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How To: Stamps(Extreme)

Hey There!

In case you haven’t already checked out our How To: Stamps(Insanity), it tells you how to get the hardest few stamps and even tells you what stamps in CPR are.

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[AUSIA] Eclipse Event

Today, the AUSIA Division logged onto Blizzard to observe the eclipse on the Tallest Mountain!

The event began with the troops performing tactics at the Town then we moved to the Forest and hopped onto the Hot Air Balloon. We did a few tactics while we were cruising and then got off at the Tallest Mountain where we sat on the benches together and observed the eclipse. We manged to earn the Happy Room and the Mountaineer stamp during the event!

Max: 20+

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Ausia Training

Hey Helpers! Earlier today, Help Force logged onto Blizzard on CP Rewritten for the Ausia Training Event!

We started off in town but after the first half of the event, members wore the mining hard hat and headed to the gold mine to continue with the event! Throughout the event, the tactics and formations were done both neatly and on time. We also earned the Happy room stamp during the event!
Here are a few images from the event:

MAX: 20+

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Get to Know the Help Force Staff: DaSwagger

Hey Helpers! I’m here with another interview of a less well-known staff member, DaSwagger! Usually referred to as “Swag/(ger)” and seen with other clever nicknames, he’s been in the Help Force for a good amount of time now, but we don’t know much about him. In this interview, I hope we can change that!

Everything in this interview has not been touched or edited from our original words (besides some spelling of course).

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[EU] Massive Branch Battle

Today, we logged on CPATG for a Team Green vs. Team Yellow fun event!

Hi readers, this event was led by both of our lovely leaders, Lottie and Spotty. Both teams showed a competitive spirit in the battle but at the end of the day, Team Green bagged the victory with more penguins and better tactics!

Max: 20+

Comment below if you attended!

[AUSIA] Tuba Gang Takeover

Hey There Helpers, Today we logged into Blizzard-CPR to participate in our Tuba Takeover Event !
Whilst it being an Amazing Event, with about a 35 Max, It was led by Ayan with amazing Formations and coordinated Tactics throughout the 4 Rooms which were done in the Event!

Max : 35+

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[US] Stamp Event

Hey there Helpers!  Today Help Force logged on to CPR – Blizzard for our US Stamp Event!
At the beginning of the event, we performed tactics in the town encouraging everyone to wear the Pizza Apron. Then we headed to the Pizza Parlor to earn the Pizza Lover Stamp. Following that, we headed to the Night Club and earned the Go Blue! , Go Red! , Go Green! , and Go Yellow! Dance Stamps.  Throughout the fourth part, we wore the Miners Helmet in Iceberg and earnt the Berg Drill Stamp. In the final part of the event, we wore the Jetpack at the tallest mountain and earnt the Mountaineer Stamp. The event was an overall success with over 40 people attending and we earnt a whopping seven stamps!

Max : 40+

hearts club
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Huge Battle – HF vs. RPF

Hey Helpers! Today Help Force logged onto CPR – Sleet to have a practice battle against the army that currently residing in the Number 1 spot, Rebel Penguin Federation!

The battle went amazing, and we managed to max 45+! One of our largest maxes ever on CPA! Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t put up a fight. The final scored ended up being 1 2, and the decision was quite difficult. Huge thanks for RPF for the amazing battle! Here are some pics of this amazing battle;

MAX: 45+

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GoTW #66 – Penelopea

Hello Helpers! Here we are with another Gamer of the Week post! This week we have a new GoTW, Penelopea. This is her 1st GoTW! Congratulations!!


Faces Of The Force – Penelopea

Hey Helpers, welcome to today’s post which is yet another face of the force, but with a different host! As you may have noticed, The Help Force has not celebrated our active troops via Faces Of The Force for quite some time, so i have volunteered to continue the blog!

This week’s face of the force, along with all the past ones and the ones yet to come is based off activity in the server alongside progress in ranks and the points leaderboard.

Penelopea is one of the newest additions to our army and she’s always near the top of the leadboard. She’s even the current GOTW!
You wont be surprised to see she has gotten Face Of The Force as she’s always active in the server. Here’s the interview i did with her:


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