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[EU] Division Event

Hey Helpers! Today Help Force logged on to CPR Blizzard for our EU Event!
In the first part of the event, we wore the Jetpack at the tallest mountain and earnt the Mountaineer stamp. Throughout the second part, we wore the Miners Helmet in Iceberg and earnt the Berg Drill stamp. The event was successful and we managed to max around 35! Here are some pictures from the event:

MAX: 35+

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Jetpack Takeover

Hey Helpers! Not too long ago, Help Force logged onto Blizzard on CP Rewritten for the Ausia Jetpack Takeover Event!

During the first phase event, members wore the Jetpack found on top of the Tallest Mountain and during the second phase, we wore the Coffee apron. We also earned a couple of stamps like the Happy Room stamp and the Mountaineer stamp! The event went well with everyone doing the tactics as well as formations neatly and deftly.
Here are a few pictures from the event:

MAX: 28+

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Huge US Stamp Event

Hey Helpers! Yesterday, we logged on CP Rewritten for a US timed stamp event.

We logged on CPR and first wore the Pizza Apron and Chef hat. Our first stamp was happy room in Snow Forts. After that, we moved to the Pizza Parlor for the pizza emote stamp. We then switched to the tree costume for the tree mob stamp. Keep unleashing the power of stamps! Click continue reading for more photos from the event.

MAX: 25+

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[AUSIA] Tree Takeover

Hey there Helpers! On Thursday, we logged on CP Rewritten for an AUSIA Tree event!

Troops dressed up in the tree costume and took over Blizzard on CPR. The event was successful with a max around 35. Good job, Helpers! Click continue reading to see some more photos from the event.

MAX: 35+

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[US] Go Green Event

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for our US timezone’s Go Green Event!

The event went amazing! Not only did we manage to earn the Go Green! stamp, but the Go Red!, Go Blue!, and the Go Yellow!! With a max of 35+, Help Force managed to dominate the dance floor! Here are some pics of this spectacular event;

MAX: 35+

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[EU] Massive CPR Training

Hey Helpers! On Wednesday, Help Force logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten to have another Massive CPR Training!

The event went great! With Spotty leading the event manage to garner 30+ penguins and trained plenty of Helpers how events work! The event was a great success! Here are pics of it;

MAX: 30+

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Activity – Troops

Hey there Everyone, After we moved to CPR, We gained a lot of New Troops as well as lost our few Active ones. This Post is made to check which Troops are currently active in the Army. Make sure to comment below this Post in the format provided !

Comment on this Post in this Format by 26th Jan or else your Ranks might be removed for Inactivity.

Name on Discord –
Current Rank –
Approximate Events attended in the Past Week –
[ If it’s 0 , State 0 ]

Commenting is absolutely necessary for the Staff team to know how many active troops are there in the army, How many are Inactive and how many are MIA. It helps us plan Events accordingly and tell those specific troops for Events who’re Alive.
Unleash the Power of Helping!

[EU] Berg Drill + Stamp Event

Today, the EU Division logged onto CPR to tip the berg and help out other penguins with various stamps!

Hello readers! We had our EU troops log on to CPR Blizzard today for this event which was hosted by our very own commander Spotty. The event turned out great with troops performing tactics and bombs while moving around the island helping penguins get stamps at the Iceberg and also all of the color stamps at the Dance Club.

We managed to max around 35 penguins and recruited 10 new members before the event. Overall a delightful event for those who were a part of it! Here are a few pictures:

Max: 35+

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Pizza Penguin Takeover

Hey Helpers! Earlier, Help Force logged onto CPR for the Ausia Pizza Penguin Takeover Event!

During the Event, members wore the Pizza Apron along with the Chef’s Hat for the event! The event went well, with everyone doing the tactics and formations neatly and on time! We also earned a few stamps like the Happy Room stamp and the Pizza Waiter stamp!
Here are a few images from the event:

MAX: 18+

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[EU] Massive Fun Event

Hey Helpers! On Sunday the 19th, Help Force logged onto CPR for a short tactic opening, before switching to CPATG for a fashion show!

The event was led by Spotty, who did an amazing job at hosting a fun fashion show and doing some great tactics! During the tactics, we even helped people earn the Go Blue! Stamp. Here are some pics of this fun event;

MAX: 28+

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