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This page contains a complete archive of the history of Help Force, up to the current generation. The archive below is divided into Eras and Generations, each one denoting a significant span of time of the army and its achievements.

Unleashing the Power of Helping since ’18.

March 2018 – December 2019

The Formation

LEADERS: Ayan, Timrainers, Morty, Attacker, Christene, DrFlen

The first generation of the Help Force saw the rise of the army under Ayan’s leadership. This involved creating the army, recruiting new members, and fighting an important war against Green Mercenaries Army. By the end of this generation, Help Force was ready to become one of the biggest armies of the modern era. 

The Beginning
Ayan created the Help Force in Club Penguin Online on March 11th, 2018, under the name “Helpful Friends.” Due to the server’s defacement in less than a day, the Help Force CPO was officially reformed on March 13th, 2018.
Legends Cup 2018
The Help Force grew to be an S/M (Small/Medium) army in the space of a couple of weeks, maxing around 8-10 in events. By July, staff members were hired, and the Discord server was set up, with scheduled events. In July, CPO creator and owner Riley announced the the Legend’s Cup tournament, which began in mid-July. The Help Force defeated Wild Ninjas in the first round but lost to the Elite Guardians in the second after a difficult one-sided battle.
ETA Tension Period and the Fall
As summer came to an end, The Help Force and the Elite Trackers and Activities endured a series of fights due to a misunderstanding during army events. Soon, members started going inactive, and four people from the staff team retired. This pushed the army into a dark period resulting in the max dropping and the server becoming idle.
In September, after Bestpenguin and Christene joined The Help Force, they and Morty helped revive the army’s activeness.
GMA War and the Uprise
During the World War between the United Front and the Red Dawn Alliance, The Help Force regained its activeness by regularly hosting various fun events. This also brought about the alliance between Help Force and the Green Mercenaries. Soon after, a practice battle turned the tables, which resulted in a short-term war. After 2 battles, the GMA merged into RPF.
Event post link:
AGC and Christmas Chaos
In November, an Alliance was formed between the Help Force and the Ninjas. After the Christmas Chaos ended, the Templars of CP and the Elite Guardians decided to rebel against the Club Penguin Online’s Army League, creating the NVA. This led to the formation of the Huge Alliance: GOW (Gods of War) between the Help Force, Pirates, and the Ninjas, under the leadership of Epic101 and Ayan. The war between GOW and NVA lasted for many days until Edu, EGCP Leader, asked for a peace treaty.
The Golden Age & The January Drama
The Help Force grew during the early winter months after recruiting heavily for a while, and by the end of December, started maxing around 40 consistently. Leader Morty retired from the Help Force at this time. The activity continued, and The Help Force soon rose to its first golden age, led by Ayan. The army reached a high max of 60+ on CPO. However, the January Drama was a setback. Armies like EGCP and Templars started conspiring against the CPO Army League and decided to leave it. It was at this time DrFlen entered the community. Due to continued pressure and blackmails, Ayan decided to move Help Force to Club Penguin Rewritten, which resulted in Help Force getting banned from Club Penguin Online. In an unexpected turn of events, a new HF server arose, led by CPO administrators. Due to false propaganda pushed by the CPO administration, the community split into two. This resulted in the loss of more than 50% of the army’s active troops and thus laid the foundation to rise again with a new set of leaders and a new generation.

Help Force Owns

LEADERS: Ayan, Attacker, Spotty, Elpiojo

The Second Generation began with rebuilding and reviving the activity of the army. Through thick and thin troubles, handling wars with various armies, and introducing mass-recruiting methods, The Help Force was able to topple many of the Major Armies at that time under the Triads Reign [Ayan, Spotty, and Elpiojo]. This Generation saw huge maxes and several victories in battle, but it concluded with the retirement of Ayan, which was felt all over the army.

Rebuild and the MAC War:
The second Generation started with new hype and excitement. This meant intense recruiting and a handful of battles and wars. The Help Force formed the National Armies Alliance [NAA] alongside the Ninjas and Aliens of CPO. In the meantime, the Aliens sided with the Fashion Army and formed another alliance against the NAA, after many controversies. This was known as the Modern Alliance of CPO. This resulted in a war that consisted of several battles, won by The Help Force and the NAA.
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Tensions between Major Armies:
The Help Force grew larger, recruiting about 400 new members every week. During this time, the Light Troops [LT] started conspiring against the National Armies Alliance when their Staff Announcements channel was leaked. This resulted in the start of one of the most fierce sets of battles ever seen in CPO. The Help Force invaded Flurry [LT’s Capital] in an AUSIA event. This provoked the Pirates into joining LT’s Side. They were soon joined by the Templars, engaging in several battles with the Help Force in CPO. Results were completely biased in around 2-3 battles, and The Help Force was forced to retreat from the Black Alliance War, stating that the army would not consider the Server Map of the Army League.
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NAA Reform and the First Templar War:
Soon, the Help Force and Pirates decided to neutralize, and the conflict ended; thus, the Pirates joined the NAA. With 4 of the best armies in the Alliance; Help Force, Pirates, Royals, and Aliens, The NAA was completely revamped and was hosting huge events on CPO. The NAA fought against the Templars, and the NAA won under the Leadership of Ayan, Spotty, Sacha, Romeo, and Bucky. This also led to the Templars getting banned from the CPO.
The Triads and the Growth:
One of the Best Sets of Leaders the Help Force ever had was the Triads: Ayan, Spotty, and Elpiojo. Together after the wars, they worked on introducing many new things involving The Help Force community. Event calendars, the Spanish Community, and 3 Zonal Recruitment, among other changes, were introduced vastly improved the army. The Help Force defeated the Pirates and soon got the No.1 Place on the Army Top Ten and managed to stay in the position for around a month. The Help Force also entered its second Golden Age, maxing 60+ for 3 weeks consecutively, with the 4K Helpers Party Event’s highest max.
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Retirement of Ayan:
Ayan announced his retirement from the Help Force and Club Penguin Armies. The retirement event was preceded by a week full of Fun Events, Surprises, and many more things. It’s still considered a major event in The Help Force’s history as its founder was retiring. The baton to lead the Army was to rest in the other Triads’ hands: Spotty and Elpiojo.
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Summer Bash 2019
As the summer approached, the massive Tournament, Summer Bash was hosted by the CPO Army League. This saw the brief return of Help Force Veterans like Morty, Attacker, and Ayan returning to ensure that the Help Force could win their first major competitive Tournament. Help Force dominated in every round, and they ended up in the Final against the ominous Pirates with Epic101 at the helm. The Help Force won this battle despite Epic’s effort to rig the results in his favor. The Help Force won the Summer Bash Trophy after consistently maxing high. Credits to the Triads for leading The Help Force to a tournament victory for the first time in history.
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LEADERS: Spotty, Elpiojo, Kavacado, Lottie, Tistle

With the retirement of Ayan, The Help Force was transferred for the first time to a new main leader, Spotty. With a continuous effort of recruiting and hard work, The Army started to average above 60 in all weekend events. It peaked at the highest max of 88 one weekend at the Candycorn Takeover. After a 2-month exhausting war, the Templars came back and had no outcome and was acknowledged as a Draw from both sides. The Spanish Division grew, and so did their tantrums and drama, resulting in the Army’s main Spanish members’ banishment. After a long while of oppression by the CPO Army League, The First Era ended with the Helper Exodus from CPO to CPR under Ayan and Spotty in December 2019.

Growing and Ascending:
With the takeover of the new leadership coming into action, it was ensured that recruitments keep going on in all zones and that the maxes did not drop. This intensity and effort were clear to see as the Army managed to reach a milestone of achieving 88 Helpers in an event in CPO under Spotty. This proved that The Help Force was not just a Major Army, but a Superpower to be reckoned with.
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The Templars War:
With the Templars coming back to CPO again, old rivalries came back into action, and a huge war broke out between the 2 fronts. The war lasted for about 2 months in which battles in many Divisions were fought. Help Force would claim a Templar’s server during AUSIA with no defense by Templars, but the Templars would return during US hours with Spotty and Lottie fighting their sleep schedules to defend. Due to the prolonged duration and no clear winner, Spotty and Xing acknowledged the war as a draw and ended the war, starting an alliance with Templars in CPO.
Spanish Drama:
With all of this happening, Spotty and the other leaders, Lottie and Tistle, ensured that the Spanish Community stayed alive. Spanish servers on CPO were rich with recruits, but very few were active at all. However, those who liked to troll and disrupt the server, spam pinging, and breaking the rules frequently. The retaliation was known as the Spanish Division Drama. It soon became serious, with people getting exposed and sometimes manipulated by the Spanish members. Eventually, Spotty and Tistle’s patience ran out, as the rule-breakers were all finally banned, and the Spanish Division was eradicated by Spotty.
Helper Exodus, 2019:
However, the Spanish Division drama hadn’t ended completely as the CPO Administration got involved and decided to demote Spotty from her Moderator position in CPO. The Help Force’s freedom in CPO had vanished, and Spotty decided to retire as a Leader. Hearing this news, Ayan decided to shut the Help Force down to prevent further drama, and it was announced in the Help Force Discord. These incidents provoked Epic101, CPO AL’s Admin and Server Owner, to start harassing the HF Staff Team, especially Spotty and Ayan. He made claims to take over The Help Force. Ayan came back with a plan, and along with Spotty, Elpiojo, and the rest of the leaders and staff, they transformed the current NAA server into the new Help Force server and programmed a Bot to Ban everyone from the current one and leads them to the new server. Help Force would thus move to CPR with this Exodus Plan. This is considered the most vital incident in The Help Force’s history, making over 75% of the active members leave. Despite this, the army was finally free from the Oppression of CPOAL. This critical sequence of events played a path to the 2nd Help Force Era; The CPA Era.
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December 2019 – December 2020

Club Penguin Armies

LEADERS: Spotty, Ayan, Lottie, Tistle

After a massive Helper Exodus into Club Penguin Rewritten, sizes were scheduled to drop heavily. This generation saw the return of Ayan back into leadership, joining Spotty, Lottie & Tistle. Several changes took place, and the army rose again, achieving victories against the Templars & the Army of Club Penguin. This then led to Spotty and Lottie’s coup after only 2 months in CPR after unrest with the rest of the Staff.

Exodus Aftermath:
From maxing 75 constantly on CPO, the maxes dropped drastically – often in the 20s. The AUSIA Division was almost dead, whilst the EU and US were struggling to bring in members. To tackle this, the leadership came up with the idea to do rogue events to improve consistency and recruitment. After revamping the whole server, Tistle retired temporarily from leadership. Recruiting was being done frequently, with just one aim in everyone’s mind – to rise again.
Event Post Link:
Holiday Championship 2020:
Club Penguin Armies [CPA] announced the Holiday Championships, which had 8 different armies enlisted. After a vast amount of recruiting and core building, The Help Force was ready to partake and showcase its inner strength. Starting strong, The Help Force secured a dominant 3-0 victory against the Templars in the next round. The Quarter-Final was another straight-forward win against the Lime Green Army. Maxing around 40 in both of these battles, The Help Force advanced to the Semi-Finals of the Tournament, which was against the Army of Club Penguin. ACP had been growing in strength after they had secured themselves #1 on the Top Ten that week. Ayan & Spotty’s Help Force faced Koloway’s ACP; after one of the closest battles CPA had ever witnessed, ACP ended up victorious after overtime. This narrow defeat only left the Help Force ready to achieve more in the future.
Event Post Link:
Number One :
With February drawing closer and the activeness at its peak. Recruitments, along with events, were pushed through by the newly branded Commanders. The final week of January finally saw the real breakthrough as the army managed to obtain the #1 Spot on the Top Ten Armies, toppling both Rebel Penguin Federation [RPF] as well as ACP. As Ayan successfully achieved the real aim, he decided to retire from leadership again, handing The Help Force over to Spotty & Lottie to lead.
Event Post Link:
Decline & Depression:
After Ayan left The Help Force, the activeness suddenly started to drop. Fewer events happened, and the leaders became frustrated with the Staff. The army’s core started dying. Both the European and American divisions started declining to below 20, whilst AUSIA was nearly dead again. Thus, the staff team’s frustration built up over the next 2 weeks, which led to the army witnessing something it had never seen before, another major incident in The Help Force’s history.
The Coup:
On the 5th of February 2020, Spotty & Lottie were couped from the leadership by most of the Help Force’s Staff. A huge controversy arose in the server with the Staff team claiming that the leadership was unfit and too demanding, whilst the Leaders claimed that the Staff did not care about the army anymore. After a sharp series of arguments between a few staff and the leaders, Spotty and Lottie, along with another Staff member, abandoned the Help Force, paving the way for a fresh new set of leaders, Moon and Juanita. Ayan brought back Tistle to support them in bringing the Army back to its feet. This inexperienced trio was thus known as “The Top Dogs.”
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Top Dogs

LEADERS: Tistle, Moon, Juanita, Vedant

After the coup of Spotty and Lottie, the new Leaders had to lift the army off the floor and return to the stage they had been a few weeks prior. The Help Force took part in CPAM’s Premier League Tournament and ended up in wars against the Recon Federation of CP and the Army of CP. After 3 months of co-operation with Tistle, Moon fell into an inactive period and left suddenly, leaving Tistle to lead alone, hiring second-in-command Barnito/Vedant as support. The duo took Help Force to its third major Tournament, Legends Cup X, which broke records and brought Help Force back to the state of glory it deserved. After a couple of months of growth and avoiding war, Tistle retired from Leadership, paving the way for the next generation to further lead the Help Force.

Post-Coup Reconstruction:
After Spotty’s departure, the server was revamped, and the recruiting intensity rose again. A new recruiting method was introduced, and events were happening more regularly. Soon the highest maxes were edging back into the 30s and scraping the 40s for the bigger events as The Help Force was gradually rebuilding its core once again. The new News and League Organisation formation, CPAM, brought a Premier League style tournament, the first challenge for the new leaders. After the victory against Romans, OMA and LGA, Help Force faced the two toughest opponents at the Tournament, ACP, and RPF. Help Force was well beaten by RPF and only narrowly beaten by ACP, finishing 3rd and restoring the same hunger for victory that the Holiday Championship left off.
Event Post Link:
RFCP and ACP Conflicts:
The Help Force grew during March and April. There were lots of talks of CPOAL and CPAM merging, but nothing had been confirmed. CPAM continued to lure more armies into its league, but one that didn’t was RFCP. An isolated and closed-off army that had refused to join CPAM. The Help Force declared war on RFCP and, in the first and only battle of the war, edged out the determined purple army. RFCP then refused to battle again, claiming victory and accusing The Help Force of breaking war terms. Weeks passed by until the ACP war was announced suddenly. Both armies had been allied until this point, but tensions between recruiting via Discord and chants from ACP’s High Command gave the Help Force no choice but to pledge war. This was known as World War Rewritten, with many armies at war with one another at once. This war, however, had no battles, as ACP and The Help Force agreed to neutrality.
Event Post Link:
Moon’s Departure:
By the middle of May, both wars had passed, and the Help Force was doing pretty well in the Top Ten Armies. Around this time, CPOAL and CPAM finally agreed to merge after the removal of Epic101. This gave way to the Club Penguin Army Hub [CPAH] to handle all armies under one roof. CPO had closed down with all of the CPO armies now in the league. Help Force’s max wasn’t quite as strong as many of them but used a combination of rogue and operation events to bolster the Top Ten points each week. After the call of real-life duties, retirement came for our revolutionary leader, Moon. Tistle announced a few Staff promotions, promoting Vedant to Chief, after which Moon announced her retirement in the discord server. This was the first time since the army’s creation that only a solo leader was in charge.
Legends Cup X 2020:
With all the armies finally together, CPAH hosted the Legends Cup Tournament, the lot’s biggest competition. 32 armies took part in the largest Tournament in Help Force history, as the Force was looking to improve on a second-round exit last time. The first two rounds were against Silver Empire and the Royals of CP. Both battles ended up convincing 3-0 victories for The Help Force, maxing 41 and 51. The Help Force’s first real challenge was the Quarter-Final against Doritos of CP, a CPO powerhouse for multiple months. The Help Force was expected to lose against Doritos but instead fought valiantly against the odds. Tistle led Help Force to arguably its most impressive competitive victory ever, winning 1-0 against DCP to everyone’s surprise, maxing 71, the record max for a Help Force battle. This brought the attention of all members, legends, and retired staff included. The Semi-Finals saw Help Force take on Dark Warriors, another CPO army. Once again, Help Force was still not expected to win, and indeed on the battle day, the Force maxed less. However, Tistle rode the challenge and led Help Force to a 2-1 victory to take Help Force to the Finals. Help Force met the #1 army, RPF, in the Finals. RPF indeed won comfortably, outclassing the Help Force to win the trophy. Legends Cup X is considered Help Force’s best Tournament, after stunning the community and surpassing all expectations.
Event Post Link:
AUSIA Force:
In the wake of the Legends Cup heroics, Tistle kept the Help Force out of trouble with other armies, avoiding war and staying on good terms with everyone through Practice Battles. The primary aim was to push to be a consistent Top 3 army, rather than a mediocre 4th-6th place army. Vedant worked hard as a second-in-command as the AUSIA Division grew week on week, reaching 68 in one rogue event and up to 70+ in stamp events. CPR recruiting by this point had become even tougher, but the Staff who rode the challenges were always vigilant in recruiting. The Help Force reached 5K members by August and beat both ACP and SWAT in Practice Battles. They then faced Ice Warriors during AUSIA and Doritos during EU on consecutive days, winning both battles easily, both led by Vedant. The following week, Help Force was barely edged by RPF in an AUSIA Battle, breaking the AUSIA Battle Max record with 60 online. Tistle chose this high point to retire properly from The Help Force, paving the way for Vedant and newly appointed Hannah to lead the next generation of Helpers to success.
Event Post Link:

The Undaunted

LEADERS: Vedant, Hannah

With Tistle’s retirement, the new lead consisted of Vedant and Hannah as his second-in-command. The transition of leadership was smooth, and maintained good terms with all armies. New staff were appointed. Activity previously peaked because of the LCX Tournament and other practice battles, community building was also through the parties on Help Force Island. Events happening as regular with average maxes. Seeing the performance in the Top Tens and events sloping down a little, the US division was given ample time to recuperate. Then the event schedules were revised and activity in all three time zones were spiking. Both led the Help Force against RPF, and ACP and were narrowly defeated. October started drastically with Hannah’s retirement.
Event Post Link:
For the second time, the Help Force was solo led by Vedant, just like his mentor. The changes brought into the Recruitment Division produced effective results. CPAH announced the Fright or Fight tournament for October 2020. This would be the 3rd Tournament for the Help Force in 2020. Quarter Finals against the Water Vikings was again a more competitive win for the Help Force, maxing 67. The Semi-Finals were against RPF, who showed their class and overpowered Help Force. Nonetheless, HF maxed an impressive size of 84 thereby breaking the previous max record of 71 for battle. With a week left in October, the Staff team planned for a theme week. Having our own AS3 CPPS, it was easier to plan with uniforms, custom codes, and items. Once the Halloween Week was announced, the members were delighted. This worked out efficiently with everyone enjoying after a tiring tournament. Not only that, Help Force consistently ranked 2nd and 3rd in the Top Tens. November started with HF’s Piña Colada Olympics, a first-of-its-kind tournament full of CP Games, hosted by Elp. Alongside the Olympics, Vedant initiated the Blue Squadron Program, where troops who joined would be trained and well equipped for the upcoming Tournaments.
Event Post Link:
By the end of November, Help Force participated in Christmas Chaos X and Aces of AUSIA (A tournament based specifically for the AUSIA Divisions). The proceedings of the two tournaments were simultaneous without any fixtures overlapping and Vedant appointed third-in-command Nell to assist throughout the Tournaments. The Great AUSIA Gathering of the Aces was HF’s first ever Free-For-All style battling. The Semi-Finals of CCX were once again against the RPF, who won although the helpers put up a good fight. With one last tournament to focus on, Vedant led HF against ACP where they maxed a massive 85, which was a sweeping victory for the Force. With December coming to an end, the Winter Week was announced with a ton of fun events, games etc planned and worked around by the veterans and the Staff. On the weekend, members logged on for the Flash Showdown event to amass an unbelievable milestone of 121, showing the class and the fact that Help Force is truly the Best Force. With a lot of CPPS closing due to Flash, this marked the end of Era 2 and paved the way for Era 3, the HTML5 era.
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January 2021 – Current

LEADERS: Vedant, Nell, TBA

– In Progress –

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