Something New: A Turbo Engine

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We will start todays post with the Simple workings of a Turbo!

To have a simple idea of the Basics of an Engine, as it will be required to understand this post, please refer to my previous post in this series.

The Function


The main function of the Turbo is to deliver more compressed air into the internal combustion cycle of the engine, resulting in more power generated by the engine.
Turbos are powered by the Engine Exhaust Gas, which we will get to know in detail later in the post.


Parts and Air Compression


The Turbo consists of 2 sections, namely Turbine Section and Compressor Section, these consist of Exhaust Wheel, Compressor Wheel and a sealed Shaft which consist of an Axil, connecting both Exhaust Wheel and Compressor Wheel.


The turbo gets its power by the Exhaust Pipe, This Connects with the Turbine Section of the turbo. The exhaust gases make the Exhaust wheel rotate, which rotates the Compressor Wheel.
The exhaust gas is later emitted outside of the car. 


Compression and Cooling of Air


The spinning of the Compressor Wheel makes that section suck gas from the Air Intake and Air Filters. The uniquely shaped Fins of the Compressor Wheel force the air to compress and move inside a narrowed pipe, which makes air inside it very compressed and hot.


Every Turbo usually is connected to an Intercooler before the air reaches the engine. The Intercooler, as the name suggests, cools down the air before it reaches the engine. Cool air has more Density, which gives engine more explosive combustion and more power.


Some Extra Info


The workings of Intercooler is similar to the workings of the Radiator. Hot air moves through small tubes inside the intercooler, while chill air of the surroundings go past the tubes, making the air inside cooler.

Turbo does not give its Boost immediately. It takes some time for the turbines to gain high enough RPMS to have useable boosts. This is called Turbo Lag

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