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Welcome to Help Force Hall of Fame!

This page is dedicated to those who have contributed to making Help Force the army that it is. The Hall of Fame status is rewarded only to those who have poured their time, effort, and love into this army. Continue to give life to Help Force and maybe you too can one day grace its pages.

Ayan is certainly the protagonist of Help Force, having created it back in March 2018. Within the space of a few weeks after opening, he helped Help Force build its base. In July, Ayan led Help Force to the second round of the Legends Cup IX, facing off against the Elite Guardians. Shortly after, Help Force found their way to their first war victory in the GMA war. Since then, Help Force continued to constantly grow and towards the end of 2018, it joined its first major alliance, the Gods of War alliance, under the leadership of Ayan and Epic101. Marching forward, HF defeated the likes of several armies such as the Black Alliance. The Triads (Ayan, Spotty, and Elp) also led the army to win their first tournament trophy in the Summer Bash finals. After taking a break from armies, Ayan returned to Help Force at the end of 2019 and played an important part in the HF Exodus. He helped the army to regain its activeness after such a big change and was a key part in Help Force becoming #1 in one of the Top Tens of January, toppling both RPF and ACP. Retiring in January and ending his time as an army leader, Ayan is considered to be the backbone of the Help Force and is most definitely worthy of his Legend status.

Morty, also known as Frothe, joined the Help Force in its initial stages when the army was not totally set up. For this, he is considered as one of the building blocks of the Help Force. Being in the Original Club Penguin Armies he had heaps of experience upon his arrival. His activeness was exceptional in the early months, winning the 2nd GoTW award before becoming Staff. He knew how to manage events and battles and always brought new and innovative ideas to improve the army. He formed the US Division and constantly held it strong throughout his tenure. Morty was also responsible for leading Help Force to its first tournament with Ayan and Attacker – Legends Cup IX. During the September Drop of 2018, Morty’s dedication proved vital as he worked tirelessly to revive the Help Force from its state of Hibernation. Retiring in December, he was one of the largest contributors of the first generation is thus considered to be one of the most important people in the Help Force’s History.

In most cases, people tend to ignore the community aspect of an army. However, Kavacado/Icycreamey managed the community and gave the family-touch to a Club Penguin army. She joined the Help Force in April 2018 and ranked up quickly to achieve the Moderator position. Always active in chat, she became the people’s favourite, and always helped them whenever needed. Icy was the main figurehead behind the creation of the first HF website. After months of hard work, she was promoted to a commanding position in early 2019. She helped lead the army throughout several important wars against armies like the Pirates and Templars. Being the solo AUSIA leader after mid-2019, she was also responsible for the sizes and activity of that sector. A resilient, yet charming commander, she retired from the army at the end of 2019.

Spotty’s army career goes back to 2018 when she joined the Help Force and ranked up her way to becoming a Moderator. After working hard as a staff member, she was promoted to a commanding position in late 2018. Under Spotty, Ayan, and Elp (The Triads), the Help Force waged war against several armies, including the Black Alliance and proved to be a superpower in the army scene. Marching forward, the Help Force managed to defeat the Pirates in the Summer Bash tournament to win their first trophy. After the retirement of her partners, she led the War of Helpers and Knights, which prolonged for 2 months. Spotty was also responsible for managing record sizes of about 90 around the end of that year. Also known for her vital role in the HF Exodus of 2019, she helped the army to get back on its feet after switching to CPR. Spotty played a key part in the achievement of the #1 ranking in one of the Top Tens of January, a remarkable feat during those months. Known for her bold, yet humorous way of leadership, she truly is a Legend of the army.

Goofing around all the time, Elpiojo contributed a large to how the army has changed since its creation. First joining the army in December, he ranked up quickly to achieve the GoTW award and a moderating position. Known for his hype-factor, the joy he brought to the army always proved useful, especially upon his induction to a leader in March 2019. He led alongside Ayan and Spotty (The Triads), winning wars against the Pirates, Light Troops, Templars and several others. He founded the fast-growing Hispanic community of Help Force and aided the army to achieve victory in the Summer Bash finals, before retiring as a leader. In December, Elp was present in the HF Exodus transition to CPR and returned to help the army at the start of the second generation. He has since assumed the role of Help Force Guardian, owning the discord server. Despite his absence from leadership, he remained an advisor and made major contributions to community projects such as Help Force Island, Help Force Stamps and the Piña Colada Olympics of 2020. Elp has remained a figurehead of the army throughout his HF career and remains one of the most important people in its history.

Vedant is known for leading the Help Force to commanding heights in CP Armies. His continuous effort to bring the community closer, along with his sociable aura, has always proved to be a major factor in the army’s success. He joined HF in April 2019, but his activeness increased several weeks later, allowing him to get a Staff position in a few months. With Tistle as his mentor, he had the chance to sharpen his leadership skills and gain experience from practice battles, as well as the Legends Cup X tournament. Considered the second most influential HF member in 2020, Vedant took over the Commander position after Tistle’s retirement. He has lead the army through multiple tournaments, also bagging the Aces of AUSIA 2020 trophy. With 2021s Quadrata coming in force, he helped the army attain multiple #1 positions on the Top Tens. Under him, the army has defeated several major armies and holds the record for the highest max ever – 121. Always respected and held in high regard by this community, the Eastern King is without a doubt one of the best we have ever seen.

Kiara was one of the First Members to join the Help Force, arriving only 2 days after the formation of the army. Kiara has always played a big role for Help Force, building the army’s outlook and alongside Ayan, they formed the first AUSIA division of the army. She was the original inspiration behind the Gamer of the Week competition, creating the GoTW Posters and other design material for Help Force. She made major contributions to the fun-events sector of Help Force and played her part in administrating the server for some time. A staff member throughout 2018, Kiara retired from her duties in early 2019. A founding pillar for many of Help Force’s most enjoyable features, her work is unforgettable.

One of the main reasons for the activity boost of the army during Summer 2018, Attacker proved to be a catalyst. He joined the Help Force in June 2018, and became arguably, the most active member in the community. Achieving one of the fastest staff promotions ever seen, he ranked up to an administrative position in July. Guiding the army towards a more active scenario, he led the wars against the Green Mercenaries and the ETA, alongside Ayan. Attacker also helped lead the battles in the Legends Cup IX tournament held during those periods. An underrated feat, he was popular for his stamp segments, and always wanted to get the most out of them. He was also responsible for introducing voice-chat leading to the Help Force. After managing the army with his partners, he retired in February 2019 and is definitely one of the most popular people in HF.

Christene is well known for her stronghold on the AUSIA division in the Help Force. In September 2018, amidst an unfortunate HF slump, the Force was blessed with Christene. During this period Christene rapidly rose through the ranks as the most active troop and became an AUSIA pillar. Her help in maintaining the army’s activity was so immense that she was promoted to an administrative position in December, only 4 months after joining. Managing the community during idle hours, she always guided the army to a better future. During the wars against the Modern Alliance of CP, she helped form diplomatic connections with the latter and refused to back down. One of the most loyal members of the Help Force, she retired in March 2019.

Tistle, known for playing the tuba and being a committed as well as a prodigious commander, joined Help Force in June 2019. He readily participated in plenty of events and engaged in chat before earning his moderator role. He worked closely with Spotty and Lottie then later was promoted to a commanding position in October. Tistle played a vital role in the HF Exodus, which was a major twist in the army community. After taking a short break from leading in January, he returned as commander in February and led HF alongside Moon and Juanita. During this time, HF dominated and was led to victory in the RFCP war. Marching forward, Tistle solely led the army to multiple memorable moments and victories; including the tournament wins against the Doritos and Dark Warriors. He then brought about community changes involving stamps, Help Force Island and a revamp to the server. Not only did he lead Help Force to greater heights, but also laid the foundation for the sixth generation.

Snowy, formerly known as Snowflaxe, joined the Help Force in 2018. She was recruited as a moderator and anchored the US division under Elpiojo123. Snowy is a person who never backs down from a challenge, which was proven when she led battles against the Black Alliance. Everyone appreciated her selfless devotion towards the army and the community. After taking a break from armies, she started from the absolute bottom by choice and quickly rose through the ranks to become second in command during World War 8. Under Snowy and Wynn, the army’s recruiting division bloomed. Her famous duo with Wynn would see the Help Force reach 1st place on the top ten in the last week of January 2022 and make it to the March Madness finals. She overcame severe army activity issues and internal drama and went head-on against SWAT in another war. She is still considered one of the pioneers of the HF US division. In 2022, she was crowned as one of the Golden Helpers under the name of ‘The Double-Edged Sword’. After retirement, Snowy never stopped helping the US division with server activity. Even though she was no longer a leader, her constant advice to the new leadership and offer to help the staff plan and organise events will always be remarkable. It is rare to find someone as loyal and thoughtful towards the safety and success of the army as Snowy.

It’s nearly hard to gather words to describe someone that naturally never fails to prove how astonishing they are as a friend and army leader. Wynn seemed to revel in the effort she put into the army. A fast claimer like her eventual co-leader Snowy, Wynn became a leader-in-training near the dawn of World War 8. Wynn would end up succeeding Nell and Barnito as leaders and would oversee a period of growth of HF, along with successes in the top ten, quelling SWAT, and making it to the March Madness finals. From the missions to the trends she created, her word was glorified. Under her, HF dominated the SWAT war while achieving high maxes and conquering many lands on the map. She’s considered one of the best recruiters the army has ever had. She worked on improving foreign relations, which benefited the force with loyal allies and true friends. Wynn was voted for the #1 spot on the Golden Helpers Awards, which showcases her achievements. After retirement, she went on to do more for the CPA community and became the Chief Executive Officer of CP Armies. Not only does she care about the safety of the army, but also the safety of the reputation, success, and longevity of it. Since Wynn is plentiful of knowledge, she helped the new leaders understand the life of the CPA community outside of the army and this created enlightened leaders and staff of the generation after her. Her profesional character and personality that focuses on details will always make her well-aware of the life of the army.

Ice Ice Baby [The Army Brick]

Potatopuff [The Balanced Administrator]

Danilo [HF’s Picasso]

Bestpenguin [The People’s Choice]

Jusnita [Tge JTS Qyeen]

Lottie [The Social Butterfly]

Moon [The Revolutionary Leader]

CrystalJenny [The Caretaker]

Nelly [The Flaming Queen]

Janez [Master of Robots]

Maya [The Golden Rose]

Rooboo [TBA]

Desireus [TBA]

Lyuki [Okami]
Shoto [Eliteslayer]
Kluck [Shrek]
Retxro [SkeletonLad]
FooFee112 (Joe)
Riley (Kara)


Silvia . Cupcake . Xnxzxw (Siri)  . Waluigi . Goldensaur (Chosen One) . Olaf buddy . BolinoyS . Pengui744 . Riverdale . UrProMan . Rock . Chloe (CookieDog) . Froggybenjy . Shad . Megs (Stuttles) . EmuMaster . Elle (Lhyoon) . Princess (Ash) . Pringles123 . Dudepool . Koko . Lisa . Solar . Wishi .  Birdium . BananaBxr . Amy (Bobseinor) . Nate Ham . Bella (Mack) . Aoao . DaSwagger . Azalea [SnowMirror] . Alexei . Monika . Diego4204 . Vortre . Albert . Hstergirl . Holly . Taylor . Nafis . Marshmallow . Ken Kaneki . Ash . Hagrid . Stemv . Comedyguy . Sam Chilles (Sahil) . Valour . Sommer . Planet . Chickn . Josh . Walver . Vixx . Syd . Ananya (Volcano) . AbsoluteTrash123 . Plotter . Mandal . Amelia . Slush . Swager . lydia . Anushha . mantiuxx . Summer . Jason Red . NervousZippo . Delitager . Dhanush . javi . Ivelkov . SiriusBlack . PinguMaliz . Sophie . Eshal . Cosmic . earthly godly . Runa . Ally . Archana . Selene . Beanieval . NIKO . Elia . Wolfi . Choco . Chrissy . Pantera .  JazXD . Ronnie . Jonathon . Foxy . Dan . ShadyPanda . Liqeor . Jakuba . Katiee

Leaders of the Force

[Red = HF Legends]

1. Ayan [March 2018 – August 2019]
2. Timrainers [March 2018 – July 2018]
3. Morty21 [May 2018 – December 2018]
4. Attacker [July 2018 – November 2018]
5. Christene [November 2018 – January 2019]
6. Attacker [December 2018 – February 2019]
7. DrFlen [December 2018 – January 2019]
8. Spotty803 [January 2019 – February 2020]
9. Elpiojo123 [March 2019 – September 2019]
10. Kavacado [July 2019 – December 2019]
11. LottieGrace [August 2019 – February 2020]
12. Tistle [October 2019 – January 2020]
13. Ayan [December 2019 – January 2020]
14. Juanita [February 2020 – May 2020]
15. Moon [February 2020 – May 2020]
16. DaSwagger [February 2020 – February 2020]
17. Tistle [February 2020 – August 2020]
18. Vedant [May 2020 – December 2021]
19. Hannah [August 2020 – October 2020]
20. Nell [January 2021 – December 2021]
21. Ayan [March 2021 – December 2021]
22. Elpiojo123 [March 2021 – December 2021]
23. Wynn [December 2021 – October 2022]
24. Snowy [December 2021 – January 2023]

25. Desireus [October 2022 – June 2023]

26. ROOBOO [October 2022 – Present]
27. Snowy [June 2023 – August 2023]
28. Mayathefirst [June 2023 – August 2023]
29. Yoda [August 2023 – Present]
30. Thuanthaijo [August 2023 – Present]

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  1. Welcome to the Hall of Fame. Here you will find Legends, Leaders and those currently leading

  2. it is a discrace that spotty is not a legend :/

  3. i feel like everyone is an “important person of the help force” though. Maybe you could change it to something else? Just a suggestion.

    • Each and Every person is an Important part of the army. This page is for those who have done an extra-ordinary effort to make the Army reach heights and make it a success.

  4. kUkLaPa fOr IcOn

  5. Barnito – Power Troop – Guiding users in joining the best army and also helping the Helpers to gain stamps, meet mascots, etc most of which are done by the segments. Ik this is bleak, but been trying hard to achieve 😀

  6. DaSwagger – General (Moderator) – I believe I should be on the HoF because I’ve been an active troop for 6 months and been part of the staff team for just over 2 months. Attended several major events and battles for the army while also having hosted several segments and helped the Army gain recruits every day. Thank you for the consideration 😀

  7. An710-directing officer
    Coz I have been in HF for more than a year. And I had been assassin for more than 4 months…

  8. side note: im no longer Bobseinor

  9. el-been in hf for over a year have been active almost everyday an I have been a master cadet for a long time

  10. Idk how I made it on here but im so happy 😁

  11. Albert HF Icon

  12. Jayden for Power troop?

  13. Bruh ik we don’t talk much now. But I have a request that please take off “bestpenguin” name from this Hall of fame. I don’t want to be a part of this fame anymore. Still thanks for putting my name there. You can exchange my name with incredible mods like crystal, hagrid, barnito and all.

  14. Heyo, Fera here. Can I be possibly unbanned? Its really important for a reason thats hard to explain… I’m sorry for the things I said before I left

  15. Really Powers Troop So Fun Nice Same Rank Mods!!

  16. Marsh for power troop🙂Mod from April 2020

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