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Something New: A Turbo Engine

Sup Helpers! Night here, reporting from Acodo’s Dungeon, with another post in this series!! In these series I will be Teaching y’all many things!
Remember to DM me if you have any specific topic in mind to learn!


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Good day, Helpers! Or should I say Agents… what’s the difference? We got our agent uniforms because today we joined and assisted the EPF team with their final mission on Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy! and the Herbert operation began! and, surprise, surprise, our operation was a success. We were able to track down and capture Herbert and his companion. We were successful in avenging the PSA squad and keeping the island secure from Terror. But what about Tusk and his underlings, Scorn the Dragon King, Test bots, and the Ultimate Proto-bot 1000? That’s a story for another time, but for now, the island is safe.



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Dynasty House – AbsoluteTrash123

Welcome back Comrades! Today I’m going to interview a very amazing former staff member, who not only used to entertain us in Voice chats the whole time, but also played games with us and just made HF a better place! Everyone please welcome one of 2021 HF staff members, AbsoluteTrash123 (Osama).

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GoTW #248

Congratulations grrrr for winning his first Gamer of the Week award ever! Keep up the fantastic work, Comrade!

GoTW #247

Congratulations Danplays for earning his eighth Gamer of the Week! Keep going for it WOOP WOOP!

The HF Beacon

ZIPLINE, Editor’s Table — Welcome back, Helpers, to the newest edition of The Help Force Beacon. After an exciting week of events, we bring to you HF’s weekly dose of entertainment!

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[EU] sans undertale

Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto CPABattleground dressed up sans undertale

Max: 23+

Comment below if you attended!


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Lock Panda Up

The motherland cheers as another rampaging rodent is thrown into a cage. Panda has been found guilty of several crimes against the motherland, thus she has been arrested. Now it is up to us to arrest her animal accomplices who definitely plan to free her from jail.

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Hello Helpers! Today we had a very interesting event where we captured all creatures on CPABattleground. Im not sure what Jo’s plans were, but this does look like something a future Commander would try to do to Help Force with all the animals we have. We dressed up as animals and did tactics and emotes around the island to show our love for them. Thank you to Jo and Yoda for leading this event, hope everyone enjoyed! 

Max: 16+ 


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Murder Mystery: Gary’s Death

previously, Roo died, and the Murderer was Yoda.

Greetings Helpers! Welcome to my game Murder Mystery! Here is how it will work: I will be giving you a small scenario and you will have to guess who the murderer of the scenario is.


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