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Zipline, Fly’s Igloo ~ Hey helpers! Welcome back to the HF Beacon! Let me start off by apologizing for my hiatus. Due to personal stuff and school, I’ve been busy, I’ve been busy. Today, I’m bringing you a special Christmas Themed story! I hope you enjoy this edition of The HF Beacon. To read more, simply hit continue reading, and read on!

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HF & Christmas Trivia

Howdy Helpers!! Help Force recently hosted their Trivia along with a Tactics event on Mammoth in CPATG!

The event was hosted at a US time and although USA timezones haven’t been our strongest, every helper who did come came with great enthusiasm, with tactics and formations beautifully done to hyped up troops during the trivia. 

The trivia went amazingly well! There were 2 rounds, an HF round and a Christmas round with several questions based on general knowledge. Once again, everyone was hyped and eager during the trivia.

A huge thanks to everyone that came! Be sure to come to other events throughout the week!

Here are a few pictures were taken during the event:

MAX: 16+

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