CPJourney Guide: New HF Uniform

Greetings people! So today we present to you the amazing Club Penguin Journey game, where we will be hosting many fun events and Stamps activities, but first, we need a Uniform, so we prepared an amazing one for you all!

How to Get the CPJ New Help Force Uniform


(Important Part of the Outfit)

How to get the Blue Football Jersey

Open the map and go to the Ski Village, enter the Sport Shop at the right of the screen. You will see a catalog Book at the bottom right.

Open it and go through the pages until you find this page.

Note: The Blue Football Jersey ALONE Marks your attendance in events that are uniform-related, so make sure to prioritize this item!!

Remaining parts of the Outfit (Optional)

How to get the Dazzling Blue Top Hat

Open your map in the game and go to Town, then enter the Gift Shop. You will see a catalog book at the Bottom right of the screen.

Open it and keep scrolling the pages until you reach this page and get the Dazzling Blue Top Hat

How to get the Blue Sunglasses

You can get the sunglasses from the same place as the hat. Click on the catalog in the Gift Shop, and scroll through the pages until you reach this page.

How to get the Blue Electric Bass (Guitar)

Open the map and go to the Beach, and enter the Lighthouse. You will find a colorful paper-looking thing on the Bottom right.

Open it and you will find the Guitar.

How to get Money to buy the Full Outfit?

You can get Coins by getting the Miners Helmet in the Cave Mine and digging in the ground through the dance emote (make sure you are wearing the helmet only to do it).

You can also get money fast in CPJourney by playing mini-games around the map. Best choices to have fun while collecting coins:

1. Catchin’ Waves

One of the best mini-games to get coins is Catchin’ Waves, you can find the game by opening your map and going to Cove.

2. Dance Contest

This game is the childhood Rhythm game for everyone, you can find it by going to the Town, and then entering the Dance Club.

3. Cart Surfer

Have you ever wondered if you’ll ever end up on a cart waddling through dark tunnels? This is exactly it! One of the best, fastest, and easiest ways to collect coins lies here! Open Maps, go to the Inside Mine, enter the building on the right, and there it is!


4. Play Beans

Love to get some high scores and stress yourself while having fun and collecting a good amount of money, try this game.
You can find it by going to Town, then entering the Coffee Shop.

That is how to get the CPJ Help Force Uniform, make sure to get it and submit it in the #Uniform-Submission Channel found in the HF server.

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