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The Mystery of Choco’s Voice

If you have heard Choco’s voice, you would know that it is one of a skibidi rizzler. Despite the numerous times he has vced, his voice is still a mystery to many.


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Samari’s Scandal

It’s no secret that Samari secretly owns the Help Force. Although that contradicts itself, here is how she secretly owns our souls so secretly.

Designed By Wynn

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Greetings helpers, Diwix here!! Today we logged onto CP Journey for our [AUSIA] STAMP HELPERS CPJ! Huge thanks to our wonderful commander, Jo, for hosting and leading this event for us, with the help of our amazing generals, Dhanush and Ender! We collected many stamps on the game, and had lots of fun!

MAX – 30

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Help Force Weekly Recap (9th – 15th June)

Hello fellow Readers! This week was a special week for the Helpers, we kicked it off with a Mega Pride Event followed by 2 Freeland Invasions, A Practice Battle against our brother allies the Army of Club Penguin and lastly the Mega CPA Community Pride Parade Event!!

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Sussy Snowy

I’m sure you already know that Snowy is very sus. She led the army for a whole segment of history. Here are a few of her recent sus activities.

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Elaina Expose Post

The troublesome Elaina is one of the many weird members of the Ice Warriors. Unlike Roxy, her weirdness isn’t about feet and feetguin. It’s about socks.

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Yet Another Roxy Expose Post

This is Yet Another Roxy Expose Post (this is trademarked). Roxy has been exposed many times, and now it’s time to expose her again.

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Why Dinamo are the True Winners

Team Steaua managed to “win” Romania Week, but they are not the true winners. Rather than playing sudoku, team Dinamo decided to fight, managing to win the battle. This is why team Dinamo are the true winners.

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Animal Interview – fw_playz

Hey Helpers! Welcome back to another post of the Animal Interview series, in which I interview the Helpers about their pets and get to know more about them!

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Chocolate Cheaters

It was no coincidence that chocolate bunnies won the branch battle. They had been cheating, troop stealing, and being generally smelly all week long. The crimes of the chocolate bunnies will now be exposed.

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