The Help Force Diaries

Greetings Helpers! Welcome back to another edition of the Help Force Diaries, where we recap the big events of the week, significant news, and perhaps some promotions that have happened during the week! In the wake of a hugely successful Halloween Week, this week was somewhat quieter in comparison, but as we all know, there’s always something happening in Help Force! So let’s review what happened this week…
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Saturday Army Training

Hey Helpers! This Saturday, Help Force logged onto Zipline for their Saturday Army Training!

It was an event training the army for any forthcoming events! The event was lead by our leaders — Spotty, Lottie and Tistle. The event went well with all the tactics and formations being done neatly and deftly!

Here are some of the Pictures taken during Event:


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Halloween Week Army Event

Hey there Helpers! On Saturday, we logged on to Zipline to have an army event during Halloween week.

Our fun theme week was filled with fun events that came to a close with our biggest event of the week. All four teams, Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves, and Skeletons did great throughout the week. With amazing tactics and a high max, this event was a success! Press continue reading to see some photos from the event!

MAX: 70+

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The Help Force Diaries

Trick or Treat Helpers! Welcome back to another edition of The Help Force Diaries! As you all know, this week was Help Force’s Halloween Fun-week, which was a massive success! This week saw fun-events every day, including an army battle on Saturday and plenty of segments, keeping the community occupied and the member list growing. How much can you remember from this week? Can you see yourself in any of the pictures? If you can, great! No matter which team you were in, your team are extremely proud of your effort and contribution! So let’s review what happened this week in Help Force!

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GoTW #60 – Fxizaxx

Hello Helpers! Here we are with another Gamer of the Week post! This week we have a brand new GoTW, fxizaxx. This is their third GoTW! Congratulations!!