Howdy Ghosts and Skeletons! Today we logged onto CPR for the last event of ’21 HF’s Halloween Theme Week! Hope you enjoyed the fun tactics, a branch battle between the two teams, and a treasure hunt at the end! Everyone wore their best spooky outfits and had a great time at this huge party! Thank you everyone for leading and Scorp for organizing it!

MAX: 22+

Comment below if you came to the party!

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Good day Helpers! Today we logged onto Ascent of Club Penguin Rewritten to have our Halloween-themed igloo raids in replacement of an Invasion that was cancelled due to lack of Judges. Everyone got into their spookiest costumes as we went did a few tactics through Stadium, Iceberg, Inside Mine and went on igloo raiding! Huge thanks to Nell, Mandal and Desireus for leading throughout today’s event. Thank you to all who attended, till next time!

Max: 38+

Comment below if you attended!

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Spooktacular HF-lloween!

Ghostly Greetings Helpers! It’s surprising how 2021 has ended up so far especially with the fact that many of us are resuming back to our pre-Covid situations, be it school, university, or work. Knowing that most of you have started decorating your houses with a variety of Jack-O-Lanterns, hay bales, scarecrows, and autumn leaves adorning the porches, doorways, and your yards for parties, it all sounds a tad bit exciting, doesn’t it? So first of all, wishing each one of you a very FaBOOlous Halloween this year!

The surprises we are bringing you for Halloween this year are exciting and spooky as well!

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