Keeping Up With CPRewritten – April 2021

Hi everyone! Are you looking for some fresh news and gossip directly from CPR owners?

Great, you came to the right place! This month’s Keeping Up With CPR is here! Read and you won’t feel lost anymore! We will inform you about upcoming parties, catalogues and more!

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[EU] Operation: Voyagers

Greetings Helpers! Today we logged on to CPRewritten for another marvelous event led by Rooboo, Wynn and Barnito! We practised a lot of fun tactics, formations and emotes. The rooms we used were the Stadium, Inside Mine, and Iceberg. Amazing job today, hope you guys had fun! Looking forward to seeing you lovely helpers at the next event! 

MAX: 44+ 

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Rainbow’s Catalog Guide – April 2021

Hey there Helpers! Once again, I’ve been summoned to write secrets for our April Catalog! Let’s discover more of them down below! 

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[INT] Lights! Camera! Action!

Hey Helpers! For today’s event, we logged on to CPRewritten with our Video Cameras on Ascent! Slushy, Rooboo, and Nelly led us around the Island making sure we got a chance to capture the whole island on tape! We did a bunch of tactics along with formations! Hope you all enjoyed today’s event, you guys did fantastic! Thanks for attending!

Max: 45+

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HF Insight: The Rising Phoenix

Hey Helpers! Welcome to HF Insight!

Table of Contents

  • What’s been Happening
  • Week in Short
  • LYD’s GOTW Statement
  • Army Statistics for the Week
  • HF Insight Insider Information

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HF Patrons Of Patreon: Wiggly

Welcome Back to Patrons of Patreon, the exclusive mini-series where I have the pleasure of interviewing our HF donators! Our Patreon donators generously donate their money to help with the running of the HF community and its projects!

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing my guest, Wiggly!

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Weekly Reflection

Week in Review

[04/04 – 10/04]

Hello everyone and welcome to another Weekly Reflection! Here you will find some interesting army statistics, trivia and information about the activities we host. Last week was filled with Operations, Battles and a lot of fun! We were consistently maxing above 40, even almost 50! We also organized multiple Blue Squadron Sessions and the first Batch of Cadets is due to finish their special training in a week! Good job everyone and hopefully we can achieve even more in the future!


Max Averages

AUSIA: 49 [7↑]
EU: 44 [4↑]
INT: 40 [8↓]
Main Event Max: 49 [11↑]

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[AUSIA] Mops Unleashed

Howdy, Helpers! Back again with our mops and buckets on CPRewritten, server Zipline! Because it was time for spring cleaning, Aoao, Swager, Amy and Barnito led the mopping gang around the island where we practised various tactics and formations! All in all, we made some new friends as well! Hope you all enjoyed today’s event! You were all great! Thank you for attending!

Max: 49+

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Faces of The Force – Javi


Hello dear readers! It’s Friday, great day to rest after whole week! Prepare something nice to sip and take a moment to read the new Faces of The Force edition! If you don’t know, in each post we interview one of the most active members of HF and ask them about both their army and personal life. Attend events, talk in the chat, be helpful and you have a chance to be invited as well! Now focus up and let us introduce you to this week’s Face, charming… Javi!

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HF Patrons of Patreon: Krebi

Welcome back friends to Patrons of Patreon the greatest mini-series that provides you with insight into how the  gracious donators to the HF Patreon vibe. Stepping into the spotlight today we have HF Commodore Krebi!  :crabrave:

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