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Summer Bash Finals – SUCCESS !

The Summer Bash Trophy !

Hey there Helpers ,
After a Huge Amount of recruiting in the Past Weeks , it all was worth it as we managed to Crush and Defeat the Pirates Army of Club Penguin in the Summer Bash Finals !

The Battle was well fought by both sides , But due to the Size , Tactics and Perfect Formations , The Help Force managed to win 2 out of the 3 Rooms in the Battle !
Even though , As Always , the Army League of CPO contradicted us yesterday with their Biased Judges [lol] , The Community and the People who were watching it were sure that the Help Force had won the Battle. At the end , it all comes to this , Do we really care about what the League has to say regarding a Battle? When they can’t even present any Tactic Picture Proofs to justify their Judgement?

Congratulations to Everyone , Who came in the Battle , or participated how so ever in this Tournament for the Help Force ! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner <3

Some Amazing Pictures taken by the Members during the Battle ! Click “Read More”

Max : 70+

It Always seemed Impossible until it was Done .

Keep Unleashing the Power of Helping Everyone ! The Hype along with the Bond of our Family should never lessen and must be preserved for the Later Gens to Witness !

 ! Comment Below if you attended the Huge Battle !

11 Responses

  1. Smh on Peerats

  2. Unleash the Power of Helping !!!!!!!! Help Force Summer Bash Winners !

  3. Yes lads great win dem peerats had their ship sunk xD

  4. Unleash the power of helping!! Congrats!
    my rank #9850

  5. As a new commander, this was very fun and i hope do attend more events like this!
    Unleash the Force of Helping!!

  6. Grav uwu Unlesh the power if helping! My experience Is we always help so I really recommend this, my rank Is junior commander

  7. The event was amazing and we as an army know we won 🙂 my rank is director, keep unleashing the power of helping!

    Epicmaster’s a nooblmfao

  9. lol,the judgement of cpoal was so biased istg

  10. Fue muy diverdito participar en la batalla n,n

  11. The battle was amazing, we had such good formation especiallu at iceberg at the final spot. My rank is Expert commander.
    We all unleashed the power of helping!

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