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Gamers Knowledge – Card Jitsu

Hello there, ninja’s and all those people within. If you’re looking to play a fun and easy card game online. Make sure to read this post.

How to Set the Game Up

All you need to do to set the game up is log on to any Club Penguin servers. Preferably New Club Penguin and Club Penguin Rewritten (CPR: https://cprewritten.net/, NCP: https://newcp.net/en/). Click on the “Temple looking building” aka the Dojo on the map. Enter the room, and you should be in the Dojo room. In CPR, walk up to the “Red-structure” which is where the Sensei sits. You can work your way through that. After you’re done with that, try to start a match by walking to one of the blue mats and wait for a second player. After the second player is in, you will enter the Card Jitsu game.

The Dojo in Club Penguin Rewritten.

A blue mat.

How to Play

There are three elements, Fire, Water and Snow. Remember this sequence:-

  • Fire beats Snow.
  • Snow beats Water
  • Water beats Fire

Now, you may be thinking. What if both players put the same card? 

That question is brilliant, I’m getting to that. If you put two cards of the same element. The player with the higher number wins. For example, if I put a Fire Card with 6 written on it, while the latter puts Fire Card with 9 for example. Their card gets added to the score-acting deck on top. If you get 3 cards of different colours but the same elements on top. You win the game. If you also get 3 cards of different elements but also the different colour you win. This may seem a bit confusing to you in text, you may try it out while playing.

New Multiplayer Game at Dojo-Card Jitsu! | Club Penguin Cheats|Secrets|Updated News

If two players put the same card, they do a little action but the move ties and nothing get adds to your score deck on top.

Keep playing games to climb the ranks and earn belts, There are 9 belts (refer to the picture below). After climbing the belts, you will be asked to challenge Sensei. After doing so, you earn a stamp and a Ninja Eye Item. In Club Penguin Rewritten, after finishing, you get access to the Ninja Hideout room which is adjacent to the Dojo.

Card Jitsu Belt Info

There’s also a lot of stamps, I will leave those for you to explore.

The Fun in Playing

All cards have different animations that will be performed by your penguin. Those animations are what makes the game worth the fun. This game can really be fun to play, make sure to check on our Discord Server in case a tournament is up.


Lastly, and the main part of every game out there. It’s important to have fun.

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