Marvel Igloo Raiding – SUCCESS

Hey there Helpers ,yesterday The Help Force logged into Zipline to host their Huge Event –Marvel Celebration + Igloo Raiding.

We performed Amazing Marvel-themed Tactics and Formations in various rooms around the island. After celebrating the party with our tactics, we hosted igloo raids, where we raided over 40+ igloos.

Here are some of the Pictures from the Event :

Max : 50



GoTW #28, #29 & #30

Hello Helpers! Due to some technical problems, we didn’t update the Gamer of the Week twitter post! So here are the past 3 weeks GoTW winners!

The First week, Tatoklk!

The Second week, Aria Xenn!

And this week’s GoTW Maurox123!

Congratulations to all users!




The HF Beacon


Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Random Facts
  • Story of the Week
  • QOTW


Shad’s Office-Welcome to another WONDERFUL edition of The HF Beacon. In this edition(due to me being busy for the past couple of weeks)I will be doing 10 Random Facts rather than 5. I will also be writing  Chapters 4 and 5 of my story! I have decided while writing that I will be adding more chapters to this story due to the popularity of it. Also, since the Ask Shad article isn’t a big hit anymore like it once was, I will now replace it with something new called Question of the Week!