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An Interview with Ayan

Hey there Helpers,

Welcome to the #2 of Know Your Leaders. Today, we’re going to interview the Creator, Legend and current leader of Help Force Army, Ayan a.k.a KitKat89. (I wonder where the KitKat is. I’m hungry.. mmmm!)

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An Interview with Spotty803!

Hey there Helpers,

Today, the Help Force Army launched a new project called “Know your leaders” Under this new scheme, we will be interviewing any new leaders of the Help Force Army in order to help you guys know them better. Without further delay, let’s get started! Today we are going to be interviewing Help Force’s 2nd in Command, Spotty803 Continue reading

GoTW #22 – Elpiojo123

Hi Guys , This Week’s Gamer of the Week award has been won by Elpiojo123 ! He is an Active User and is always friendly towards the Community. Congratulations!




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Hey there Helpers,

Today the Help Force Army logged on to the server Zipline. This was our first attempt of putting events under categories and scheduling events accordingly. It was a success. Check out the pictures below!

We Averaged 56 & Maxed 61 on Club Penguin // Comment for promotions!

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Admiring the Timeline : HelpForceCPO

The New generation of Club Penguin Armies which rose after the Death of the Original Club Penguin gave rise to a Bunch of New Armies who hadn’t been in the Original CPA Before.
This was an Exciting task for the New leaders but at the same time many people did criticize the fact that the New Armies would not be able to continue the Glorious legacy of the Old Club Penguin Armies.
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Mascots Guide !

Hey there Helpers , Im pretty sure many of you are interested and curious about How exactly to find Mascots and get those Special items !
Well, then this blog will help you with that.
Click the “Read More” and Start Reading !
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CPOnline Guide: Earn Coins Quickly!

Running low on coins? Don’t fear, there’s plenty of ways to get that number up again. There is no instant way to earn coins, but with the methods in this guide, you’re guaranteed to earn coins in the quickest known way possible!

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GoTW #21 – CrystalJenny

It’s time for this week’s Gamer of the Week (GoTW). It’s CrystalJenny!! She is an active member in our Discord and participates in events continuously. Congratulations Crystal!