[EU] Operation: Prevail

Howdy Helpers!

This Wednesday saw Help Force log in at EU time to Blizzard CPR for a big Operation. Operation: Prevail!
For those who attended not only the Pre-event segment, but the event itself, we have made ourselves an enemy. The troops dressed in the classic Blue Jersey Outfits and we achieved a max of around 15 which is was encouraging, especially with new members involved too! The event was flawless, with Helpers trying out the new “Swing” tactic, as all participants received points for their efforts after an exceptional performance!

MAX 15+



Comment below if you attended!

9 Responses

  1. hey guys! i attended!

  2. i love how 2 of my pics was used, i have hosted 2 fun events – Dest

  3. I attended

  4. I attended – olivia

  5. I was there! 😉

  6. i forgot to say i was here!!

  7. hi ik im late but i was also here

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