Pizza Penguin Takeover

Hey Helpers! Earlier, Help Force logged onto CPR for the Ausia Pizza Penguin Takeover Event!

During the Event, members wore the Pizza Apron along with the Chef’s Hat for the event! The event went well, with everyone doing the tactics and formations neatly and on time! We also earned a few stamps like the Happy Room stamp and the Pizza Waiter stamp!

Here are a few images from the event:

MAX: 18+

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[EU] Massive Fun Event

Hey Helpers! On Sunday the 19th, Help Force logged onto CPR for a short tactic opening, before switching to CPATG for a fashion show!

The event was led by Spotty, who did an amazing job at hosting a fun fashion show and doing some great tactics! During the tactics, we even helped people earn the Go Blue! Stamp. Here are some pics of this fun event;

MAX: 28+

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[CPATG] Cow Invasion Of Ice Bank

Hey Helpers! Today, we donned a cow uniform in honor of our lovely leader Spotty, and logged into CPATG to invade the Ice Bank server!

Led by Ayan, we managed to successfully invade Ice Bank! Unlike the other invasions this week, the army who owned the server showed up to defend it. Langly and the Cosmic army showed up to defend it, however Help Force’s 25+ penguins managed to defeat them with ease. That doesn’t mean the Cosmics didn’t put up a fight! After the successful invasion, we moved on to CPR to earn the Dance Party stamps! This time, the leader was Spotty, and we managed to have a great dance party, and earn all the the Go Color stamps! Here are pics of the event;

MAX: 25+

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[EU] Army Training

Hello again! Today the 18th of January, our EU Divison logged onto CPR for some extensive army training where we practiced new and fast tactics that made troops react to tactic commands faster. The event was lead by our very own leader, Ayan. Later, we donned Pizza aprons and went to the Pizza Parlor to help penguins out with the Pizza Lover Stamp.

We managed to max around 25 penguins and recruited 5 new players before the event and 6 more after the event. Overall, a crusty event! Here are some pics: 

Max: 27+

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