Greetings Helpers! Today we logged onto Battleground of CPAB to have our one and only Curry event! Huge thanks to Wynn, RU and Alex for leading in today’s event. Thank you to all of the curry enthusiasts that attended, make sure to comment below that you love curry!

MAX: 28+

Comment below if you attended!

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Faces of the Force – Walver

Welcome back fellow helpers to another week of Face of the Force! I would like to introduce a familiar face, one you have seen floating around. He’s one of the active bodies in the staff and hosts many fun events. He has been titled Gamer of the Week and also a recruiting legend. You can see him often coming after Winter Storm, another recruiting legend. Introducing the one and only, Walver!

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto Battleground of CPAB for a practice battle against our allies the Ice Warriors! The battle initiated at docks and went through several rooms including Iceberg, Snow Forts and ended at an extra room, Stadium due to some technical difficulties experienced by the judges and some of our troops. Nevertheless, through all the hassle we managed to score a 1-2-0 win! GG to the Ice Warriors. Huge thanks to Alex, Diwix and Desireus for leading throughout the battle and thank you to all who attended!

Max: 25+

Comment below the post if you attended!

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Faces of the Force – Sen

Welcome back fellow Helpers of Help Force! Faces of the Force is back to introduce another special member. This member of the Force is a climbing leader that will never fail to salute you. He gets lost daydreaming about characters of his (ask him about them if curious). He is the sweetest listening ear, hand, and eyes of the Help Force. Let’s give our warmest welcome to a member of Junior Staff, Lord Sen!

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Hey Helpers! Today our AUSIA Helpers logged onto CPAB for a fun event! We did some great tactics wearing the weirdest outfits we could come up with and then hosted a Fashion Show. Hope you all had fun, thank you Alex for leading and Des for hosting the show!

MAX: 30+

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Howdy Helpers! Today we once again logged onto CPA Battleground for a U-Lead event! Every troop and Junior Staff had a chance to lead a few tactics and feel how it is to be a commander. Thank you all for coming and leading, hope you had fun!

MAX: 25+

Comment below for promotion if you attended!

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Well, hello hello helpers, in our most recent event we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten with our fancy outfits for this dazzling fashion contest! Thank you all for attending, and great job today helpers.

MAX: 41+

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The Beacon

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – Welcome back to The Beacon! Big news, lots of it, since the last edition happened. We’re excited to present to you a brand new version of HF’s special dose of entertainment, let’s dive straight into it!

Editors Note: The Beacon will be publishing much more frequently in the coming weeks.

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Faces of the Force – Rev

We are back with another weekly Faces of the Force! This time around we would like to introduce you to a very special guest! This week we have cordially invited rev, a familiar face in Help Force who you see many times talking to everyone!

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPRewritten for the finals of March Madness ’22. Thank you Wynn, Snowy, and Scorp for leading. Thank you everyone for attending, and congrats to IW for winning the tournament.

MAX: 66+ 

Comment below if you attended the battle!

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