Help Force Weekly Recap (16th – 22nd June)

Hello fellow Readers! This week was a special week for the Helpers, we kicked it off with a Massive EU Club Penguin Journey Event with the Squid Costume, then we practiced our troops for the upcoming tournament in an INT army training and lastly, we battled the amazing Elite Guardians in a US Timezone Practice Battle!!

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Help Force Weekly Recap (9th – 15th June)

Hello fellow Readers! This week was a special week for the Helpers, we kicked it off with a Mega Pride Event followed by 2 Freeland Invasions, A Practice Battle against our brother allies the Army of Club Penguin and lastly the Mega CPA Community Pride Parade Event!!

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Hello Helpers! Today, we logged on CPAB, BATTLEGROUND – STADIUM for [AUSIA] HELP FORCE PRIDE PARADE. This event was led by 6 people, crazy right? Wondering who they were? ITS THE GENERAL TAKEOVER I SAY! Huge thanks to Shadow, Ender, Pingu, Dhanush, Chicken and Evan for leading today’s lovely event! Thanks to Traffy and Ender for VC leading and of course, thanks to the helpers for attending! We did some amazing tactics and showed our love to the LGBT+ community, and we had some interesting additions today, IceQueen became a VC battle leader joining Sammit, well deserved! Those who attended get the Pride Parade ’24 medal, tasty as JO would say.

MAX: 25

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Salutations Comrades! The awards of last week events “THE BIG THREE” are finally here, let us have a look at them!! :))

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Hello Helpers! Yesterday we logged on CPAB for max and then CPJ, Iceberg to finally find Liqeor once and for all. Thanks to Zen and Jo for leading us, and thanks to all Helpers who attended!

MAX: 15+

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Hello! Last Tuesday, we logged on Club Penguin Journey, Blizzard on Ski Village for a Sled Race Tournament hosted by BEASTO! We did couple tactics and then we kicked off the Tournament in which our amazing Trustee, Mayathefirst won! Thanks all for attending until the next one!!! :DDD

Max: 20+

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Hello Helpers! Today we logged on CPAB for the max then on CPJ to start our Igloo Raids! Thank you to the hosts for getting the stamps to everyone needing it and congratulations to everyone that got the stamps! Till next time…

Max: 18+

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Heyya folks, looks like everyone was down for some family time this Saturday! First, we all assembled on CPAB, and Commander Jo ensured that all 18 penguins did not cause too much mayhem. Then we raided BEASTO’s igloo for some warm time and a hilarious trivia game (an HF tradition). Thank you to Foxy and Enderlemon for recording this memorable event and leading our family with their amazing voices.

MAX: 18+

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Hello Helpers. Last thursday we logged on CPAB and fought our brother allies, the Army of Club PenguinThe result of this practice battle was in our favor due to the fact that in room 1 we won and in room 2 we drew, resulting in the HF victory. Thanks to everyone who attended the event and kudos to BEASTO and JO for leading the event!

MAX: 17+

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Hello Helpers! Today, we logged on Club penguin journey – stadium to have a fun event of Hide and Seek.  Thanks to all the helpers who attended, and especially thanks to BEASTO and ShadowPlayzx for leading the Event!

MAX: 21+

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