[EU] Dance Party

Hey Helpers! Today the EU Division logged onto CPR for a Dance Party! The Event took place at the Blizzard Nightclub and was led by Hannah. The Helpers saw the Nightclub change into many different colors and a wide range of stamps were earned, Good Job Helpers!

MAX: 45+

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[EU] Stamp Takeover

Hey Helpers! Today the EU Division logged onto CPR to get as many stamps as possible! The Takeover took place on Blizzard and included stamps such as Dance Party, Floor Filler, Go Blue, Go Green, Go Red, Go Yellow, Berg Drill & many more! Good Job Helpers!

MAX: 39+

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[EU] Stamp Heist

Hey Helpers! Today the EU division logged onto CPR – Blizzard for a huge Stamp Heist. We were able to obtain many different stamps such as the Photographer, Coffee, Pizza, Lounge and Igloo Party Stamps. This was lead by Dlark & Ken. Good Job Helpers!

MAX: 45+

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[US] Stamp Heist

Today we logged onto CPR to earn some stamps!

Max: 32


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Hey there Helpers, The AUSIA DIVISION had a CPR Dance Party today in which we wore our CPR Jerseys with adorned colors and had an Amazing Event with various Bombs and Tactics lead by Barney. We earned stamps and managed to Max around 30 Penguins, And Recruited New People for it !  HF AUSIA is growing strong !

Max : 30

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[US] Dance Party

Hey Helpers! Today, we logged on CPR for a Dance Party!

The event went very well! We maxed well over 30 penguins and got all of the stamps we’re able to obtain in the dance club and lounge. Great job, Helpers. Make sure to comment if you came for a promotion!

MAX: 30+

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[US] Dance Party Event

Hey Helpers! Today we logged on CPR for a fun Dance Party! 

Today’s event was a HUGE success! The max exceeded our expectations and we had the opportunity to get lots of stamps! We earned the Red Penguin, Blue Penguin, Green Penguin, Yellow Penguin, 10 Penguins, and 25 penguins dance club stamps. After those, we earned the Dance Lounge stamp upstairs. To our surprise, Aunt Arctic paid a visit to our event! During our event, some of us even had a shot to meet AA. Click read more to see some more photos from our impressive event!

MAX: 40+

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[EU] Stamping Event

Hey Helpers! On Tuesday, we logged on CP Rewritten for an EU timed stamp event.

The event was successful, maxing above 25 troops. We earned a lot of stamps during the event which we otherwise would not have during a segment. Way to go, Helpers! Keep unleashing the power of Stamping! Click read more to see some photos from the event.

MAX: 25+

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How To: Stamps(Extreme)

Hey There!

In case you haven’t already checked out our How To: Stamps(Insanity), it tells you how to get the hardest few stamps and even tells you what stamps in CPR are.

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[US] Stamp Event

Hey there Helpers!  Today Help Force logged on to CPR – Blizzard for our US Stamp Event!
At the beginning of the event, we performed tactics in the town encouraging everyone to wear the Pizza Apron. Then we headed to the Pizza Parlor to earn the Pizza Lover Stamp. Following that, we headed to the Night Club and earned the Go Blue! , Go Red! , Go Green! , and Go Yellow! Dance Stamps.  Throughout the fourth part, we wore the Miners Helmet in Iceberg and earnt the Berg Drill Stamp. In the final part of the event, we wore the Jetpack at the tallest mountain and earnt the Mountaineer Stamp. The event was an overall success with over 40 people attending and we earnt a whopping seven stamps!

Max : 40+

hearts club
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