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Shad’s Office-Welcome to another WONDERFUL edition ofΒ The HF Beacon. In this edition(due to me being busy for the past couple of weeks)I will be doing 10 Random Facts rather than 5. I will also be writingΒ  Chapters 4 and 5 of my story! I have decided while writing that I will be adding more chapters to this story due to the popularity of it. Also, since the Ask Shad article isn’t a big hit anymore like it once was, I will now replace it with something new called Question of the Week!

Random Facts

Random Facts! Random Facts! Shad know a lot of Random Facts! Shad and his Facts!

  • DID YOU KNOW…The Blob of toothpaste that sits on your toothbrush has a name…it’s called a “nurdle”.
  • DID YOU KNOW…That about 11% of the world population think that HTML is a disease.
  • DID YOU KNOW…That you can hire a clown in Switzerland to stalk your kid and creepily smash a cake in their face on their birthday.
  • DID YOU KNOW…The 30th President of the United States, President Coolidge, thought it was hilarious to press the Emergency Buzzer on his desk and then hide when the Secret Service came running.
  • DID YOU KNOW…In 2012, a man wore 60 shirts and 9 pairs of jeans on an 1-and-a-half hour flight from China to Africa to avoid the extra baggage fee.
  • DID YOU KNOW…That High Heel shoes were originally made for men in the 10th century. It wasn’t until the 18th century that women started wearing them more than men.
  • DID YOU KNOW…After losing a drunken poker bet in 2009, a New Zealand man had his name legally changed to β€œFull Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova.” It took five years, but the name was finally approved by the government. All 99 characters of his new name are on his passport.
  • DID YOU KNOW…The actual U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a real website devoted to β€œzombie preparedness.”
  • DID YOU KNOW…Richard Nixon once smuggled a suitcase full of weed through the airport for Louis Armstrong.
  • DID YOU KNOW…Sea otters have a pouch under their forearm to store their favorite rocks.


Story of the Week

Chapter 4

As we are driving towards the NAA base we see the Royals Family and the Aliens under attack by the Templars and LT. “Convoy stop!”, Ayan says over the radio. “Everyone dismount and circle around Shad. He has a plan.” Everyone dismounts and everyone circles around. “Alright we need to flank them from all around.” I look over at Mess and then at Elp “Mess and Elp you will be coming with me. This might be the only chance to capture Xing.” I then look over at Rorange. “Rorange, you and Mack need to go up on top of that hill by that bush. We need you to have overwatch so we have a sniper in position.” I then look at Ayan, “Ayan, Take your squad and go to the east side of the base and attack from there” I then look at Spotty, “Spotty, take your squad over to the North Side of the base.” I then look at Kava, “Kava, take that last squad to the West Side. Us three will take the south and find Xing. Good luck out there HF and remember that your main mission here is to get Aliens and Royals Family out of there. Our mission is getting Xing. If anybody sees him radio it over to us and we will tell you what you need to do.” I then look over at Ayan, “Anything you want to add boss?” Ayan then looks over us with a serious look, “This will be the rally point. Meet up in 3 hours. Unleash the Power of Helping and Don’t Back Down.” Alright. Spotty then looks around, “MOUNT UP AND GO TO YOUR POSITIONS!”

South Side Entrance: “What is this mess?” Mess says as we get to the south entrance. “This must have been going on longer than we thought.” I say as I climb over the barriers. “Watch your step when going over these. There is a big hole right here.” I jump over and get to the door. As I grab the door handle, I look back at Elp and Mess. “Get ready, because this is about to get fun.” I then pull up my M16. “Yee Haw” Elp silently says. I quickly open up the door and see a few LT Personnel and I start firing as I enter the room. I move to the side and turn. I see another one right there and buttstroke them. I yell over to Elp, “Go to the next room! Check and make sure nobody is over there! Mess go with!” I then turn around and start going through the bodies checking for any information.

Β East Side Entrance: “Alright lets do this.” Ayan says as his squad drives through the entrance. “Over there!” he says pointing towards the barracks. “That is a lot of LT troops firing at that building so someone has to be there”, Lisa says as she drives towards the area. “Stop here. We need to go there on foot.” Ayan says. Lisa pulls over and the squad dismounts. “Lets try sneaking around and entering through the back” Ayan says. “Lets move quickly and switch to silencers.” The squad rushes to the back and Ayan kicks open the door. “I don’t see anyone. Lets check all the rooms.” They go through the hallway and head towards the sound of guns. Ayan opens the door and everyone turns around. “THIS IS AYAN AND WE ARE THE HELP FORCE! WE HEARD YALL NEEDED BACKUP!” As Ayan points at his Help Force badge on the uniform. “Alright, you are good for now” Princess Amy says. We have been under attack for 3 days. “Well the Help Force is here to Help.” Ayan says walking past her. “HF get in battle positions. 5 of you go check the rest of the building and find a better battle position and check on the rest of them. The rest of you get to the battle stations and help them start fighting.”

North Side Entrance:As Spotty’s squad drives through they immediately start taking gun fire. “Drive through and get to a safer area! We need to get to the building so can get some cover!” Spotty says. They drive over to the library and get cover. “Everyone dismount and get inside and find some battle ground! Hurry!” Spotty says ecstatic. The squad rushes in and Watercircle goes to a window and opens it. “Take this shelf here and we can use that as a stand to put the M240 on.” Spotty says pushing a shelf over. “Good idea” responds Watercircle. “Spotty! I have found a small group of Aliens that have gotten separated from their squad!” shouts Juanita. Spotty then enters the room. “Alright you can stick with us. We need to get out of here. There are a bunch of Templar soldiers out there. They have us pinned up right now.” Spotty then looks out. “I may have a plan.”

West Side Entrance:Β “GO GO GO!” Shouts Kava firing the .50 Cal at a few building the LT and Templars have taken over. “Go to that building! We need to take it over!” Kava shouts pointing over to the admin building. They drive up to it and dismount. “Hurry up! We don’t have too much time” Kava says running to the door. “Wishi, open the door and immediately lay down! PikaLeash get next to me.” Wishi opens the door and immediately falls to the ground. Kava and PikaLeash open fire on the Templar Soldiers holding the building up. “That’s what you get for taking over our Admin building.” Kava says smirking. “Wishi and PikaLeash head up the stairs with Goomba and Maurox. Everyone else come with me.

Chapter 5.

South Side:Β “Where is Xing at?!” Mess says as he punches Qwerty. “I don’t know!” Qwerty responds. “It’s no use. Just leave him, we need to move on.” I say to Mess. “Lets go on to the next building” Elp demands. “Alright lets go Mess.” We leave the building and sneak over to the next building. Elp kicks open the door and we open fire on the Templars in there. I see Kyle run down the hall and I pass over my M16 real quick to Mess and chase after him. “Im on the move!” I shout over the radio to Elp. “Alright I have Mess and we will follow suit!” Elp responds. I start closing in as Kyle starts going up the stairway and I jump up the wall over the rail. As I get over the rail I pounce off the wall and superman punch Kyle. “Alright, I have him knocked out.” I pick Kyle up and put him over my shoulders and carry him over to the next room.

East Side: “EVERYONE OUT OF THE BUILDING LETS GO! WE GOT YOU COVERED!” Ayan shouts as he shoots toward the LT soldiers across the street. The HF helps the Royal Family to the vehicles. “Hurry up they are clo-” The building gets hit with an RPG. “MOUNT UP! EVERYONE MOUNT UP NOW!” Ayan screams as he jumps in the back of a Humvee. Everyone quickly mounts up and the squad heads over across base. “Head over to that building! They look like they may need help!”

North Side Entrance:Β “Alright is everything set?” Spotty asks over her squad radio. “Everything is set” responds Juanita. “Everyone, Take cover!” Spotty shouts as she blows the C4 she had everyone secretly and strategically place around the Templars and LT Vehicles outside. A huge explosion shakes the foundation of the building and all their vehicles are on fire. “Good work! Now lets go.” Spotty says as they take their weapons and move on to the next point.

West Side:Β Kava and her squad move on from the admin building and head over to the armory. “Wishi, go bang on the door. We got you covered.” Kava says. Wish goes and bangs on the door. The small door over the eyes open up. “Help Force?” asks Queen Brittany. Wishi holds up the HF badge. The armory door opens. “Everyone lets go inside.” Kava says dismounting. Everyone dismounts and goes into the armory. Brittany closes the door. “We have everything you need in here. I am waiting for Amy’s squad to show up.” she says. “Well, LT is starting to close in on this building soon so we need to get to the rally point to meet up with everyone else. We only have a hour left to get to it. Where was that team located?” Kava asks. “They were near the East Side of the base.” Brittany responds. “Let me see if Ayan has met up with them.” Kava says. “Ayan. This is Kava, come in on” Kava says over the radio. “Send it for Ayan” Ayan responds. “Have you made contact with any Royal Family troops?” Kava asks. “Yes, I have Amy and a few others” Ayan responds. “Alright, I have Queen Brittany here. We will transfer them to the Rally Point. Over” Kava states. “Solid Copy” Ayan says. “Alright, we need to start making our way back to the rally point. Grab what you need from the armory and lets head out.” Kava shouts to everyone.

End of Ch. 4 and 5: Come back Next Week for more-


Question of the Week

The QOTW is a new segment I will post every week. I will post my favorite answer to the question in the article. To answer just post your answer on Discord in the #off-topic channel like this: QOTW: Fill in your answer hereΒ 

Here is the Question:

If there was one art you could perfect, what would it be and why? (i.e. Digital Arts, Cooking, Writing, etc)

Helping a person will not necessarily change the world, but it will change the world for that person”

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