Faces of the Force – Juanita


Helpers, visitors and raccoons, welcome to yet another edition of the series that you were all waiting for! Yes, this Sunday’s Faces of the Force is finally here! If you don’t know, each week we are interviewing one of the most active and helpful members of HF. Everyone has a chance to be featured! Hope you will enjoy the new post and the conversation with the definition of sweetness… Juanita!

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Weekly Reflection

Week in Review

[02/28 – 03/06]

The week was filled with many amazing events, battles and games! Our average maxes along with the main event max increased and we had a lot of fun! Great job everyone and hopefully the next week will be even better!

Max Averages

AUSIA: 36 [10↑]
EU: 36 [2↑]
US: 28 [1↑]
INT: 45 [-]
Main Event Max: 49 [13↑]

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Back In Time: Record Maxes

Help Force never always had been in the Major Armies Category. We started off just like the others, small and new to the community. Don’t believe us? Check out this post here from August of 2018, the first Battle Practice HF went through after the Legends Cup of 2018.

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Get To Know The Help Force Staff: Joe

Salutations Helpers! Welcome back to another fabulous interview where you get to know one staff member of Help Force a little better! Stepping into the spotlight this week is HF Admiral Joe! Joe Has been an Admiral since January 2021 and is an active part of the US division, hosting segments, leading in events and much more. Without further ado let us get into the interview!

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HF Insight: Rise of the Times

Hey Helpers! Welcome to HF Insight!

Table of Contents

  • What’s been Happening
  • Week in Short
  • GOTW Interview and Statement
  • Army Statistics for the Week
  • HF Insight Insider Info

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The HF Beacon


ZIPLINE, Editor’s Table — Welcome back, Helpers, to the newest edition of The Help Force Beacon! After an branch battle between teams water and fire, we bring to you HF’s weekly dose of entertainment!
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Faces of the Force – Plotter


Howdy Helpers! Welcome to the new edition of Faces of the Force! In this series we are interviewing prominent members of HF and asking questions about both their army career and personal live. Every active Helper has a chance to be invited! With another Sunday comes the new FotF edition so please give an applause to one of our most charming members… Plotter!

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Weekly Reflection

Week in Review

[02/21 – 02/27]

Last week was amazing, filled with lot of fun from games and tournaments with mega events on Saturday! Keep up the amazing work and let’s increase our max before the upcoming battles!

Max Averages

AUSIA: 26 [-]
EU: 34 [6↓]
US: 27 [-]
Main Event Max: 36 [12↓]

[EU] Operation: Firepower
Max: 32+

Led by Nell, Chloe and Wynn
Click Here To Check The Event Post!

[AUSIA] Formation & Speed Practice on CPR
Max: 26+

Led by Jayden, Nell and Ru
Click Here To Check The Event Post!

[EU] Branch Battle – Team Water vs Team Fire
Max: 36+

Led by Nell, Joe, Jayden, Wynn, Ru, Maya, Chloe and Barnito
Click Here To Check The Event Post!

[US] Revival Event
Max: 27+

Led by Joe and Maya
Click Here To Check The Event Post!


Unleash the Power of Helping!

Nap Segment Insights

Welcome back to Nap Segment Insights, a weekly series dedicated to everyone’s favorite type of seg: napping! I’m writing this from HF prison 🙂

This week we’ll be continuing from last week’s post about how to steal food from the staff lounge, the most guarded part of HF (after the stamp assembly room, of course). If you followed last week’s guide, you should now be standing in the staff lounge, waiting desperately for this series to update so you can finally escape. I know it’s been an entire week and you’re probably regretting listening to my advice in the first place, but first, a small disclaimer. If you happen to end up in jail for breaking and entering and placing carrots over all of the security cameras, please don’t sue me 🙂

For those of you who are still inside the staff lounge, read very carefully. Slip out of the staff lounge as quietly as you can. Grab your extra can of PUFFLE-AWAY SPRAY and use it on the large blue puffle in case it starts to wake up. If you came prepared, you should have either a skateboard or an air horn with you. I’ll go over what you can do with either.

First: the skateboard. The obvious use for this one is to bang it on the walls to make noise and then skate away in style, but if that doesn’t appeal to you, consider leaving it in the lounge as a peace offering.

Second: the air horn. If you happen to run into someone while you’re escaping, simply blow the air horn in their face and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Repeat until the person chasing you curls up on the floor cursing at the inventor of the air horn.

Next, locate the computer system in the pina colada room. Enter the password Helping Friends and click on → users → Barney → server settings → security camera → staff lounge. At this point, you’ll see a few options. Find the one that says “purge footage” and click on it. It is imperative that you don’t click on the other option that says “pineapple festival.” Trust me on this one.

Before I tell you the next step, you’re probably wondering why I’m in prison. I was sort of caught a little bit trying to escape from the staff lounge, and after an unsuccessful attempt to rally the puffles to fight off the leadership, I might’ve been put in jail with no chance of bail.

No need to worry, though. I have an escape plan already in motion. By next week’s post I’ll be writing from another country, where Help Force can never find me 😉

Moving on. After deleting the footage, it’s time to escape the building! Grab your stolen snacks and jump out the nearest window. If you don’t like jumping through glass, you can just open the door and walk out (though honestly, that’s not as dramatic.) Once you’re out in the open, find a nice bush to live in for the next 4-6 weeks as the staff track you down for theft, breaking and entering, and attempting to pass as a puffle in order to escape arrest.

That’s all for this week’s insight. Curious about anything nap or snack related? Comment below and I’ll write all about it! Until next week, comrades.

[EU] Operation: Firepower

Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for todays EU Operation: Firepower! We completed many tactics and bombs in the Snowforts, Stadium, Docks and Forest. The event was led by Nell, Chloe and Wynn. Great job everyone and thanks for attending the event!

MAX: 32+

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