HF Insight: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  • What’s been Happening
  • Week in Short
  • Primc’s GOTW Statement
  • Army Statistics for the Week
  • HF Insight Insider Information

What’s Happening?

Welcome to What’s Been Happening?! Here we will go through all the latest server updates for the week and of course, we can’t forget the casual HF Gossip! Let’s find out What’s Been Happening!

Merry Christmasssss and Happy New Year to all of Help Force! Wishing you a year full of joy and happiness!

This week we had numerous events, fun games, and segments that were extremely fun!

Stay tuned down below for all the amazing news that happened throughout the week!

Week In Short

Sunday, 1st of January 2023

Happy New Yearrrrr! Today we had a fun time celebrating the new year in chat!

Monday, 2nd of January 2023

Our first event of the year, [US] OPERATION: WHACK A DOCTOR, was a fun event in which we logged on and enjoy! With a max of 16+, we had a really good time!

Tuesday, 3rd of January 2023

Today was a break day in which we had fun with fun games and in chat!

Wednesday, 4th of January 2023

Today was also a break day full of fun games!

Thursday, 5th of January 2023

With our childhood coming into life, we couldn’t have an event without revisiting an oldie! We had the [INT] NO, THIS IS PATRICK today in which we had a max of 31+! We had a lot of fun during the event.

Friday, 6th of January 2023

With another world trend, we couldn’t not do a [AUSIA] CAN YOU FEEL MY HEART in which we role play Giga Chad! With a max of 20+, it was a blast!

Saturday, 7th of January 2023

Merry Christmas! Today we joined Ice Warriors for the Roblox Got Talent and had an [INT] OPERATION: FIND ZUKO’S HONOR event! With a max of 19+, we had a great time!

Primc’s GOTW Statement

:waterhell: I am just kidding anyways I got GOTW which stands for (Gamer of the week) honestly It was hard I was aiming to be GOTW and here I am on the member list with GOTW on top of me. I aimed for GOTW because I wanted to show my passion for being a troop in HF it wasn’t easy. You need to work hard and put effort into to what you are doing and enjoy it. Don’t think like u attend one event that’s it I am going to get it No. YOU NEED HARD WORK attend events host games be in recruiting segments and etc. I did that and I am GOTW with 1960 sapphires:Sapphires: (My recruits sapphires wasn’t added so I did) If you wanna get GOTW the aim for it is Believe in yourself don’t just do it for GOTW make sure its fun for you and don’t grind have as much as fun possible for your self and the community. That’s all I am going to say and also if you wanna achieve something work hard for it and you will get it. :sip: Thank y’all for supporting me and congratulating me much love to all of you and Snowy I hope you had a fun time being a commander congrats to all who got Junior Staff and those who want to, remember: “Hard Work is the key to success ” :Chonkyboy:

Army Statistics for the Week

Thanks to the TOP TEN ARMIES BY CPA, here are the statistics for the week!

Inside the HF Insight Insider Information

We recruited many Helpers from the 1st of January – 7th of January! Welcome, all you new amazing helpers!
If you have any insights about HF make sure you DM ROOBOO#8738!

Well, that’s all we have for today! Join us next week as we take a look at the newest events that unfold. Keep unleashing the power of helping!

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