GoTW #101

Hey Helpers! This week’s GoTW has been decided as Comedy! Congrats to Comedy for all her hard work!


Heyooo Helpers!!

Today we logged in for a Vroom Vroom takeover on CPRewritten!! This was an amazing event with super-strong tactics, although the size of the costume made our formations look very unique we all had a lot of fun, and was an awesome event overall!!
We were lead by three of our amazing Ausia Staff! Jayden, Ru, and Barney

MAX 48+

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[US] Soccer Team Event

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR – Beanie for a Soccer Team Event! This event was led by Taylor, Joe, and Planet. We did many formations and wonderful tactics! The event started in Town, continued to Stadium, and finished in Dance Club.

Max: 33+

Amazing job today Helpers!

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[INT] Pizza Party

HOLA HELPERS!! Today we logged onto CPR for a Pizza Party! The rooms were Town, Pizza Parlour and Stadium lead by Monika, Dawn, Joe, Taylor, Ru, Stemv. We did some great Pizza tactics, formations and even got the Pizza Stamps!


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[EU] Fright or Fight Tournament Round 2 vs Rebel Penguin Federation

Hello Helpers! We logged onto CPArmies today for the battle against Rebel Penguin Federation as part of the Semi-Finals (Round 2) of Fright or Fight Tournament. This Battle was led by Barney and it included multiple tactics, various formations which were well-performed and numerous bombs. The Battle resulted in a 2-0 win for The Rebels. Thank you all for attending! Everyone did an amazing job today!

Max: 84+

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[AUSIA] Unscheduled Stamp Festival!

Heyooo Helpers!!

Today we logged into CPR for an Unscheduled Stamp Festival!
We were able to collect the new Celebration Stamp as well as some extreme and rare stamps as well! We also did some fun formations and tactics throughout the island. Our Helpers were led by Ru, Barney, and Kara/Riley!

MAX 36+


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[INT] Army Training

Hey Helpers! today we logged on to CPRewritten for this event! we did some great tactics and formations! and the rooms were Town, Stadium, Docks, Iceberg, Beach and Snow Forts! this event was lead by Joe, Nell, Rooboo, Ru, Maya and Riley/Kara. We also got lots of stamps as well, Great job today Helpers!

Max: 46+

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GoTW #100

Congratulations to Nafis on winning his first GoTW award! His effort this week has been exceptional and his truly deserving of his victory this 100th week! Keep unleashing the power of helping!

[AUSIA] Coffee Takeover

Heyyyyy amazing friendssssss! Today we logged onto CPR for the great Coffee Takeover! We waddled through the TownCoffee Shop, Stadium, and Ice Berg! Led by Barnito, Jayden, and Ru, we had a really amazing time and it was super creative with formations and tactics!

Max: 41+

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[EU] Strongman Takeover

Hey Helpers! Today we logged on to CPR for this fun event! we did some great tactics and formations lead by RooBoo, Janez, and Monika. the rooms were Town, Snowforts, And Iceberg! Great Job today Helpers!

MAX 42+

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