Stories From The Past – A Forgotten Picture

Zipline, Scorp’s Office – Another glorious gracious day in our glorious gracious motherland. Once again, I found myself perusing the old content on the website, in search of some ideas. Why bother coming up with something original, when your original content matches the old stuff anyways, right?

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Top Five Web Posts – August 2022

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – As we wave goodbye to August, we take a look at the Top Five Web Posts of the month. Which post took the #1 spot?

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The Veterans Lounge – Morty

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – The Veteran’s Lounge is a column where I interview Help Force’s most impactful or interesting veterans. Through these columns, we find out more about their past and the things they’ve learned! In today’s release we have with us Morty, one of the oldest legends and founding members of the Help Force. Like seriously, this guy is ancient. Not to be confused with Mortimer Morty Smith Jr.

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Spill The Tea – Delitager

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – Welcome back to the spectacularly entertaining column Spill The Tea. In this post, I force Delitager, the writer of this column, to herself spill some tea about herself and her interests. I know, it is quite an amazing inversion of roles. This is why I’m the best thing that happened to this website, suck it Jayden.

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto Battleground of CPAB for a practice battle against our allies the Ice Warriors! The battle initiated at docks and went through several rooms including Iceberg, Snow Forts and ended at an extra room, Stadium due to some technical difficulties experienced by the judges and some of our troops. Nevertheless, through all the hassle we managed to score a 1-2-0 win! GG to the Ice Warriors. Huge thanks to Alex, Diwix and Desireus for leading throughout the battle and thank you to all who attended!

Max: 25+

Comment below the post if you attended!

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Faces of the Force – Rev

We are back with another weekly Faces of the Force! This time around we would like to introduce you to a very special guest! This week we have cordially invited rev, a familiar face in Help Force who you see many times talking to everyone!

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Faces of the Force – Delitager

Here we are, another week, another Face of the Force! Today we have a special introduction to an amazing person in the Help Force. Introducing an artist, a muse, the greatest and most fabulous Delitager!

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Faces of the Force – Zenishira

Welcome back, O great Helpers, to the Faces of the Force! This week we are introducing quite an infamous personality, also known to be mildly funny, knowledgeable, and interesting. Introducing our Commodore member, Zenishira!

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Faces of the Force – Jakuba

Welcome back fellow penguin Helpers to another week on the Face of the Force, an amazing corner to learn about different members of the Help Force! This week we are catching up with a new helper who has long held their dedication to the Help Force! Introduced on this week’s face is a new but not so new, Jakuba!

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Greetings Helpers! Today we logged onto our capital, Zipline of Club Penguin Rewritten for a very special event where everyone got into 2 teams namely the Ketchup Enjoyers against the Coconut Enthusiasts! The Ketchups dressed in Red while Coconuts in white as they battled it out just like in the olden days of Club Penguin Armies with snowball fights, charges, crazy tactics and formations! Thank you to all who attended, till next time!

Max: 27+

Comment below if you attended!

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