Hey Helpers! Today we all logged onto CP Rewritten on Server – Ascent for another Branch Battle of Team Fire vs Team Water. Team Fire was led my Ru, Amy and Yoda while Team Water was led by Desireus, Sam and Snowflake. It was once again one with fast formations and sassy tactics thrown at each other by either side with Team Water claiming another victory by winning two rooms and drawing one of them. Until next time, where we see you all at many more Big Events, Battles and Games, and of course, all the matches in the most awaited Legends Cup XI, starting this Saturday!

Max: 41+

Comment below if you attended the battle!

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CP Knowledge: Catchin’ Waves

Welcome to another post of the series CP Knowledge. This is a series where I will talk about every single minigame on Club Penguin, continuing today with Catchin’ Waves. The posts include how you play the game, its history, stamps, trivia, and a personal review of the game! Hope you enjoy it!

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Hey there Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR to claim another server, Ice Cream. After a successful invasion, staff and troops played a fun game of hide and seek. Thank you Maya, Snowy, Phoenix, and Snowflake❄Soft for leading!

MAX: 26+

Comment below if you attended the invasion!

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Ello Comrades! Today we logged on to Ascent for a fun Scavenger Hunt event! For this fruity themed hunt, we grabbed the newly released fruit costumes and did some amazing tactics and formations. Starting out in Town, we moved on to Forts, and then Stadium, showcasing our speed, accuracy and skill. This amazing performance was a great morale booster for the upcoming Legends Cup XI tournament! Thank you to Vedant, Nell, Ru and Amy for leading! (I led too but it wasn’t worth thanking ;-;)

Max: 45

Comment below if you attended!

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The HF Beacon


ZIPLINE, Editor’s Table — Welcome back, Helpers, to the newest edition of The Help Force Beacon! After an exciting week of events, we bring to you HF’s weekly dose of entertainment!
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Weekly Reflection

Week in Review

[11/07 – 17/07]

Hi Helpers! Welcome to yet another Weekly Reflection! Here you can find interesting news, statistics and trivia about the Help Force. We had a week busy with preparations for the Legends Cup Tournament, practising during invasions and battles. You all did fantastic this week! I’m excited to see the next one being even better!

Max Averages

AUSIA: 41 [2↓]
EU: 41 [-]
Main Event Max: 45 [2↑]

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Hi Helpers! today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a practice battle with our allies, the Ice Warriors. it was a vert fast, exciting battle! Thank you all for attending! 

Onwards And Upwards #PreparationForDomination.

MAX: 45+

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Greetings Friends! today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten – ASCENT and successfully played a friendly battle against SP in which we dominated and had a fun time with huge respect to them for a good game we call it! We did some stunning tactics and formations around the Town, Pet Shop, and Ice Berg! Led by Maya, Snowy, Wynn, and ROOBOO. Thank you all for attending!

MAX: 40+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Food For Every Soul

Welcome back Folks!!! Welcome to another edition of Food for Every Soul a series by Maya and I where we interview people from Help Force about their favorite and famous recipes! For our this post , we decided to interview the Cricket lover, funny, Christian Grey of HF Major General Sam Chilies Chilles!! Continue reading

Patrons of Patreon: AbsoluteTrash123

Welcome Back lovely people! It’s the return of Patrons of Patreon coming at you with an exclusive interview with AbsoluteTrash123, better known as Osama, Trash or Oldie. Osama here is a Help Force General and also one of our generous Phoenix donators! Without further ado let’s get into the interview shall we?

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