Faces of the Force – Plotter


Howdy Helpers! Welcome to the new edition of Faces of the Force! In this series we are interviewing prominent members of HF and asking questions about both their army career and personal live. Every active Helper has a chance to be invited! With another Sunday comes the new FotF edition so please give an applause to one of our most charming members… Plotter!

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[INT] The Come Back Event

Howdy Helpers! This Sunday we logged onto CPR for an international event! We saw a great max and did many very decent tactics at Docks, Iceberg and Cove. The event was led by Nell, Slush and Rooboo! Thank you everyone for sharing this amazing time with us and see you next time!

Max: 49+

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Weekly Reflection

Week in Review

[02/21 – 02/27]

Last week was amazing, filled with lot of fun from games and tournaments with mega events on Saturday! Keep up the amazing work and let’s increase our max before the upcoming battles!

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[US] Revival Event

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for the [US] Revival Event. The event was a great success, led by Joe and Maya. Tactics took place in the Forest, Docks and Stadium. Hope you all enjoyed this event and hope to see you at the next one!

Max: 27+

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[EU] Branch Battle – Team Water vs Team Fire

Greeting everybody! Today we logged onto CPR for the first Branch Battle between Team Water and Team Fire! The event was a huge success! It took place in Inside Mine, Iceberg, Forest, Studium and Docks and both teams put up a strong fight but the winner can be only one! Congratulation Team Water on winning this time and thank you Nell, Joe, Jayden, Wynn, Maya, Ru, Chloe and Barnito for leading! Hope you had fun everyone and see you at the next battle!

Max: 36+

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[AUSIA] Formation & Speed Practice on CPR

Howdy Fam! Today we acknowledged another amazing event on Club Penguin Rewritten, [AUSIA] Formation & Speed Practice. Many of the new helpers were guided and performed very well at the Forest, Stadium, and Docks. The event was led by one of the best staff Jayden, Nell, and Ru.

Have a glance at it below and thank you for coming!

MAX: 26+

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Nap Segment Insights

Welcome back to Nap Segment Insights, a weekly series dedicated to everyone’s favorite type of seg: napping! I’m writing this from HF prison 🙂

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[EU] Operation: Firepower

Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for todays EU Operation: Firepower! We completed many tactics and bombs in the Snowforts, Stadium, Docks and Forest. The event was led by Nell, Chloe and Wynn. Great job everyone and thanks for attending the event!

MAX: 32+

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Gamers Knowledge – Card Jitsu

Hello there, ninja’s and all those people within. If you’re looking to play a fun and easy card game online. Make sure to read this post.

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How Would You Help

Hey Helpers! Welcome to the newest edition of “How Would You Help”. A series dedicated to bringing you through the eyes of the HF Staff Team. Tricky questions are asked to our staff, whether it be about Recruiting, Events, or even CPRewritten. I ask questions that should hopefully give you a little insight on what the staff of HF do!

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