Practice Battle Against ACP

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Practice Battle against our allies ACP! This event saw over 30 Help Force members battling on Beanie against a ferocious and strong opponent! The event was hyped for hours before starting and was extremely successful, regardless of the result. Commander Tistle led Help Force to battle after multiple recruitment segments, hyping the troops for a whole hour with pre-tactics and fierce spamming. The event result was as follows:

First Room: ACP

Second Room: Tie 

Third Room: ACP

This result does not tell the full story. One mistake from ACP could have costed them the whole battle, and they were on top form with many returning veterans involved against a Growing Help Force! We will battle on, with many more interesting encounters to come in the future! Unleash the Power of Helping!

MAX 30+


[EU] Mining Event

Howdy Helpers!

This Thursday saw Help Force log in at EU time to Blizzard CPR for a big Mining Event!
This event was amazing! Helped by the CPR public and of course our talented helpers, we managed to get 27 members wearing the mining hat and drilling! This is a big improvement on the last couple of EU events which makes this turn out even more sweet! HF Commander Tistle and Marshall Aoao led the rooms, with Aoao in charge of his first event as a returning Staff member! The event was consistent throughout, which means that participants will receive promotions for this event!

MAX 27+


[US] Puffle Takeover

Hey Helpers! Today we logged on CPR for a fun Puffle takeover.

As most of you know, CPR is currently hosting the Puffle Party. To celebrate, we logged on CPR and held an event as puffles! The event was very fun and we were able to explore many of the party rooms during the event. Click read more to see more pictures from the event, and don’t forget to comment if you attended!

MAX: 45+


[EU] Operation: Prevail

Howdy Helpers!

This Wednesday saw Help Force log in at EU time to Blizzard CPR for a big Operation. Operation: Prevail!
For those who attended not only the Pre-event segment, but the event itself, we have made ourselves an enemy. The troops dressed in the classic Blue Jersey Outfits and we achieved a max of around 15 which is was encouraging, especially with new members involved too! The event was flawless, with Helpers trying out the new “Swing” tactic, as all participants received points for their efforts after an exceptional performance!

MAX 15+



GoTW#67 – FutureShark

Hey Helpers! It’s time for this week’s Gamer of the Week! From now on, how the GoTW is chosen has a new system! We value the performance of every member on the leaderboard and choose accordingly. This week GoTW is FutureShark! Congrats !! Keep up the good work!