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ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – Welcome back to the spectacularly entertaining column Spill The Tea. In this post, I force Delitager, the writer of this column, to herself spill some tea about herself and her interests. I know, it is quite an amazing inversion of roles. This is why I’m the best thing that happened to this website, suck it Jayden.

Delitager joined armies in July 2021. One of the most amazing recruiters HF has ever seen recruited her during a Blitz segment. Yep you guessed it right, I recruited Delitager into HF. Honestly tho, I just DMed her some pretty boring things about a Club Penguin server. And for some reason she said she wanted to join so I invited her. After that, I blissfully lost track of her, just as I lose track of most other people I invite here. I have no idea what she did during this time. However, I’ve heard rumors that she became one of those typical annoying roblox kids.

Somehow, from being a roblox kid she gained a bit more sanity and started focusing on rising through the ranks. Yes it’s still quite insane to spend your time playing Club Penguin for the amount of hours she did. However, it’s definitely better than playing Roblox and Brawl Stars for the amount of hours she did. I never said its sane, I just said its slightly more sane, while retaining its tag as a sign of insanity.

Anyways, she made her way into the Blitz segments – the very system that caused her recruitment into armies. And somehow, she managed to convince a staff member to read the logs, find out who was responsible for inviting her to this hell. Stupidly enough, the aforementioned staff member let her know it was me. Thus, she and I finally reconciled through an argument about whether I invited her or not. I remained adamant that it was impossible to know. In return, she convinced this stupid staff member to provide screenshots to prove it was me. This jogged my memory a bit and I had to admit it was me who invited her. Hey, it’s not my fault I can’t remember CPA things because I’m busy cramming engineering concepts into my brain every single day.

Once again, I lost track of Delitager. Either I lost track or I do not remember what happened afterwards. Both scenarios are equally plausible. Somehow though, in January 2022 Delitager became one of our most promising Junior Staff. And that’s when I really started interacting with her. By now, it was possible to talk to Delitager without getting the annoying Roblox kid vibe. She had definitely gone through quite a life-changing journey in the six months since I recruited her. I like to think that I helped her by ridding her of Roblox but I just threw her into the hell that is CPA. Quite sad, actually. This story made my onions cry the other day when I was making pakoras.

Editor’s Note: The story so far is totally credible and totally true. Trust me bro. 

Anyways, so ever since then Delitager drastically grew into one of the indomitable forces that sustains HF’s mighty AUSIA division. Most recently, she earned her promotion to Marshal. She is also involved in the newly formed league “Club Penguin Armies” as a Reporter Trainee. Now that we know of her accomplishments and story in HF via our very trustable sources, let’s sit down for an interview with Ms Delhigator.

Welcome to Spill The Coffee! Would you like to introduce yourself to the readers, Delitager?

I’m known, I think. But hi, I’m delitager and I have no idea how and why Scorp took control of this. I’m tired.

That makes sense, you’ve been in the mines since a long time now. I will be showing you two pictures. One of those pictures is of an incredibly awesome 2ic who retired last week. He joined almost 2 years ago. The other picture is you, with almost thrice as many messages as him. Can you explain how you managed to talk so much despite joining less than a year ago?

Maybe because I used to spend my whole day in hf, but that has changed these days

Speaking of spending whole days in HF back when you were new, I found these really weird messages from that era. Care to explain?

I’m leaving

The only thing I’ll say is that I was cringe and I regret it

Now, let’s take a look at something different.

Why did you attempt to eat the Snowy? How is it animal abuse? Was it meant to imply that the Snowy is not a human but an animal?

I forgot that I have to call someone, I’ll continue soon once I’m done with the call.

One Day Later…

Okay I’m back from my short call. About the screenshot, I was just eating random stuff and then it came in mind that I should eat snowy for no absolute reason, and the animal abuse part was that when Pranav (Raju Don) said animal abuse cause I ate a fox. So I thought snowy as an animals and boom. It was an insult.

Have you eaten Chicken Biryani?

Ofc I have

Are you sure?

Bro I ate so much that it got boring now

F. No. I’m not lying at the fact that I ate chicken biryani. I was just trying to be a little vegetarian at that time, but I couldn’t resist eating chicken

Ah so you’re a classic example of the “I’m a vegan but I just eat meat” mentality. Such interesting life principles, Delitager! How did you join the Help Force?

By you.

That sounds so wrong and that’s not how you’re supposed to answer like that anyways, gimme the full story!

I do not have a story… do I?

It took a few screenshots and lots of “trust me bro”s to remind her. Once that was done, we got back into the interview.

I actually didn’t know who recruited me until I got really active in HF and was invited to the blitz team, so I joined the blitz server and a few weeks later I thought I’d search my name here and found out I was recruit by the one and only ‘you’.

Can you tell us more about why you chose the name Delitager?

I chose delitager cause I had an extremely cringe name so I thought of a name all night until I came up with two words “delicious” and “montage” I decided to combine them to get delitage and I added a r next to it to make it cooler.

Sadly, the r failed to make it any cooler. What inspired you to stay in Help Force?

I guess just the people here, i made a few friends who i wouldn’t want to leave and the event were interesting so, i decided i’d stay here and make a goal of being a staff member at least, it came true!

It did come true, quite gloriously! Who are the friends who’ve influenced you the most in your career?

haya, she was my first friend when i joined but she went inactive 😭 so i decided to hunt some friends because i still didn’t want to leave hf so, i found nervous. But then when i became jr staff, i met some Ausia staff and you were there, at first i thought you were scary (i’m not alone) but then i became kinda comfortable with you and you weren’t too much of a scary person, you helped me to become a staff which i’ve wanted to happen and improve my skills day by day.

What do you like the most about being staff?

good question.

i don’t know

i can say the worst thing 😀

Ew no, we don’t need to know that. What’s your favourite fast food chain restaurant?

what? is that in hf or irl?

Have you even seen a semblance of a restaurant in HF so far?

Nope. Oh.

It would have to be McDonald’s if we’re talking about the famous fast food chain restaurants. Me and a certain someone used to go there every year and the food is amazing.

Can you think of a few funny stories that have happened since you became junior staff?

tough question. I CANT THINK cause there is a mouse in this room and im terrified

there was a time where nervous, dhanush and i were messing with the AFK command and i tried to do something which i don’t remember but all i remmeber is that nervous and dhanush were shouting “mom i’m scared” something like that

That doesn’t sound funny at all! But I’m assuming that’s the best you could produce, so let’s move forward 😀

Editor’s Note: We didn’t move forward. But she came back the next day and answered the question in a much better way.

Can you think of a few funny stories that have happened since you became junior staff?

Smh do I even have a funny story

How am I supposed to know your funny stories

Idk, maybe you lurked?

Try to think of something from your old messages

Idk any since I became junior staff, I’ll have to see if there’s anything from before that

Oh don’t bother, you were a roblox kid before so nope you don’t have stories from then

…I still play it 😭


What about Des, he plays too!

yeah but he’s cool he also plays games like Forza Horizon and CS GO and Apex legends and he’s a god in all of those games

but ew roblox

I play brawl

that’s even more cringe

Shut up

kek okay moving on. We have heard rumors that you are a Roblox gamer, what kind of games do you enjoy playing?

Thwt was before. I just play one game called Brookhaven or if I’m extremely bored, I’ll play another game like epic mini games or murder mystery

What other games do you enjoy playing?

Brawl stars and stumble guys

Which subjects are your favourite in school?

Hmm, I’d say English and chemistry

It’s been almost a year since you joined the Help Force. Did you expect to become a staff member one day, and a protégé of one of the finest staff members Help Force ever had? 😀

I did expect it to happen at first and then lost hope after a few days and then wynn dmed me asking if I’d like to be part of the junior staff team and that just motivated me even more, so it was just up’s and down’s!

DAMN, that’s so inspiring! Your whole career turned around when you were selected by me! So nowadays, you’re pretty busy being a staff member. But what are some of the things you do when you aren’t busy starving to death in the mines?

I would just sit and play games or study other than that, literally nothing, I have no life. I used to play badminton and sometimes tennis, but I haven’t been going outside as much nowadays

of course, you’re in the help force now! going outside is going to be a very rare thing for you. Alright, now let’s get some quick opinions! Who is your least favourite staff member?

I- You

Wait you retired

Haha you’re so funny Delitager.

Lmao 😭

What is your favourite food?

I don’t have one

What do you like to eat?

I can’t pick

Okay, If you were ever forced to go outside of Help Force and pick an army to be in, which army would you choose?

Mercs cause multilogging is fun

What are your hobbies outside of armies?

Dancing and roaming around the house

just like a dog 😀

Are you calling me a dog 😭

Do you like books? TV shows? Movies?

Tv shows yea

Which ones? Oh nvm I don’t wanna know, moving on…

I- 😭

Pick one staff member and tell them why you like them in one sentence, go

Me, I like myself because I’m tired 24/7

What is your favourite memory in HF?

Editor’s Note: Delitager disappeared to eat a mango. One day later.

Okay so there were a lot of amazing moments like having movie days with Swager and there was this time where nervous and I were messing with earthly, we were at times gambling and had fun but, my favourite memory would be VCing with Annie, we had a lot of fun and once we were in VC for hours and then, mandal and swager joined when our camera’s were on and they didn’t know it was just facing the wall and they got really confused and we died laughing

Tea or coffee?


Same! So we’re finally done with the interview, only took you three days! So efficient!

Could’ve been 5

That’s all for the interview! Thank you for reading the post till the end!

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