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  • What’s been Happening
  • Week in Short
  • Zenishira’s GOTW Statement
  • Army Statistics for the Week
  • HF Insight Insider Information

What’s Happening?

Welcome to What’s Been Happening?! Here we will go through all the latest server updates for the week and of course, we can’t forget the casual HF Gossip! Let’s find out What’s Been Happening!

This week we had numerous events, fun games, and segments that were extremely fun, especially invasions!

Stay tuned down below for all the amazing news that happened throughout the week!

Week In Short

Sunday, 31st of July 2022

Happy Birthday Harry Potter! To celebrate his birthday, we had the amazing [AUSIA] YER A WIZARD, HARRY which was led by Desireus, Yoda, and Alex. With a max of 19+, it was very fun!

Monday, 1st of August 2022

Today was a break day full of fun games in Force Arcadium and Recruitment Segments!

Tuesday, 2nd of August 2022

Tuesday was also a break day with numerous fun games in Force Arcadium and Recruitment Segments!

Wednesday, 3rd of August 2022

A very famous thing in Help Force is mopping and cleaning the chat. What could be a better way than having a dedicated event for that! An [EU/US] OPERATION: MOP THE MINES! took place today with a max of 19+! Led by Yoda, Nervous, and Javi, it was really fun!

Thursday, 4th of August 2022

Today was a break day! Plenty of fun games in Force Arcadium and Recruitment Segments took place as well.

Friday, 5th of August 2022

Today we had the invasion of the land “Hot Chocolate”! The [INT] INVASION OF HOT CHOCOLATE took place with a max of 31+! Led by Yoda and ROOBOO, it was a successful invasion!

Saturday, 6th of August 2022

While ending the week, we had a double event! First of all, we celebrated the Independence of Jamaica which happened 60 years ago on the 6th of August! The [AUSIA]: JAMAICA’S INDEPENDENCE DAY took place today with a max of 32+ and was led by Javi, Winter, and Yoda! We also had a Practice Battle with TCP! The [EU] BATTLE: BANE OF KNIGHTS took place today with a max of 33+ and was led by Wynn, Snowy, and Maya!

Zenishira’s GOTW Statement

“To all who aspire to get the much coveted GOTW title, remember that it’s not about the prestige or competition, but about how much you devote yourself to HF. Attend events, win games, recruit people, solve riddles, do whatever it is in your power to prove that you are loyal to our glorious gracious motherland. I know it might seem daunting at first, with everyone competing to get the role. Do it when you have free time, in your rhythm, and most importantly don’t quit. Be the most active troop during the week and you’ll be sure to win!”

Army Statistics for the Week

Thanks to the TOP TEN ARMIES BY CPA, here are the statistics for the week!

Inside the HF Insight Insider Information

We recruited many Helpers from the 31st of July – 6th of August! Welcome, all you new amazing helpers!
If you have any insights about HF make sure you DM ROOBOO#8738!

Well, that’s all we have for today! Join us next week as we take a look at the newest events that unfold. Keep unleashing the power of helping!

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