Spooktacular HF-lloween!

Ghostly Greetings Helpers! It’s surprising how 2021 has ended up so far especially with the fact that many of us are resuming back to our pre-Covid situations, be it school, university, or work. Knowing that most of you have started decorating your houses with a variety of Jack-O-Lanterns, hay bales, scarecrows, and autumn leaves adorning the porches, doorways, and your yards for parties, it all sounds a tad bit exciting, doesn’t it? So first of all, wishing each one of you a very FaBOOlous Halloween this year!

The surprises we are bringing you for Halloween this year are exciting and spooky as well!

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for the Defense of Jackhammer, unfortunately we lost even though we put on a good show. Thank you Vedant, Nell, Maya and Snowy for leading, and to you all for attending!

MAX: 31+

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Hey helpers! today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for the Invasion of Avalanche, We covered and beat them in all aspects, thank you Vedant, Nell, Wynn, and Scorp for leading, and thank you all for attending!

MAX: 32+

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Food For Every Soul


Hello Helpers!!! Welcome back to another edition of Food for Every Soul, a series by Amy and I where we interview people from Help Force about their favorite and famous recipes! For our this post, we decided to interview the kind, loving, understanding, and sweet HF Sergeant Major Nene!!!

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CP Knowledge: Astro Barrier

Welcome to another post of the series CP Knowledge. This is a series where I will talk about every single minigame on Club Penguin, continuing today with Astro Barrier. The posts include how you play the game, its history, stamps, trivia, and a personal review of the game! Hope you enjoy it!

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Hello Comrades! Today Help Force logged on to CPRewritten with the Vengeance alliance for our defense of Jackhammer. However, due to the absence of judges, Silver Empire’s invasion was rendered invalid and we decided to have some fun instead. After a brief training led by Sanya and Jayden, we moved on to an amazing igloo raid! The event was a huge success, a huge thanks to everyone who attended and to Jayden for leading.

Make sure to comment your Discord name and army rank below if you attended this event! 

MAX: 29+ 

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Hello Comrades! On October 25th, the unstoppable Vengeance alliance invaded Silver Empire’s server Ice Breaker, and we CRUSHED THEM IN BATTLE! Ice Breaker is ours now, and we continue our rampage of the Empire and their Western Bloc allies. A huge thanks to Nell, Wynn and our ally Army of Club Penguin’s staff member Sanya for leading this successful invasion!

Make sure you comment your Discord name and rank in the comments section below if you attended! 

MAX: 24+

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Get To Know The Staff – Desireus

Hey Helpers! Welcome back to Get To Know The Staff, the series where a staff member is interviewed as we get to know them better! So today we will be talking to the one and only Mr.Desireus!

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The Tabber Twins: A War of Terms

“A criminal is twice a criminal when he adds hypocrisy to his crime” —Marie Corelli

Aren’t the criminals in our society ever so outrageous? Stepping out into the sunlight bolder than decent men, going around committing crimes believing they will never be caught, and at the same time pretending they still have the tiniest sliver of morals.

The Help Force hereby officially accepts the Water Vikings’ declaration of war. 

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GoTW #153

We congratulate one of our amazing members, a young wolf who never gave up, nor even when his internet isn’t working very well, our Walver! Winning a total of 12 GoTW titles, breaking several records such as Katty’s 11 win record and Katty’s 9 wins in a row. His thirst for Sapphires is unquenchable. If he owes you any bot money, I need to inform you that he is now insured by HF Insurance Policies 😎 Good luck on your path as Junior Staff, Walver! P.S. waffles>>pancakes & make a counter command for Zippo.