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Animal Interview – fw_playz

Hey Helpers! Welcome back to another post of the Animal Interview series, in which I interview the Helpers about their pets and get to know more about them!

Today, I am going to interview one of our Supreme Helpers, fw_playz.  I’m going to ask him a few of questions about his pet! If you do want to participate in this series, just DM f0xyy_p1ayzz with a photo of your animal and some details about it!

Hello Fw_playz! How are you?
That’s good to hear!
Couple days ago I noticed the dog in your pfp, you said it’s yours. Is that right?
Yes, I actually got 2 but the one on my pfp is my main.
Oh wow! I have a couple questions to ask you about your pet if you don’t mind answering.
Go ahead,
So, my first question is: May I see a photo of your pet and have some description on it?
Yes, My dog is a mixed breed of a chihuahua, and something else, I have not found what else.
His name is Charlie and he is I believe 4-5 Years old!
Awwwww, they are so cuteee ❤️
My second question is: What sort of food does Charlie like? Because I know that some dogs will eat anything.
My dog does not really care what he eats, He will eat actually anything and never get sick, The other day he ate a whole entire brownie and surprisingly did not get sick or anything, lol!
That’s great to hear haha! But don’t give it too much brownies as dogs aren’t supposed to eat chocolate😉
Yeah, he found a brownie somewhere and ate it, I don’t know where!
As long as he’s alright that’s alright I guess! 😀
My third question is: has he ever tried to attack you? If so what did he do?
No he has never attacked anyone, he just bites his toys, I have known him since he was born, He lived next to my grandma’s house and during my birthday, He was under my grandma’s car, so I took him to my house as my pet. When he lived next to my grandmas every day after school I would play with him and he would always come over!
That’s so cutee! <3
My fourth question is: once you get your own house, would you get a cat or dog?
Yes, dogs are so fun and playful. They will keep me from being bored and stuff, I can take it on walks and stuff.
I would also highly suggest other people get dogs or cats!

I prefer dogs too! 😀

My final question is: What is your advice to make sure peoples’ dogs are the happiest that they can be?
Honestly, A happy dog is only to be obtained by doing these things, Feeding them food and water, giving them snacks once in a while, Taking them on walks or other physical activities, petting them and playing games!
That’s so true! Well anyways, its time to end this interview, thanks for participating!

That’s it for today folks! 🙂 If you do want to be in a blog like this, why not DM f0xyy_p1ayzz with a picture of your animal and some details about it? See you next time and take care!

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