where we review the events and activities of the week, as if it were a real diary! Compared to last week, this 7 days were slightly quieter, with 2 Battle Practices and a Fun Event on Sunday led by some special guests. Can you remember who they were? Let’s take a look and see how this week fared in the Help Force! Continue reading

Important – For the Website Staff

Notice : This is mandatory for the website staff and people added into it to read. If you are not a part of it , you may ignore this post.


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Destructive7's Stupendous Stamp Scavenging Guide! Part 1

Introducing A New Series

Hey everyone! Spread the joy of Helping! This is the beginning of a new series of posts and guides that will be showing you how to maximise the number of stamps you can get in games in Club Penguin Online! Please note that these are only Game StampsEvent, Party, and Mascot Stamps have their own guides. Since this is a really new series, we’re going to start with some basics!
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The Help Force Diaries

Howdy Helpers! Welcome back to yet another edition of the Help Force Diaries, where we review the latest events and news from inside the Help Force! This week was HUGE for Help Force as we hit 10000 server members, an achievement unmatched by every other army on CPO. This week in general was a lot more eventful than last week, with the inclusion of more segments, more army events and even the addition of brand new roles. So let’s recap, what happened this week in the Help Force?
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10k Helpers Celebration Party!

Hey Helpers! On Saturday, we logged on to Zipline and held a celebration event for hitting 10k members!

Throughout the weeks prior, we worked hard on recruiting and growing The Help Force so we could hit our milestone. To those who don’t know yet, our goal was to hit 10,000 members before November 30, the birthday of our main leader, Spotty803. (The Cow) We’ve surpassed that goal and we are so incredibly thankful for all the help and effort you put in as well! Click continue reading to see some photos from the event!

MAX: 73+
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GoTW #63 – SnowMirror

Hello Helpers! Here we are with another Gamer of the Week post! This week we have a brand new GoTW, SnowMirror. This is their first GoTW! Congratulations!!


GoTW #61 – KattyTheCat

Hello Helpers! Here we are with another Gamer of the Week post! This week we, after having a short break, the GoTW is KattyTheCat. This is her 8th GoTW! Congratulations!!