Spooktacular HF-lloween!

Ghostly Greetings Helpers! It’s surprising how 2021 has ended up so far especially with the fact that many of us are resuming back to our pre-Covid situations, be it school, university, or work. Knowing that most of you have started decorating your houses with a variety of Jack-O-Lanterns, hay bales, scarecrows, and autumn leaves adorning the porches, doorways, and your yards for parties, it all sounds a tad bit exciting, doesn’t it? So first of all, wishing each one of you a very FaBOOlous Halloween this year!

The surprises we are bringing you for Halloween this year are exciting and spooky as well!

The Halloween Week

Was it just me or did everyone notice the change of roles for members as well as staff?

Oh hell yeah you’re right! Knowing that CPRewritten now plays an important role for our team and their outfits due to HF Island not being around anymore (yeah RIP HFI, you are irreplaceable, and thank you Janez for making 2020 wonderful with HFI), we used this year’s game Halloween Party to our benefit 😀
The two teams this year are the haunting Ghosts and spooky scary Skeletons!

This year’s spooktacular Halloween week starts right after the Sunday battle against SE which will be a joint event with our Vengeance Alliance! Creds to Scorp for the amazing GFXs in this post!

What’s gonna happen during Halloween Week?

Well sire, if it is your first Halloween Week in Help Force, then buckle up because you sure are in for one hell of a ride!
There will be a ton of Fun Events & Tournaments on Club Penguin as well as other games, VC Parties and so much more! Of course, the SE war will continue but all these activities are to entertain all of us and enjoy our time no matter what!

How to enroll into a Team for Halloween Week 2021?

There is a channel with the name #team-role-apply in the Help Force discord and send a message saying “I want to be in team ghost/skeleton”. The staff will add the role and you will have access to a few channels special for this occasion :E7:

What are the various Fun Events / Tournaments?

The staff members will be hosting various games such as:

  • Hide and Seek
  • Family Feud
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Trivia (on CPR and Discord)
  • Fashion Show
  • Sled Race Tournament
  • Find Four
  • Mancala
  • Dance Contest
  • Guess The Room
  • Skribbl.io
  • Igloo Contest
  • Mysterious Riddles and Puzzles for you to solve

In case I have forgotten to mention a game, DM me on Discord right away!

How are the two teams going to get points?

Fun Events and Tournaments will happen throughout the day, maybe once or twice for each timezone. Upon that, the Staff will be taking care of how many attendees are present from each team, and the more attendees you have for a fun event/tournament, the more points the respective team receives. If you were here for Halloween Week 2020, you will be familiar with this point system.

An attendee for their team will earn 10 points. So, if you have 5 attendees for Team Ghost, then the team gets 50 points.
Now similarly, if Team Skeletons have 6 members attending the Fun Event/Tournament, then the team gets 60 points.
The winner of a Fun Event/Tournament gets 50 bonus points for their team. The person in second place would however get 25 points for their team.

However, if the tournament is purely team-based, such as Hide n Seek, Family Feud, etc, then the winner of each round gets 100 points for their team.

In regards to the Recruitment and our Blue Squadron Divisions, the points are given to their team as follows:

  • Take part in a recruitment session full time = 30 points
  • Take part in half a recruitment session = 15 points
  • Attend a Squadron event = 25 points
  • Recruit a member from CPR game / CP related discords = 25 points
    A proof will be needed for this ofc ^^^

Hungry for some Spooky Rewards?

Trick or Treat? This Halloween season, Help Force will be sponsoring a daily reward scheme. The daily rewards can range from anything; a discord nitro giveaway to a custom role, or even a spook themed custom penguin for you!

How can I win these rewards?

Well it’s pretty simple. For being eligible to tune into the daily reward giveaway, all you have to do is:

  • Participate in one of the battles which take place on the respective day (if any).
  • Submit your results for that day’s halloween themed contest.

 Division Battle info leaked by Staff?

Not sure who leaked but the trail of bread crumbs will be followed and the offender will be punished.
Until then, I shall leave this here.

Psst, hey there! I’m not sure if any Staff came here to read the post because most of them are lazy and they won’t read the complete post. I shall leave you guys with a code, it’s your job to solve it and that will be the password for the next post.

Code is 19.16.1515.11.25

Until next time, make sure you are not followed, do not reveal the key to anyone, and ciao.

Comment below and let us know your thoughts regarding these updates! Happy Spooky Halloween, Help Force!

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