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Song Of The Week #18 – Rehna Tu

*gasp* Finally, a breath of fresh air. It feels so good to temporarily escape from Wynn’s basement. Temporarily, because it is obvious she will soon track me down and drag me back inside. And I would be a really shitty musician if catching up on the latest music wasn’t the first thing I did after escaping. Thus, presenting to you, Song Of The Week #18!

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Hello everyone! Today, we logged on Club Penguin Journey for a DISCO BALLS! We disguised ourselves in disco balls and started the party in the Stadium then moved to Night Club! Thank you, JO, for leading this event! And thank you all for coming to the event!

MAX: 17+

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Double Trouble – Dhanush and PinguMaliz

Bello Helpers!! No need to panic; your favorite Double Trouble hosts are still hungry and mining. I, your ex-host, have returned with a bang. I successfully kidnapped the guests while “Elp the Greatest” was blissfully unaware. They were recently welcomed into the staff team and have been working hard ever since. Double Trouble has been a highly popular blog for Help Force, and it has brought these two closer on many levels. Without further ado, we welcome our dynamic duo team Dhanush and PinguMaliz to the trouble podium!!


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Samari’s Scandal

It’s no secret that Samari secretly owns the Help Force. Although that contradicts itself, here is how she secretly owns our souls so secretly.

Designed By Wynn

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Hello Helpers! Today we logged on to CPAB to do a Warmup for the upcoming Legends Cup Battle! We practiced speed to forms, some new forms and talked about the basics of the battle! Thanks to Rooboo and Beasto for leading, and Foxy for VC-leading!

Max: 22+

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Hello fellow Helpers! Yesterday, we logged on CPA Battleground for Fashion show event! We had a close competition between the Helpers with 5 themes, and each theme had one winner! Thank BEASTO, Jo, Shadow and Samari for leading the Event! Thank you for attending and congratulations for the Winners!

Max: 26+

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Hello everyone! Last Tuesday, we logged on Club Penguin Journey for a Stamp Segment! We helped people get stamps and We also found some golden items for those who needed them! Thank you, Jo, for leading the wonderful Helpers! And thank you all for coming to the event!

Max: 20+

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Recap of Legends Cup XIV – First Week

Greetings Helpers! It’s your Admiral Diwix here!

Recently, a lot has been happening! Legends Cup XIV has everyone hyped and excited. This has led to some changes and preparations in the server. Let’s dive into our recap!

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Greetings helpers, Diwix here!! Today we logged onto CP Journey for our [AUSIA] STAMP HELPERS CPJ! Huge thanks to our wonderful commander, Jo, for hosting and leading this event for us, with the help of our amazing generals, Dhanush and Ender! We collected many stamps on the game, and had lots of fun!

MAX – 30

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Hello Comrades! Last Thursday, we logged on CPA Battleground to warm up for the Legends Cup XIV Round 1 battle against the Army of Club Penguin! Thank you to the leaders of the Warmup and thanks to all attendees for coming to the Warmup! :DD

Max: 17+

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