Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto CPAB for a interesting pratice battle against TCP! After changing to the first room, we all lagged and couldn’t get back in, so Wynn and Elia took over for the team. However, after a couple of minutes, we got back online and finished the pratice battle with people frozen on screen. We did still do some tactics at Stadium, Snowforts and Docks! Thank you Wynn for leading this chaotic battle! Hope you all enjoyed the great lag and event!

MAX: 16+

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Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto CPAB for a fun battle training session to prepare for Sunday’s Battle against IW! We did some tactics at Stadium and Iceberg! Thank you Wynn and Desireus for leading! Hope to see you all at the battle tomorrow!

MAX: 30+

Comment below for promotions if you attended!

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Sapphires Shop and new Promotion System

Hello Helpers! We hope you’re all as excited as we are because today we’re bringing you some big, long-anticipated news. With CPR closing and a new era on another Club Penguin server starting, we decided it’s the perfect time to begin with the Sapphires Shop and a Promotion system revamp!

Sapphires Shop

From now on, you will be able to exchange all your sapphires for rewards. There are a lot of prizes to choose from, and we are sure that everyone will find something for themselves. Bot money, roles, external emote perms, we have it all! To access the shop, simply use Pavle’s $shop command. Some rewards require only a few events to attend, while others are a lot harder to unlock.

To ensure a stable economy system and a fair competition, we decided to reset all the sapphires. Everyone with 15000 or more was rewarded with an exclusive Sapphires Hoarder role!

Promotion System

Introducing the Sapphires Shop had to be followed by a few other changes. No one needs to decide between higher ranks or shop rewards because we decided to separate sapphires from the promotion system. You will still be collecting sapphires in the old way, but your rank won’t be determined by them. Instead, ranking up will now be subjective and considered a real achievement.


New System

The promotions won’t be happening when you have enough sapphires like before, but only once a week. On Mondays, all the people who were working hard in the past week will be promoted together, based on their efforts and actions. Sometimes, especially at the lower ranks, it will be possible to jump up two ranks, while for the top tier ones like Commodore, promotions may take longer. Note that breaking the rules will be taken into consideration as well.


Ranking Up

Staff will be checking the #promotions channel, weekly sapphires leaderboard, and event posts to see how active everyone was and then reward them accordingly. Don’t forget to react for your sapphires and comment on the event posts that will now be released at the end of each event. Recruiting, hosting, or being helpful and active in the chats may help you get promoted faster. The Gamer of the Week reward remains the same as it was.

The new era starts today! We hope you will all enjoy the shop and yes, it will be expanded in the future to reflect all of Help Force’s needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message a staff member!

Unleash the Power of Helping!
Help Force Commanders

GoTW #178

Congratulations Pantera on winning the first Gamer of the Week Title! Thank you for being with us and working hard, we are happy to have you here. Keep it up!

GoTW #177

Congratulations Zenishira on winning your second Gamer of the Week Title! Well deserved, just one more to go for the Specialist!


Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPRewritten for the finals of March Madness ’22. Thank you Wynn, Snowy, and Scorp for leading. Thank you everyone for attending, and congrats to IW for winning the tournament.

MAX: 66+ 

Comment below if you attended the battle!

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GoTW #176

Everyone, please congratulate Zenishira on earning his first Gamer of the Week Title! Welcome to this elite gang, hope to see working hard to win the Specialist one day. Thank you for your hard work!


Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPRewritten for our semifinal battle of March Madess ’22, and we won 2-1-0. Thank you Wynn, Snowy, and Scorp for leading, thank you staff and troops for all your dedication, and thank you to TCP for putting up a good fight. See you for the finals, Helpers!

MAX: 49+ 

Comment below if you attended the battle!

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GoTW #174

Congrats to Runa on earning her third Gamer of the Week and GoTW Specialist! Well done Runa!


Hello everyone! Today we had a spectacular time battling Red Ravagers! We wore dark blue and our blue jerseys during this battle. A huge thank you to Scorp, Maya and NervousZippo for leading! Thank you to our allies, Red Ravagers and all the troops that attended for coming!

MAX: 27+

Comment below if you attended!

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